Sexxy Las Vegas Tickets

One of the sexiest topless revues in Sin City for you to experience that features sultry ladies, great choreography, and incredible dance moves is Sexxy: The Show.

This topless revue has received numerous accolades for the beautiful women who grace the stage during the performance and the choreography is second-to-none.

The show is composed of 16 high energy dance numbers that feature different gorgeous ladies who know exactly the right moves to make with their luscious bodies. The skits associated with each number are created to energize your imagination of sexual fantasies that flow through your mind. The sultry ladies know how to make each situation special for the audience and have no problem baring it all up top at just the right moment during their performance.

You can expect a sultry bathroom scene complete with a bubble bath, a bedroom scene with the gorgeous women wearing sexy black lingerie, and there is a simple dance set that highlights the beautiful bodies of the women as the prance along the stage enticing your eyes with the best body candy. While you watch you will be amazed at the skill of the dancers especially when they dance with each other on stage using different props such as whips, seductive couches, and when they tear off their cheerleader costumes your eyes will pop with joy.

Sexxy: The Show also includes a couple of numbers that feature the gymnastic skills of the sultry ladies as they tumble on stage and use aerial props which takes them high above the stage while super sexy dancers perform summersaults, flips, and plenty of exciting split maneuvers. Another great portion of the show is the pole dance numbers that elicit lots of cheers from the audience as the super-hot ladies dangle and grab the pole with grace and power.

The choreography is expertly planned out as each sensuous lady follows the right moves to a tee while performing their numbers. The costumes are exotic with leather chaps, plenty of lingerie, sparkling sequin dresses, classic cheerleader uniforms, and of course a police woman ready to arrest the audience for indecent exposure. The costumes are also easily removed by the luscious ladies during the show when they are ready to take your fantasies to whole other level of exoticness.

In the end, Sexxy; The Show is for everyone including Bachelor and Bachelorette parties couples looking to spice up their time in Sin City. So if you like big busted sexy women wearing little or nothing but a G-string then this is a superb performance for you to experience with a smile.

Cast and Producer

Jennifer Romas is the creator, choreographer, and producer of the show. Jennifer has multiple accolades that include Best Burlesque Choreographer in 2015, a gymnastic champion from Minnesota, was named Ms. Element Fitness by Sports Illustrated in 2013, has performed at the Kennedy Center, and graduated from the famed Gus Giordano Jazz Dance School in Chicago.

Gabriela Versace was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is trained to sing Opera and holds a Bachelor Degree in Dance from DeSales University. She has danced all over the world and is currently the lead singer and MC for the show.

The ladies that perform in Sexxy: The Show has diverse backgrounds in dance and each lady has performed in a variety of upscale productions. The Sexxy Girls include Alexandria Halbauer aka GOGO, Deena the Pin-up Princess, Briana the Blonde Bombshell, Indira the Cuban Cutie, Sabrina the Sexy Swiss Delight, and Svetlana the Raunchy Russian.

Sexxy Las Vegas Tickets

Sexxy: The Show is performing at the Westgate Cabaret within the Westgate Resort and Casino. The intimate venue is ideal for watching this fascinating topless Las Vegas show. The 60-minute show is open to people 18 years of age or older. Performances run Tuesday through Saturday at 10:30 P.M. General admission and VIP front-row tickets are available.

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