Cherry Boom Boom Las Vegas Tickets

One thing for sure is that when you go to see Cherry Boom Boom in Las Vegas you will be fully immersed in beautiful ladies dancing to some of the greatest rock-n-roll music ever created.

The adult Las Vegas show is revamped and ready to take on the bigger hits in Sin City with very sexy ladies dancing all around the venue in scantily clad costumes pleasing the audience with close up visions of beauty.

Cherry Boom Boom tried a few years back to make it in Sin City but failed. Now the show returns after having a successful run in Los Angeles after they created a new scaled down version that is described as a rock-n-roll-a-go-go. The show is fresh with seven beautiful women on stage intensely shaking their booties with hair flowing in the air, swaying hips, and off course perfect choreography with one another.

The show includes 15 musical tracks that the beautiful Boom Boom girls take serious when they hit the stage to please the audience with their interesting costumes, gorgeous looks, and shapely bodies. The night is perfect for watching the sexy ladies dance to a soundtrack that includes music from great rock-n-roll bands like Led Zeppelin, Morphine, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Prince. Yes, the theme is rock-n-roll and the soundtrack for the night does not disappoint nor do the gorgeous dancers when they hit the stage which has been transformed into an immersive playground for the dancers and audience.


The venue is ideal for a rock-n-roll-a-go-go style show with a main stage in front along with several auxiliary stages around the venue for the dancers to explore so the audience can view their perfect bodies and dance moves that are choreographed to perfection. One of the more pleasing aspects of the venue is the numerous walkways the gorgeous ladies can take advantage of while dancing which puts the sexy women right in front of your eyes within touching distance but please don’t touch the beautiful ladies. They will be close enough to smell and the eye candy is worth just watching.

Another aspect of the show has dancers using a designed pole that looks similar to a monkey gym on the playground. The barred apparatus is ideal for the ladies to swing in the air with strobe lights highlighting their lusciously shaped bodies.

Cherry Boom Boom may not expose all the skin as some of the other adult Las Vegas shows, but just because the beautiful Boom Boom ladies don’t go topless does not mean the show is any tamer with plenty left to the audience’s imagination. So if you are looking for a night of fun watching sexy ladies dance from the ceiling, in front and next to you then this is a superb show for you to go and watch


Cast and Creators

Lindsey Allen formerly of the Pussycat Dolls is the creator of Cherry Boom Boom. She draws on her experience as an entertainer for the all-girl band in preparing a night of fun with beautiful ladies and great music. Lisa Eaton is co-creative director and is in charge of the barre choreography.

Other contributing choreographers include Melanie Lewis-Yribar, Tovaris Wilson, Kelleia Sheerin, and Katie Looney.

The host for the evening is Sharon Ferguson who is best known for being a back-up dancer with Allen while touring with the legendary Prince and she is one of the original Cherry Boom Boom girls of yesteryear.

There are currently nine Cherry Boom Boom Girls who rotate on a nightly basis depending on the choreographed soundtrack. The Boom Boom girls include Chick A Boom, Jersey Ride, Ruby Ripe, Cherry Pop, Hannah Banana Bang Bang, Cherry Swirl, Cherry Bomb, Boom Boom bounce, and Chick A Dee.

Cherry Boom Boom Tickets

Cherry Boom Boom is performing at the Night Owl Showroom within the OYO Hotel Casino (formerly Hooters). The unique venue has plenty of excellent seats with various walkways and two different stages for the lovely ladies to dance and the sound system is state-of-the-art. The 75-minute show is open to all persons 21 years of age or older. Performances run Thursday through Saturday at 11:00 P.M. General admission and VIP tickets are available.

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