Amystika Las Vegas Show Review

Experience the new Amystika Las Vegas show at Planet Hollywood, created by Criss Angel and Franco Dragone, who brought you the blockbusters O and Mystere.

Criss Angel is a legend in the entertainment world, especially in Las Vegas and his shows are always one of the hottest tickets in Sin City. Billed as the prequel to MINDFREAK, Amystika is loaded with entertaining and talented performers who tell the story of Criss Angel’s life. The 90-minute performance is magical, mystifying, and simply one of the best shows in Sin City for you to watch in 2022.

Amystika Las Vegas

Amystika Las Vegas show Review

Amystika is playing the state-of-the-art Criss Angel Theater. Narrated by Criss Angel, Amystika opens with a punch and continues throughout the whole performance with hand selected artists that bring skills of comedy magic, mind bending illusions, death defying acrobatics, and fire artistry to stage.


Amystika Las Vegas show tells the story of how a young kid from Long Island named Christopher Sarantakos became the world famous Criss Angel. Unlike MINDFREAK the production is not heavy on pure magic or mystifying illusions and portrays Angel’s life in a dream like fashion which highlights the pure genius ideas of Dragone throughout the show with the special effects and artistry of the talented performers who were handpicked by Angel and Dragone.


During the Amystika Las Vegas show your senses experience a wide range of emotions from sadness to sensitivity to happiness to outright terror at times making the production for families with older children. The imagery used throughout the show is thought provoking and spectacular leaving you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


One aspect of the production features brilliant sleight-of-the-hand magic where a mystifying magician plays with your mind with an excellent disappearing card trick that still has you trying to count how many card really disappeared in front of your eyes.

The fire artistry is superb in the Amystika Las Vegas show which is highlighted by dancers and innovative special effects which has you actually feeling the flames as they dance around the stage. Let’s not forget about a unique scene featuring an escape artist who does his own take on the famous Houdini water chamber act. There is more to enjoy with graceful aerial acrobatics and contortionists who leave your mouth open with their gravity defying stunts.


Other fascinating parts of Amystika is a graveyard scene which is a tribute to Angel’s father, John Sarantakos. The scene features a single dancer dressed in white dancing in a dark graveyard surrounded by numerous female mourners dressed in black. The movements of the dancers are highlighted by an aerial harness which helps them move effortlessly and defy gravity during the scene.


The choreography and special effects are truly amazing when the crowd experiences A raging blizzard of snow that is so heavy audience members might not be able to see their hands. Another weather aspect is a tornado that ravages the theater bringing high winds, flying objects, and unbelievable feeling of fears and watch out for the firestorm that actually ignites a human torch.


In the end, when you want to watch something truly unique and one-of-a-kind that pushes the boundaries of life like a Cirque du Soleil , then you have to go watch Amystika Las Vegas show which will leave you speechless and gasping for air after witnessing this marvelous production.



Criss Angel Theater Las Vegas Seating Chart for Amystika show

Amystika Las Vegas show is performing at the 1,000-seat Criss Angel Theater. The venue is actually quite large by Las Vegas standards but the theater doesn’t have any truly bad seats. The best seats are in section 102 right in front of the stage in seats Row A 4-9. Sections 101 and 103 are up close but offer a side angle of the production. Sections 201-203 offer good sightlines of the action on stage. But the sound equipment is located in the front of section 202 which can be distracting to guests. Upper level seats in section 301-305 are not as bad as you may think. Sure you are further from the stage but you have full sightlines of the action no matter what section and the added bonus of cheaper ticket prices.

Amystika Las Vegas show Cast

Criss Angel was born Christopher Sarantakos and grew up in Long Island. He is famous for his heavy gothic type of magic and stage productions. Angel’s hit television series called MINDFREAK on A&E was regularly viewed by 100 million viewers in over 90 countries. From here he went on to create Criss Angel BeLIEve on Spike TV which aired for 18 months.

Angel returned to A&E with a new Halloween special called Trick’dUP in 2016. He would then go to Las Vegas where his blockbuster production Criss Angel BeLIEve was the number one magic show in Las Vegas for more than a decade. Angel followed up with MINDFREAK LIVE! in Sin City which is hailed as the most entertaining magic show to hit the Strip. Angel has won numerous awards including the coveted Magician of the Year Award six times and is also included in the International Magicians Society Hall of Fame.


Franco Dragone, the star of Amystika Las Vegas show, was born in Cairano, Italy and moved to Belgium as small child. He studied drama at the Conservatory in Mons and in the 1980s he joined Cirque du Soleil, from here his career skyrocketed as a Creative Director. Dragone’s talented mind has created masterpieces for Cirque du Soleil like O, Mystere, and is responsible for Celin Dion’s A New Day residency and the hit production Le Reve.


One notable entertainer of Amystika is magician/comedian Mike Hammer who supplies plenty of magic.

Amystika Las Vegas show Tickets

Amystika is playing at the Criss Angel Theater within Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The 90-minute show runs Wednesday thru Sunday beginning at 9:30p.m. Tickets start at $69.00 for upper level seats, $99.00 for lower side section seats, $119.00 for lower level seats, and $139.00 for seats directly in front. Amystika Las Vegas show tTickets may be purchased for guests 10 years of age or older but this family-friendly show does contain disturbing imagery.