Las Vegas Racing Tours

Try one of the many Las Vegas racing tours when you want to take your adrenaline to a new level! There are numerous excursions for you to choose from that have you racing around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and a special drafting track designed for curves. The incredible racing cars waiting to enhance your thrills include Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis, McLarens, and a superfast Mercedes Benz that hits the straightaways at 140 mph. Other options include driving a super charged custom-built off road truck, dune buggy, or a real life rally car on an off-road tour that takes you through the Mojave Desert. Families can get in on the act too with several go-kart options that include driving a Sodikart SR5 that reaches speeds of 45 mph around a competitive indoor track.

Exotic Racing

One of the best Las Vegas racing tours for you to experience that is sure to get your adrenaline running on high octane is at Exotic Racing. Your 2-hour adrenaline filled journey begins when you arrive at the 1.5-mile Las Vegas Motor Speedway just 15-minutes away from the Strip. Here you will enter a classroom to learn all the interesting techniques from steering to braking to accelerating to choosing the right line used by world-class drivers. When the briefing is finished you will go for an exciting ride in a Porsche 991 GT3 with a qualified instructor for two incredible laps around the track before taking the wheel while the instructor gives you tips while you drive up to 140 mph on the straightaways. Now pick out the racing car of your choice which includes models like a Nissan GT-R, Mercedes AMG GTS, a McLaren 5705, and several Ferrari and Lamborghini racing cars. After you suit up in safety gear you go on the dream ride of your life where you navigate one of these high-powered racing cars around the track that includes multiple turns for drifting and straightaways for accelerating that will take your make your heart jump and pump with joy.

Short Course and Stadium Track Racing- VORE


Experience the excitement of an off-road desert Las Vegas racing tour in a custom-built truck "VORE" ("Vegas Off Road Experience") designed especially for this type of extreme racing. Feel the power of the extra horsepower and smooth ride of the advanced suspension as you race across desert landscape.

You will need to provide your own transportation to Primm where your high-speed off-road adventure will start. You will experience a Pro2 short course that includes all the attractions like drifting sections, jumps and racing through the Mojave Desert. Feel the dust in your throat as you complete your first lap in this exciting racing environment.

There are several packages you can choose from to feel the adrenaline of desert off-road racing. Las Vegas racing tours by VORE range from two to four hours and could include a full five or ten laps or perhaps a mixture of track and desert driving. Professional instructors are on site and drivers must be 21-years of age and provide a security deposit. Passengers over the age of 14-years are allowed.


Dream Racing Experience

If you have always wanted to speed along a straightaway and take a fast curve in an incredible racing machine then you need to try the Dream Racing Experience Tour. Your 2-hour adrenaline filled Las Vegas racing tour begins when you arrive at the famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Here you will meet your VIP hostess who will guide you through the whole process of your racing experience. The VIP hostess will help you decide on which of the five racing machines you want to drive that include a Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8 V10, Ferrari F430 GT, a McLaren, and a revved up Porsche. Now it’s time to learn about the racing machine and how to use a no-clutch F1 paddle shift gearbox and learn how to drive your racing machine in a state-of-the-art 3D simulator where a laser plots your course on the racetrack. Your adrenaline will be running on high octane as you finally gear up with safety equipment and hit the racetrack for five incredibly fast laps around the speedway where you will hit top speeds on the straightaways and make death defying decisions around the curves. An added bonus when finished is a signed commemorative certificate of your racing experience.

Adrenaline Rush Slingshot Tours

Forget the rental Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s! This Las Vegas racing tour will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. The vehicle you will drive is a Polaris Slingshot SL – a street legal souped-up go-kart in a fiery red color with open top and huge wheels. It is easy to drive and safe and also has a storage space to hold your bags and backpacks as you set off on a trip. You can enjoy a fabulous ride down into the Red Rock National Park, Valley of Fire or along the Colorado River. A guide will brief you and make sure you know what to do. You can even choose to drive along the famous Strip with your selection of Bluetooth music blasting from the sound system. Then, hit the open road and explore the stunning countryside around Vegas. Ideal for couples or groups when you rent more than one! You must be over 21, hold a valid drivers license and know how to operate a manual transmission car. Slingshots are available 24/7.

Off Road Rally Car Racing Experience

A truly adrenaline filled Las Vegas racing tour that is ideal for anyone who likes off road driving challenges is the Off Road Rally Car Racing Experience. Your 4-hour adventure begins with complimentary pick-up service from your hotel. From here you will drive to the Hoover Dam for a quick 15-minute photo opportunity. Moving onward, you will go to a specially made dirt racing track in the middle of the desert. The rally car is specially designed to chew up the gravel track when you fly over the track which is packed with adrenaline filled turns that twist and hills that get you flying in the air. You can choose the amount of time you want to race from 15 to 45 minutes. After your thrilling car race in the desert, you will be treated to a hamburger lunch. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel.

Fast Lap Indoor Karting

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing allows drivers to race real gas powered karts that could reach speeds of up to 45mph!

This is a great Las Vegas racing tour for thrill seekers looking for a real racing experience. Race against up to 11 other drivers on a ¼ mile track for ten minutes! They offer several different race packages for those looking to have a competitive experience with their group; whether it’s a bachelor party, or a corporate team building event! Open every day from 10am to 11pm (10pm on Sundays.)

Vegas Supercarts

If you are searching for a thrilling adrenaline Las Vegas racing tour that puts you behind the wheel of an innovative fat vehicle, then you should go to Vega Superkarts. Once you sit down in your very own Sodikart R5 and listen to the engine roar you will have thoughts of being the next Mario Andretti racing down the straightaways. The Sodikart SR5 is a magically fast machine that runs on a 4-stroke Honda gas powered engine that allows for superfast acceleration. The steering on the vehicle has you taking the sharp curves and turns at high speeds while you try to pass your competition on the inside. All-in-all the 2,100 foot long racing track with 14 turns is a racing fanatics dream come true and the Sodikart SR5 will make those dreams come true.

Off Road Racing-10 Laps

When you are searching for a thrilling adrenaline filled Las Vegas racing tour that combines off-road racing and the Hoover Dam then you should take the Off Road Racing-10 Lap Tour. Your 4-hour adrenaline ride begins with complimentary hotel pick-up service. Your first stop is at the Hoover Dam for a quick photo op the Black Canyon, Colorado River, and Hoover dam. From here travel to Las Vegas Off Road Racing where you can choose between driving a prolite truck, a customized dune buggy or a Razor UTV. While at the track you will drive at high speeds for ten laps around the one mile track that includes seven turns and six heart stopping jumps. After you finish your adrenaline filled off-road racing experience you will indulge in a free lunch at the onsite restaurant. The excursion concludes with drop-off service at your hotel.

Desert Off-Road Baja Race Truck Experience on a Real Track in Las Vegas

If you are looking for an exciting Las Vegas racing tour that is packed with adrenaline and off-road then book the Desert Off-Road Baja Race Truck Experience on a Real Track in Las Vegas Tour. Your 4-hour adrenaline rush begins with free hotel pick-up service where you will be taken to the ‘stadium like’ track just south of Sin City. Once at the SPEEDVEGAS track you will be given a brief safety and driving lesson before setting out on the desert track in a customized racing truck. The short track is packed with numerous turns to drift around and your adrenaline will reach new heights when you step on the throttle along the straightaways. If that is not enough wait till you make the leap in your racing truck over five different jumps including a 40-foot table jump which launches you 20-feet into the air. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel.

Pole Position Raceway


If you have need for speed then the Pole Position Raceway is perfect to satisfy your craving. Whether you are an expert or novice driver, you will get a kick out of this Las Vegas racing tour. You will feel the track as you make your turns and approach speeds of 45 mph on these state-of-the-art karts.

Pole Position Raceway is 60,000 square feet of adrenaline and fun that is outlined on a European-style race track. Many famous people have raced here including George Lucas, Kyle Busch and Jeremy McGrath.

The eco-friendly electric karts are powerful and can reach speeds of 45 mph with spectacular handling capabilities. The facility is open every day from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and includes an arcade and party spaces. There are height as well as age restrictions.

Richard Petty Rookie Driving Experience

Las Vegas Sports Car Rental

Want to feel like a NASCAR star? Head over to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a ride-along experience in a real race car! And experienced race car driver will give you the ride of your life - three laps around the Motor Speedway at speeds forbidden on the highways!

Or better yet, opt in for the Rookie Experience - after a brief orientation, you will get behind the wheel of a real V-8 NASCAR stock car and drive the entire 8 laps around a race track! Although I must say that the allowed speed is limited to 135 mph, but hey, you are here for some fun exotic car Las Vegas racing experience, not to win the race, right?

The Richard Petty King's Experience offers you the unique opportunity of driving a NASCAR racing car on a race track. Try your hand at driving a 600 horsepower car at the legendary Las Vegas Motor Speedway in two thrilling sessions. You will be provided with orientation, driving instructions, safety and mechanical instructions to ensure your experience is safe but enjoyable. Once you are on the track you will get to drive eight laps and get professional feedback from an instructor. To complete your Las Vegas racing tour you will also receive a certificate as well as lap-time sheet and a photograph of you with a NASCAR racing car.

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