Friends The Musical Las Vegas Show Review

Friends! The Unauthorized Musical Parody playing at The Venue at Orleans Hotel is a must see OH MY GAWD Las Vegas show if you were one of those people that binge watched the show over the years. Most people around the world can relate to having besties for life who are intertwined in your everyday life. First appearing on NBC in the ‘90s the addicting show FRIENDS has endured decades on various channels thrilling viewers with its uncanny witty and at times thought provoking content.

From the iconic opening song to the OH MY GAWDS, the cast really brings Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and of course Joey to full bloom during the production. First starting as an Off-Broadway hit sensation, the show highlights the interaction between friends living, loving, and working in New York City during the 1980s during a 90-minute production that leaves thoughts in your head of more binge watching on a rainy day.

Friends The Musical Las Vegas

Friends The Musical Las Vegas show brings everything from the hit television series to the stage from conversations on the couch at the coffee shop to the quirky antics of Phoebe to Joey being incredible stupid to Ross being clueless all the time and let’s don’t forget about the love/hate relationship that Monica and Rachel have at times that can boil over into trouble or just be hilariously funny together. There is more to the production than just a bunch friends trying to endure life while creating a life for themselves and each other.

Friends the musical Las Vegas

The musical part of Friends The Musical Las Vegas show is packed with songs that seem to melt together as the performers sing, dance, and portray a lifestyle that is second-to-none for up and coming career chasers. Think of Phoebe on her guitar belting out one of her classic non-listenable songs that she created only to please herself and irritate others. Or imagine Joey trying to hit a high note only to find out he read the script or music wrong during a frightful interview to become the next spokesperson for a condom company. Yes, there is a little something from Joey at times that might offend people but that is what Joey always did at times. Ross on the other hand is completely inept at trying to figure out life and this concludes with his romance with Rachel who believes she is always right about everything. Throughout the production you can see how the relationship between Chandler and Monica is blooming into a full blown flower just waiting to be used at a wedding ceremony.

The guest stars that appear during Friends! The Unauthorized Musical Parody are just as credible as on the real show. Gunther, Richard, and many more guest stars are portrayed in a manner that jumps out on the stage when they interact with the other cast members.

The production changes stage props frequently, yes you will feel like you are inside the Central Perk, to enhance the feeling of being with them while you laugh at Joey’s dumb founded logic, which is spot on throughout the show and Ross’s lack of logical thinking that has us all scratching our head at times. The band that accompanies the production is truly great hitting all the right notes and tempos at just the right time.

The intimate setting at the Venue within the Orleans is big plus too. At times the actors are so close you feel like you are in the production and actually sitting at the Central Perk listening to friends argue, laugh, smile, and live life together to its fullest.

Friends! The Unauthorized Musial Parody is performing at The Venue within The Orleans which is an ideal place. The intimate setting puts you right in the mix of things.

Friends The Musical Las Vegas Cast

The cast is composed of numerous actors from around the world who are ideal for their parts within the production. The cast is so good that you actually get the feeling that they are friends in real life and not just on the stage. The show is directed by Paul Stancato who has a long list of accomplishments including directing the Lion King, Grease, and Hairspray on Broadway.


The 90-minute show runs Thursday through Sunday with the lobby bar opening at 6:00p.m. and general admission seating opens at 7:00p.m. The show begins promptly at 7:30p.m. General admission tickets start in the fourth row and offer a decent view of the whole production. VIP seating includes the second and third rows with excellent views. The Central Perk Pack-Platinum VIP Seating is composed of tables of four seats right smack in front of the stage. Ticket prices range from $42 to $107. Friends The Musical Las Vegas show is recommended for guests 13 years of age or older.