Jersey Boys Las Vegas

Jersey Boys Las Vegas is one of the most enduring musicals performing on the Strip.


This 2-hour plus event highlights the career of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons from their early beginning in New Jersey to their later days performing around the world. This Tony Award winning production is full of great singing and dancing with a little humor thrown in for laughs.

From their humbling beginnings on the Jersey Shoreline the program features the life story of each member of the Four Seasons. The production highlights the early working days of each member as they struggle through odd jobs to keep money in their pockets. As the event progresses each member of the Four Seasons gives his version of the group’s trials and tribulations while becoming one of the biggest musical sensations of all time.

Jersey Boys begins by one of the Four Season’s members explaining to the audience that with all success stories that involve numerous people there will be numerous versions of the events. The lives of Frankie Valli, Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi and Bob Gaudia as well as the formation of the Four Seasons are laid out to audience.

Jersey Boys Las Vegas

DeVito appears on stage and begins his story as being the leader of the Four Seasons and the person that put the pieces together. Devito was enthralled by the falsetto voice of Frankie Valli and convinces his current band that this is the future of music. DeVito goes on to explain that the step was to have his friend Joe Pesci arrange a meeting with Bob Gaudio who would become the final link of the chain of the Four Seasons.

The intriguing portion of Jersey Boys is how each member describes other members in group as well as their perceptions of the other members. Each song has a story behind the words and music as Gaudio explains how he constructed the group’s first number one hit single in Sherry. The event moves seamlessly through different scenes with the addition of choreographed material that might involve another hit song by the Four Seasons like Big Girls Don’t Cry. Later in the show many of the groups hit songs like Oh, What a Night and Walk Like a Man are sprinkled throughout the event that pleases the audience.

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The Le des Arts Theatre located at the Paris Hotel and Casino is a nice place to view this astonishing musical that feels more like a movie when you watch and listen. The sight lines of the venue and sound system make this one of the better venues in Las Vegas to listen and view a musical event.

The Jersey Boys has a unique feel to the show as each individual chronicles the lives of themselves and other member’s lives. This musical will satisfy older crowds as well many younger members of the audience and is considered a must see by many musical critics.

About the Cast

Jersey Boys in Las Vegas

The cast of Jersey Boys is large and satisfies the under lying storyline. Covering the lives of Frankie Valli and Four Seasons is a big event with many intricate actors that work seamlessly with each other.

Frankie Valli is played by a couple of individual actors which include Graham Fenton and Travis Cloer. Fenton was born in Millville, New Jersey and had the privilege of performing in the Broadway 1st National Tour of Jersey Boys. Cloer has starred in such musicals as Damn Yankee, West Side Story and Starlight Express.

Jersey Boys Show Las Vegas

Other members of the Four Season are portrayed by Jason Kappus as Bob Gaudio who starred in American Idiot, West Side Story and Legally Blonde; Nick Massi is played by Jason Martinez who has previously performed with Paul Simon and has actually toured with Frankie Valli in the past; Daniel Robert Sullivan rounds out the group as Tommy Devito who has written a book about becoming a Jersey Boy.

There are a number of supporting cast members in Jersey Boys that include Joe Barbara as Gyp DeCarlo; John Salvatore as Bob Crewe; Erik Bates as Norm Waxman; Candi Boyd is a Universal Swing; Todd DuBail is a Swing; Sarah Emick as Lorraine; Mike Erickson as Billy Dixon; Chris Fore is a Swing; Natalie Gallo as Mary Delgado; Keith Hubacher plays bass and a Thug; Buck Hujabre as Hank Majewski; Tommie Earl Jenkins as Barry Belson; Sarah Lowe is the Dance Captain and a Swing; Jim McIntosh plays Thug and guitar; Noah Rivera is a Swing; Paul Sabala as Joey and Nikka Wahl as Francine.

Ticket information

Jersey Boys Show in Las Vegas

Jersey Boys Las Vegas is performing at the Le Theatre des Arts within the Paris Hotel and Casino. The venue has comfortable seats and a great sound system for this musical. Patrons must be 12 years of age or older based on the adult language in the show. Jersey Boys runs Tuesday through Sunday at 7:00 P.M. Tickets are on sale now and range from mezzanine seating to a VIP box seat.

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