Awakening Las Vegas Show Review

Awakening Las Vegas is the newest creation to hit the stage at the Wynn by the creative minds of Bernie Yuman, Baz Halpin, and Michael Curry, who is best known for his enormous whimsical puppetry. The production is filled with everything needed to keep your senses on high alert and your mind to follow the storyline.

The new production at the Wynn takes over for the long running Le Reve which was killed off by Covid-19 restrictions but the Awakening is much more than a storyline and combines the newest technology found on the planet with superb choreography. Your eyes will be amazed at just about everything that pops up on stage during this $120 million production that took five years to complete.

Awakening Las Vegas Show

The Awakening Las Vegas has a simple enough storyline featuring five main characters IO, Bandit, Boo, God of Light, and the Goddess of Darkness. The overall story is narrated by none other than Academy Award winning actor Anthony Hopkins whose edgy and authoritative voice brings the action on stage together.

The storyline of Awakening Las Vegas is a mythical and magical tale of three individuals, IO, Bandit, and Boo, who are trying to reunite the God of Light and the Goddess of Darkness into a working and healthy relationship so the surrounding world can prosper and flourish in harmony. As IO, Bandit, and Boo travel through three realms of the world; Water, Earth, and Fire trying to reunite the god and goddess. The air realm reveals a world that is soft and lustful; the earth realm is a very linear form of architecture combining black and white with good and evil, and yes the water realm makes you feel like the whole venue is submerged by the incredible special effects used throughout the show. As they travel through these different realms they encounter obstacles from numerous mystical characters brought to life by the splendid puppetry, choreography, and special effects of the production. Each realm is also a masterpiece of choreography with more than 300 different costumes featured throughout the performance and the 80-foot circular stage is a main component which contains six different lifts to help highlight the incredible dancing throughout the production.

The 75-minute show features plenty of interesting acrobatic and dancing from hip-hop to modern to breaking to other moves with the help of the 360-degree stage layout that includes a dark glass stage which is more like a mirror. The newest state-of-the-art technology includes LED screens, and a sound system that delights the audience.

In the end, Awakening is a superb if not over-the-top production that is surely to be a mainstay on the Strip for years to come and a great choice for anyone to go watch while visiting the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Awakening Las Vegas Venue

The Awakening Theater is a 1,600 seat venue with a 360-degree stage in the middle. The layout of the venue includes six sections in an amphitheater setting with good sightlines from every seat. The comfortable seats include a state-of-the-art sound system within each one to help you enjoy the soundtrack.Choosing a seat might be the most difficult part of the venue. Although every seat has good sightlines, the production offers various views from each section and seats up close may not be the best to see all the action taking place during the show. Seats further up offer a splendid view of all the stag

e as well as the numerous LED screens that bring the special effects into your lap while watching this beautifully choreographed show.

Awakening Las Vegas Cast Members

The creative minds behind the Awakening Las Vegas include Bernie Yuman of Siegfried and Roy fame; Baz Haplin who has worked with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and other musical stars, and Michael Curry, who created the puppetry in Lion King on Broadway.

The Awakening Las Vegas has a cast size of 60 performers along with the imaginary puppetry. The lead choreographer is Nolan Padilla; the 300 costumes were designed by Emmy-winning designer Soyon An; the soundtrack is composed Brian Tyler and uses a proprietary 3D sound system called WynnSonic which was designed by Tony-winning designer Peter Hylenski.

Awakening Las Vegas Tickets

Awakening Las Vegas is performing at the Awakening Theater within Wynn Las Vegas. The 75-minute show runs Tuesday thru Saturday with performances at 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets range in price from $125.00 for upper level seating to $600.00 for a special VIP seat with added bonuses (excluding taxes and fees). Tickets may be purchased for guests 5 years of age and older.

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