Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas in 2019

These fun things to do in Las Vegas in 2019 will make any adrenaline junkie happy! If you are looking for something different to do while on The Strip, here are the most fun, unique and extreme sports, that you almost certainly can't do in your home city. You could do Indoor Skydiving, Tandem Skydiving, Zip Lines at the Bootleg Canyon and Voodoo Zipline, learn to fly an airplane (sky Combat), shoot machine guns, ride race cars, fly in a hot air balloon, do extreme canyoning, or even jump from the Stratosphere Tower, and other must-do crazy things in Vegas!!

ATV, Off Road And Dunny Buggy Tours

ATV tours Las Vegas

ATV & Off Road Tours

Dune Buggy Tours

Among the most fun things to do in Las Vegas are racing, off road adventure tours & ATVs, dirt bikes, RZR and Dune Buggies. The rides vary in difficulty - some RZRs are appropriate starting from age 16 and don't require any preparation. There are ATV tours that need you to be experienced, and for riding dirt bikes you need of course to be a seasoned biker! The rides usually take place in picturesque places - Hidden Valley, Mojave Desert, Valley of Fire.

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Escape Rooms

SMore about Escape Rooms

One of the best Las Vegas activities for all types of visitors who like to be challenged both physically and mentally is to try one of the many thrilling Las Vegas escape rooms. You will be amazed at the wide assortment of challenges that the escape rooms have created to challenge your wits. You can chose from a full immersive adventure while escaping from the Jigsaw Killer or you can break yourself out of jail in a variety of scenarios. There are options to craft a live saving antidote, do battle with Zombies and you can even pretend to be Indiana Jones while you recover artifacts from an ancient tomb of a pharaoh. You can decide what type of adventure you want to solve whether that is solving a murder, escaping a serial killer or just trying to survive after a natural disaster.

Gun Ranges / Shooting Experience

Shooting Las VegasMore about Las Vegas Gun Shooting Experience

Prices From $159.99; Duration: Various

Wondering what to do in Las Vegas? Try the gun shooting experience! If you ever dreamed of learning how to shoot, this is a perfect chance! Their friendly stuff will help you choose firearm (and they have about 60 firearms to choose from, including automated machine guns and rifles). You will choose targets, and of course will learn how to handle a gun - a perfect Vegas birthday for any guy!

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - Sports And Exotic Cars

Las Vegas race car rentalsMore About Exotic Cars Racing

Riding an exotic or a race car is every man's dream! (Well, I am a woman, and I can definitely say that it's one of my favorite things to do in Las Vegas, too!) In Vegas, baby, all dreams come true! You can drive some of the hottest newest exotic cars here including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Jaguars and whatnot! What's even better - you could take an exotic Las Vegas adventure tour to Hoover Dam or to the Red Rock Canyon - and change the cars along the ride.

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - Bootleg Canyon Zip Line Tours

zip line Las VegasBook Bootleg Canyon Zip Line Tour

Prices From $158.99 ; Duration: 4 hours

The most unique things to do in Las Vegas include a Zip Line, or, officially, a Flightlinez tour - one of the most unique things to do in the city! It's not for you if you are afraid of heights or, speeds, for that matter! These four zip lines are located in Boulder City, on the Red Mountain. Before you slide down the zip line at the speed of 50 miles (80 km) per hour, you will need to hike up there for about 15 minutes.

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - VooDoo Zip Line

Voodoo zip line Las VegasBook VooDoo Zip Line Tour

The VooDoo Zip Line is all set to provide a thrilling ride soaring 400 feet up in the air. Located at Rio Casino and Hotel, the ride will be suspended in air between the Ipanmea tower and Masquerade Tower. Soaring high up in the air, riders will enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the spectacular Vegas Valley. Zip through the skyline of Vegas at a speed of 33 miles an hour. The zip line has been designed like a ski lift and will send two riders at once forward at a thrilling speed.


SMore about paint ball places

If you are looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas that are ideal for all types of contestants including families then you should head to a Las Vegas paintball course. You will be thrilled with the challenges that paintball brings to all participants. There are a variety of playing courses near the Strip and packages include all the safety equipment that is needed. Families will be delighted with Las Vegas Premier Paint Ball where you will find a the low impact paintball game which is superb for children and more advanced players will be enthralled with shooting at Bone Head Paintball which is the oldest paintball facility in the state. For the person who is looking to hone all of their battle skills then Las Vegas Gunfights is perfect where you will fire a modified 9mm Glock and face hand to hand combat when you run out of ammo.

Dig This


Book Dig This Tour

Prices From $248.99 ; Duration: Various

The premise of this popular thing to do in Vegas is pretty simple: you get to drive an bulldozer or an excavator machine on a "construction site". You could actually drive both if you select the "Mega" option. You get to dig holes or stack tires, or even play "basketball" with big tires! This may sound simple, but many people rate Dig This as No. 1 thing to do in Vegas!

Extreme Fight Pilot Flights And Sky Combat

Las Vegas Airplane toursMore About Airplane Tours, Gun and Air Combat Experience

Extreme pilot tours with the ultimate adrenaline rush are also among unique things to do in Las Vegas! Fly a real Extra 330LC combat plane - one of the most extreme Vegas activities! You can control the plane and do spins and aerobatic twists! You won't be alone - a professional pilot will give you training session. If that is too extreme for you, you could try "Ace Simulator" - the closest experience to flying a plane, and see if you can take it further from there!

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - Horseback Riding

Horseback riding Las VegasAll Horseback Riding Tours

Prices From $ 119.99 ; Duration: 5 to 7 hours

Horseback riding is also among the most fun things to do in Las Vegas. There are plenty of places to ride a horse - in the Red Rock Canyon, in the Grand Canyon, in the Mojave Desert. During these adventure tours on a horseback you can explore the real Wild West ranches and enjoy real cowboy shows. The views along the horseback riding trails are simply breathtaking!

Operation Zombie Apolcalypse


Prices from: $199 ; Duration: 2 hours

Book Operation Zombie Apolcalypse

Operation Zombie Apocalypse is one of the most intriguing things to do in Las Vegas. Your 2-hour virtual adventure will be guided by a real Special Ops leader who will leave your senses filled to their capacity of zombie killing situations. This unique must-do in Vegas tour is a true test between Good vs. Evil with you being able to play an important part in the outcome of saving humanity.

After you are outfitted with a PTS SV Masada Streamline Assault Rifle and a condor Rapid Assault Chest Rack you will be given specific safety instructions about your virtual mission. After your safety equipment is fitted, you will listen to the headset in your helmet for further action plans that will advance you into an apocalyptic virtual world that takes you to the edges of reality. Operation Zombie Apocalypse is open for action at Noon with the last operation taking place at 9:00 P.M. and children are welcomed when accompanied by a guardian.

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon Las VegasBook Hot Air Balloon Ride

Prices From $206.00; Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Hot air balloon ride is one of the most fun and must-do things to do in Las Vegas - and it's something you will never forget! The views of the city from the sky are outstanding. This extremely popular Las Vegas tour is not just a ride - you will be present as balloon professionals prepare it for the ride - inflate it. The actual ride is about 1 hour long, but could vary depending on winds and availability of places to land on (don't worry, you won't be landing your balloon - it's done by a professional pilot!)

Hidden Valley and Primm Extreme Dirt Bike Tour


Prices from: $298.99 ; Duration: 6 hours

Book Extreme Bike Tour

Ready for the ride of your life through breathtaking scenery as you navigate the extreme terrain on your dirt bike? Here are must-do things to do in Las Vegas for you. You start with hotel pick-up service and travel to Primm, Nevada. Once at Primm you will be outfitted with all the necessary equipment, view a safety session and start out over the open Mojave Desert and the Hidden Valley National Monument.

You will travel along single track and dual track trails that wander some 20 to 50 miles depending on your experience and group size through some of the most extreme riding terrain. Along the way you will stop at Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Casino for photographs and refreshments. Once back at Primm, enjoy a comfortable ride back to your hotel. There is an additional $10 fuel surcharge and riders must be 16 years old.

Guided Mountain Bike Tour of Mustang Trail in Red Rock Canyon


Prices from: $129.99 ; Duration: 4-7 hours

Book Mountain Bike Tour

This unique tour is great for stretching the muscles on a mountain bike while taking in some gorgeous scenery. Meet at one of the selected hotels and then take a quick ride to Red Rocks Canyon where you will be fitted with equipment (upgrade your bike for an additional fee) and attend a short safety session. Depending on your tour (four and seven hours available) you will start on Mustang Trail, a spectacular single track that climbs through the Keystone thrust fault. After a quick mile climb, descend two miles down to Black Velvet.

Your trip will include some seven to twelve miles of remarkable riding before you are transported back to Las Vegas. Participants need to be five feet or taller. Only equipment and bottled water is included on the ride.

Roller Coasters

Amusement parks in Las VegasMore about Vegas Roller Coaster Rides

Amusement parks & thrill rides are among insanely popular things to do in Las Vegas for daredevils & thrillseakers, despite the long lines! The most popular thrill rides in Vegas are the enormous roller coaster running around NYNY Hotel & Casino, the extremely dangerous-looking X-Scream on top of the Stratosphere Tower, and the various rides at the famous enormous Adventuredome at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino.

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving in Las VegasBook Tandem Skydiving

Prices From $203.99; Duration: 5 hours

If you enjoy the feeling of a free fall and adrenaline rush - you shouldn't miss the opportunity one of the coolest extreme things to do in Las Vegas - jumping off an airplane with a parachute from about two miles above the ground. You will experience a 45 to 60 seconds free fall, before your parachute opens and you hover over the spectacular views of the Strip, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and everything the Mojave Desert has to offer! You won't be alone in this adventure tour - an instructor will be safely attached to your back along with a parachute (ha! ha!).

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving Las VegasBook indoor skydiving Las Vegas

Prices From 75.00 ; Duration: 1 hour

Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving is among the most unique things to do in Las Vegas! If you are not ready for a real skydiving with a parachute, this might be just for you - you can experience the feeling of a free fall in a closed room, absolutely danger-free! They give you complete safety instructions, special outfit including goggles and earplugs - and off you go flying over wind coming from the floor at the speed of 120 miles (193 km) per hour!

Lake Mead Activities

Lake Mead activities Las VegasLake Mead Activities

Prices From $35 to $206; Duration: Various

There are plenty of adrenaline-filled things to do in Las Vegas at the Lake Mead - if you like water fun! Other than taking boat cruises and paddleboat tours, you could actually rent marine equipment such as standup paddle boats, jet ski, kayaks, canoes and enjoy a full day on Lake Mead, explore the Black Canyon or ride a jet ski!

Fun things to do in Las Vegas - 3-Wheel ScooterTours

Scooter tours Las Vegas

Book Red Rock Canyon 3 Wheel Scooter Tour

Prices From $ 249.99; Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

Up for some unique and unusual things to do in Las Vegas Check out these fun Las Vegas adventure tours to the Red Rock Canyon in little 3-wheel scooters with Scoot City Tours! While it's not really "extreme", I think this it's really fun and cool way to tour around the Red Rock Canyon or Downtown Las Vegas as opposed to bus trips. I think you will remember riding a scooter much longer! You could also ride these fun scooters in Downtown.

Topgolf Las Vegas

Topgolf Las VegasMore about Topgolf Las Vegas

If you would like to mix a couple of activities together that can make for a perfect day or night and practice your golf swing, then a great thing to do in Las Vegas is to take a trip to Top golf Las Vegas. Located at the MGM Grand, Top Golf is more than just 107 climate-controlled hitting bays where you can hone your swing before hitting one of the many fantastic Las Vegas golf courses. Once at Top Golf Las Vegas you will find two freshwater swimming pools which are complete with VIP cabanas and private suites. Soak up the sun while practicing your golf swing or let the family enjoy poolside service while you relax hitting golf balls. During the evening Top Golf Las Vegas will host concerts from time to time where such standout bands as ZoSo: the Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience or Turnover. The facility has five bars onsite so whether you are sitting poolside, hitting golf balls or watching one of the shows you can be assured of never being thirsty.

Skyjump Las Vegas


More About Skyjump Las Vegas

You are perhaps wondering what's the most extreme among all fun things to do in Las Vegas? Well, look at the picture on the left - these are people jumping from the roof of the Stratosphere Hotel! SkyJump is a relatively new Las Vegas bungee jumping experience. Jumping from the Stratosphere is, hands down, the most extreme and thrilling thing you could do in the Sin City! We haven't done that, but according to testimonials the adrenaline rush can't be compared to anything else - after all, you would be falling down some 108 floors!

Guided Camel Safari Ranch Tour in the Nevada Desert

Book This Tour

An intriguing thing to do in Las Vegas day away from The Strip in the beautiful desert scenery while atop a camel is the Guided Camel Safari Ranch Tour in the Nevada Desert. Your 1.5-hour safari adventure begins when you travel just outside of Mesquite, Nevada to the 176-acre ranch. As you self-drive through the Great Basin you will be pleased with the superb desert scenery of the area including the Virgin Mountain Range. When you arrive at the ranch, you will be given a short lesson on how to ride your camel and paired with an animal that is suitable to you to ride. The ranch has a gorgeous landscape that is nestled between the Great Basin and the Virgin River. As you travel atop your camel, your expert guide will fill you in on all the interesting plants, wildlife and rock formations you see. There will be plenty of time on this safari type excursion for photographs and petting the camels.

Dig This Aggression: Session Crush a Car

Book This Tour

Everyone has a little pent up frustration inside and the best way to relief this pressure when looking for things to do in Las Vegas is to try the Dig This Aggression Session: Crush a Car. Your 45-minute crush it session begins when you arrive at the Dig This site just off the Strip. Once at the site you will be thrilled to see all of the construction equipment just waiting for you to use while you release your anger. Your adrenaline will start to rise when you are seated in a powerful Caterpillar Excavator and you will receive expert instructions on how to navigate this monster of a crushing machine. Next you will stroll through the work site and pick out your victim. When you finish spray painting the car the fun really begins. Taking control of the excavator you bash, pound and rip apart the perfectly good car until you finally pick-up the car and drop the car to its death. There will be nothing left when you are finished from the windshield to the hood to doors to the undercarriage. Your excellent aggression session concludes with all smiles and a great memory of bashing something to a pulp.

See Wild Horses, Hike Mary Jane Falls, Lunch Up a Mountain

Book This Tour

One of the best things to do in Las Vegas for people that want to experience unique wildlife, waterfalls and Mt. Charleston is the See wild Horses Hike, Mary Jane Waterfall Lunch Up a Mountain Tour. Your 5-hour adventure begins when you meet your expert hiking guide and professional photographer at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. From her you will drive into the Mojave Desert to spot some of the most beautiful animals in nature, wild horses. As you gaze at the wild horses your professional photographer will help you take the best possible shots of these animals against the desert backdrop. Your excursion continues with a quick drive to Mt. Charleston to conquer Mary Jane Waterfall. The moderate hike of 3-miles takes approx. 2.5-hours to complete and is ideal for levels of hikers. After shooting some photographs of the waterfall you will then return and drive to the Lodge at Mt. Charleston. Here you will indulge in complimentary lunch on the mountain side while enjoying the surreal mountain scenery with incredible views of the Mojave Desert and Sin City. Your excursion concludes when you are transported back to the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.

Half-Day Land Sailing Tour

Book This Tour

A perfect thing to do in Las Vegas to get your adrenaline flowing and view some incredible scenery is to try the Half-Day Land Sailing Tour. Your 4-hour day in the desert starts with free pick-up service from your local hotel where you will transported to the Mojave Desert and a nearby dry lake bed. Once here you will be thrilled with the moonscape scenery as you are outfitted with a customized wind-powered go-kart and all the necessary safety equipment. After a quick lesson on navigating these naturally powered go-karts you take off over the hard packed sand. The vehicles are perfect and equipped with a sail to catch all the necessary wind that will have you racing your partner at high-speeds. You will be amazed on how fast nature can get these vehicles going and watch-out for that two wheeled off the ground turn that hits the right adrenaline button. After a few races and some snacks, your excursion concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel.

Twilight Kayak Tour from Las Vegas

Book This Tour

The Twilight Kayak Tour from Las Vegas is a truly remarkable outdoor thing to do in Las Vegas. Your 4-hour paddling adventure begins with complimentary hotel pick-up service where you will be transported to Willow Beach along the mighty Colorado River. Once here you will be outfitted with all the necessary equipment and listen to a brief safety meeting. You start paddle through the gorgeous Black Canyon where you will view incredible rock formations, listen to interesting historical commentary from your expert guide and look at the massive Hoover Dam from a different perspective. After a 2-mile paddle you will reach a secluded beach just as the sun set begins to change the sky above into a canvass of pastel colors. Next up, is roasting hot dogs over a campfire and listening to more stories from your guide while you take-in the beauty of the canyon. As night falls your guide will illuminate your kayak for your return paddle. While paddling at night, your senses will come alive as the stars in the sky begin to shine brightly. When you arrive back at Willow Beach, your excursion concludes with drop-off service at your hotel.

Wreck Room

Wreck VegasMore about Wreck Vegas

We imagine that you have dreamed about destroying something to release all of the anger inside your body and when you are ready to destroy something in Las Vegas, then a perfect thing to do in Las Vegas in to make a trip to Wreck Room. Imagine standing inside a room with televisions, mirrors, furniture, plates as well as other objects and you are handed a crowbar or baseball bat. Now is your turn to destroy and release some of that built up stress that always seems to invade our bodies. You will have 30-minutes to literally go hog wild on everything that exists in the room. Put on your safety equipment and you can start whacking away on all the objects that are inside the room you are assigned. A great way to funnel anger and stress as well as a fun thing time making sure that you smash everything you can that is in sight.

Sin City Smash - Rage Room

Sin City SmashMore about Sin City Smash

Sin City Smash is one of the newest things to do in Las Vegas for people that want the pleasure of destroying items in order to relief stress, anger and anxiety. When you visit Sin City Smash you have you choice of which type of scenario you wish to destroy that includes an office, living room or a kitchen. Once you put on your safety gear you can take pleasure in destroying everything in the room. Take your baseball bat to the computer, television, that gaming console you hate so much and don’t forget about the microwave. You will be thoroughly calm after you unleash your whacking power on items that you only dream of destroying in your home or office. No need to worry about who is going to clean up the mess when you are finished because all we want you to do is have a great time while taking out anger on a bunch of objects.

Axe Monkeys

Axe MonkeysMore about Axe Monkeys

When you want the ability to mix and match some exciting things to do in Las Vegas then a trip to the Axe Monkeys is a great idea. Visiting Axe Monkeys is a perfect way to relieve the everyday stress of the world and learn how to throw a hatchet. Once inside Axe Monkeys you can choose to learn how to become a champion axe or knife thrower by hurling the object into a target that is shaped like a dart board. When you want to take the stress, anxiety or anger out of your life then go for the wrecking room. Here you can smash things up like computers, televisions, gaming consoles, microwaves and more. You can choose to bring stuff to smash or buy items at the Axe Monkeys to complete your day of wreckage. The wrecking room and an hour of axe throwing can be combined to make for a great day of learning a new skill as well as relinquishing all the built up anger you might have about your job, school or home.

Axe Hole USA

Axe Hole USAMore about Axe Hole USA

If you like darts or throwing horseshoes, then a great thing to do in Las Vegas is to challenge yourself to a good game of axe throwing at the Axe Hole. This Las Vegas activity is picking up steam as a fun way to learn how to throw an axe or knife in a controlled setting that makes you feel like Nordic invader. Once you arrive at the Axe Hole you will be outfitted with a special throwing hatchet that is 1.5 pounds in weight and your expert coach will give you direction on how to throw your axe. The object is to hit the bullseye on the target just like in darts or horseshoes. You will be surprised on how many trick shots you can learn in an hour while honing your axe throwing skills. Visiting the Axe Hole is great way for families to learn a new skill while having fun together.

The Hunt Las Vegas

The Hunt Las VegasMore about The Hunt

If you are a fan of the Amazing Race and like scavenger hunt adventures, then the best thing to do in Las Vegas is to try the Hunt in Sin City. The Hunt is ideal for families and types of people who want to explore around Las Vegas in a challenging yet entertaining format. The Hunt has four unique tours that include a fun Booklet Style Hunt that lasts up to 3-hours and you will try to find the items in your booklet within 5 or more places along the Strip. The Play Vegas Hunt gives you the opportunity to explore attractions such as the Madame Tussands Interactive Museum, the Mob Museum and the NYNY Roller Coaster. Race Vegas is an amazing Race style hunt where you will need to find eight check points in a timely fashion to see who the winner will be. VIP Vegas Hunt can be customized based on what you want to experience while you are combing the city for all the items you need to be the winner. The Hunt includes specialty items such as Custom Clue Booklets, Laser Engraved Custom Medals for the winning team, use of a Nikon camera and discounts to many attractions.

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