Defending the Caveman Las Vegas 2020 Show Review

Defending the Caveman Las Vegas has the distinction of being the longest running solo play in Broadway history and the version in Sin City has been knocking it out of the ballpark for over ten years.

Defending the Caveman Tickets
Defending the Caveman Tickets

This 65-minute show is a comical take on how men and women have been able to function with each other from prehistoric cavemen and cavewomen to present day. This production has been performed in over 45 countries and translated into over twenty languages, making Defending the Caveman a buck list item.

Defending the Caveman is a great look on how men and women have come to be over thousands of years. Caveman Kevin Burke delivers the right punchlines at the right times during the show. Many of the comparisons brought to the stage might even enlighten some audience members depending on the patron’s study of prehistory, anthropology, psychology and sociology. Throughout the event, people have a chance to relate to something that is characterized by Caveman Burke in a fashion that will make the audience think as well as laugh.

Caveman Burke makes sure in performances that the criticism and praise for both sexes is even handed. Although, some of the comparisons between present day men and women during this comedy play can come off as somewhat sexist. Comments like women being natural gatherers and this is why they can gather more clothes as well as shoes or men are just ***holes. Not surprisingly these comments bring the audience together in laughter. Other off-the-wall dialogue is delivered in a fun and playful tone which helps patrons lift their spirits about stereo-types of culture that is placed on men and women in our society. The comical performance has people of all ages and sexes whether single or married chuckling to themselves about their own experiences with the opposite sex.

The Showroom at the D Hotel and Casino in historic downtown Las Vegas is a great place for Defending the Caveman to perform. The theater only holds 300 guests allowing Caveman Burke to give a personalized almost intimate performance in the showroom. The smaller space also enhances the simplistic choreography. The humble looking stage props with a definite prehistoric look are accented by different lighting techniques. The overall appearance of Caveman Burke on stage is enhanced by jeans and a shirt that supports the theme of the play with everyday men.

For people looking for a classic Broadway comedy that exemplifies professionalism then Defending the Caveman with Caveman Kevin Burke is ideal. For guests that wish to explore the inner core of the relationships between men and women the show brings a whole new meaning to life as well as the culture wars that might exist between the two sexes. Defending the Caveman is the quintessential event that will bring smiles to even the stickiest of situations.

About the Cast

Defending the Caveman in Las Vegas

The script is enhanced by the quality material that writer Rob Becker researched during a look into the relationships of both sexes through anthropology, psychology, sociology, mythology and prehistory. Becker took three years to write this comedy and his polished work is quite unique.

Kevin Burke has been performing the Las Vegas version of Defending the Caveman since 2003. With over 3,000 shows the productions has the honor of being the longest running Broadway play in Las Vegas history. Kevin also has the distinction of holding the Guinness Book of World Records of Most Theatrical performances in a fifty day time span. Kevin has also earned the prestigious Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year Award more than once for his performances in Defending the Caveman.

Defending the Caveman Tickets information

Defending the Caveman Show Las Vegas

Defending the Caveman Las Vegas is performing within the Showroom located at the D Hotel and Casino. This venue is very intimate with less than 300 seats. The layout of the theater allows for excellent sightlines and the sound system is perfect. The production is open to all ages. The show runs seven nights a week at 8:40 P.M. Defending the Caveman Tickets are on sale now starting at general admission and going up to the Platinum VIP seating.

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