Miss Behave Gameshow Las Vegas - Tickets & Review

If you are searching for an interactive show that brings raunchy laughter from a series of games played by the audience, then you should go see The Miss Behave Gameshow. The show is brilliantly funny and engaging as the audience competes against each other in a gameshow atmosphere that can rival the Price is Right.


The Gameshow begins a night of laughter when the emcee, Amy Saunders, divides the crowd into two sections named iPhones and Androids. Now that the stage is set for some great laughs, she proceeds to hand out props and such that are used while answering the gameshow questions throughout the performance.

The show is heavily geared toward audience participation and no one can escape the fun attitude that Saunders brings onto the stage. During the performance she is joined on stage by a moustache wearing assistant named Tiffany who is instrumental to the show on many fronts from dancing to singing to acrobats to separating guests for the next adventure on the gameshow.

Most of the games during the show rely on cell phones and the crowd. Games range from who can yell the loudest to the quietest to playing Candy Crush with an actual bag of candy she throws on the floor. Minutes later the real candy crush appears when she crashes her iPhone onto the candy on the stage, pulverizing the remains while laughing all the time. Other games such as name that song which has guests wondering what artist from the ‘80s construed a song meant for 100 plus people to sing in unison in a karaoke fashion.

Overall, The Miss Behave Gameshow is one of the bright spots in a small venue for guests that are not afraid of having fun. The audience participation is only one aspect of this gem and when the curtain finally closes on Saunders and Tiffany the crowd is asking for more punishment.

The show is playing at the small Back Room Cabaret. The intimate venue holds less than 150 guests which make almost any seat in the house great. The show is heavily induced with audience participation and everyone must participate. VIP tickets are front row and include a meet and greet after the show.


The Miss Behave Gameshow cast has been thrilling audiences around the globe with performances in Europe, North America and parts of Asia. The main characters of the show include gameshow host Amy Saunders who was an intricate part of Absinthe and the Olivier Award winning show named La Soiree. Saunders is an accomplished sword swallower and comedian who has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and was actually asked to leave the stage by Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent. Her side kick is Tiffany who is an accomplished dancer who has performed on such stage hits La Clique and La Soiree as well as being one of the best DJs in London.


The Miss Behave Gameshow is performing at the Back Room Cabaret within Bally’s Las Vegas. The 90-minute show runs Wednesday through Sunday beginning at 8:00 P.M. Ticket holders must be 21 years of age or older to attend. General admission and VIP tickets that include a meet and greet are available.

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