Promote Las Vegas Events

You can promote your Las Vegas events on my Entertainment Guide. You can list your exhibition, fundraiser, or festival on one of the pages below, depending on when your event takes place:

In addition, I'll add your Las Vegas event to my Vegas Events Newsletter that I send once a month. Here are my Newsletter recent stats:

These event pages are popular with Las Vegas visitors. If you google "Las Vegas events + Month" without quotation marks, my calendar pages are usually on top.

Although these monthly calendars are very popular, you should decide yourself if Las Vegas tourists who visit my pages are your target audience.

Your event will stay till the end of the month or the end of event itself, for a one-time fee, paid via Paypal, with an invoice I send to you. I can place your event in one of the following slots:

  1. 5th slot and under on a first come, first serveŠ“ basis. This costs $150.
  2. At the bottom of the page. This costs $40

Ready to promote your Las Vegas event? Contact me via lasveg60 @ :

Your first and last name:

Date(s) & Time(s) of Event:


Website of Event/attraction:

The slot you desire to be placed in - 5th or bottom, with a request to email a Paypal invoice to you on the amount of either $150 or $40.

Your event will be placed on the same or the next day upon receipt of the payment.

Additionally, you can write about your event in my Facebook group, and remind about it about once a week. This right now is completely free, but will change once I reach my target number of group members - 5000.

Cheers, Svetlana Rubejov