Unique Things To Do In Las Vegas in 2023

These unique fun things to do in Las Vegas in 2023 will take your adrenaline to new levels that will have your heart pounding in your throat! These off-the-chain excursions range from shooting high-powered weaponry to soaring in a hot air balloon to driving a super-fast car around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Other tours include racing across the Mojave Desert in a dune buggy, jumping off the Stratosphere Tower, riding an incredible roller coaster and you can even fly your very own fighter jet while engaging. People are thrilled destroying a car with bulldozer, taking a horseback ride through the Wild West and don't forget about experiencing the adrenaline of indoor skydiving. The extreme adrenaline-filled Vegas activities are endless and they are all guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Gun Ranges / Shooting Experience

Shooting Las Vegas

Going to one of the many shooting ranges is a fun thing to do in Las Vegas when you want to feel the extreme power of shooting numerous high-powered weapons. There are plenty of unique packages for you to choose from at these fantastic shooting ranges and each package allows you to customize the types of guns you want to shoot. The high-powered weaponry available ranges from shooting a M60 to AK-47 to a Glock 17 to a Barret Sniper Rifle. The options offered put you into the action where you can experience scenarios from WWII, Desert Storm, chasing Zombies or being a Mob Boss and if that's not enough try a package where you blow up a car. All of the shooting ranges offer state-of-the-art hardware for you to shoot in a safe and controlled atmosphere that will definitely have your adrenaline levels rising.

ATV Rides

ATV tours Las Vegas

Taking one of the many ATV tours is a superbly fun thing to do in Las Vegas for adrenaline junkies and people who want to experience the natural landscapes in an extreme way. There are numerous ATV excursions that have you driving in spectacular natural landscapes like the Valley of Fire State Park, the Nellis Dunes, Hidden Valley as well as following the Colorado River in Lake Mead National Recreational Area. The ATVs are super-fast and easy to navigate as you cross over several desert dunes, creek beds, rocks and everything in between. The landscapes offer beautiful looks at unique rock formations that glisten in the desert sun and the wildlife viewing is fantastic too. All your safety equipment is included on these excursions that are sure to take your adrenaline levels to new highs.

Dune Buggy Rides

ATV tours Las Vegas

There is no better thing to do in Las Vegas for people who want to go extreme in the desert than to take a dune buggy excursion. These tours will put you in a different mindset as you navigate your customized desert dune buggy over numerous trails. The trails are fantastic and you will be flying over ditches, racing across creek beds and the flat desert floor is ideal for high-speeds. Dune buggy tours also have you experiencing some of the most unique natural landscapes in the area at places like Valley of Fire State Park, Hidden Valley Monument, the Nellis Dunes and the Rattle Snake Cliffs. The customized dune buggies are amazing too with several different options including a super-fast Polaris RZR, Polaris XP1000 and the Can Am Maverick 1000.

Self-Guided Red Rock Canyon Trike Tour

Self-Guided Red Rock Canyon Trike Tour Las Vegas

When you are seeking to find things to do in Las Vegas that allow you to view some inspiring natural landscapes on a unique vehicle, then the Red Rock Canyon Trike Tour: Self-Guided on a CanAm Ryker is perfect for you to take. Your 2-hour journey into nature begins when you arrive at Limitless Motoring in Sin City where you are outfitted with all the safety equipment and your unique CanAm three-wheel motorized trike. After a quick lesson on safety and navigation, take-off on your own to the incredible landscape at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Once at Red Rock Canyon you have the freedom to ride through the area following a 13-mile road that winds through the most interesting points of the brilliantly colored red rocks as the wind blows in your face. While driving in the area you have control of where you want to stop to take superb photos of the interesting rock formations that will simply blow your mind. On your back to Las Vegas you can use your on-board mapping system to take you to the Seven Magic Mountains which is unique artwork near Jean Dry Lake which is composed of seven towers of colorfully painted stacked rocks that boasts big views of the surrounding area. Your last stop is a quick photo opportunity at the famous Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. Your exciting day of driving and sightseeing concludes when you arrive back at your starting point.


Red Rock Canyon Automatic Slingshot Express Tour

Red Rock Canyon Automatic Slingshot Express Tour

A great thing to do in Las Vegas for adventurous people who like to feel the adrenaline of driving through some spectacular natural landscape is to take the Red Rock Canyon Automatic Slingshot Express Tour. Your 2-hour sightseeing experience begins in Las Vegas where you are outfitted with safety equipment and learn how to navigate your fascinating automatic Slingshot vehicle. Once comfortable on your amazing Slingshot you start to drive through the Mojave Desert until you reach the colorful rock formations of the spectacular Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Once inside the conservation area your eyes will be overwhelmed with the beautiful colors and interesting rock formations that make this area super special to everyone. While at the conservation area you will follow a 13-mile road within the area stopping at several places along the way to take incredible photos of the brilliantly colored rocks and impressive wildlife which might include Desert Big Horn Sheep, Wild Burros, Bald Eagles, and more. After a quick stop at the visitor's center you will travel back to Sin City on your Slingshot where your tour concludes.


Seven Magic Mountains Adventure Tour: Self-Guided on a CanAm Ryker Trike

Seven Magic Mountains Adventure Tour

If you are looking for a unique thing to do in Las Vegas that mixes interesting art and adrenaline of the open-road, then you need to try the Seven Magic Mountains Adventure Tour: Self-Guided on a CanAm Ryker Trike. Your 2-hour adrenaline filled sightseeing excursion begins when you are outfitted with safety equipment to ride your unique and powerful CanAm Ryker Trike. After a quick lesson on safety and navigation you are free to follow the on-board mapping system to one of the most interesting art exhibits in Las Vegas. As you drive along I-15 through the Mojave Desert you will feel the wind in your face as your eyes take-in the beautiful scenery of the area until you arrive at the mystifying Seven Magic Mountains. The incredible art displays at the Seven Magic Mountains is the brainchild of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone who created the colorful stacked rocks that jettison into the sky outside of Sin City. After you snap a few photos of the superb art exhibit and surrounding landscape, you will take-off back on I-15 to Sin City where you will make a final stop at the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas. After few more photos your tour concludes back where you started in Las Vegas.   


Car Crush and Shoot

Car Crush and Shoot Las Vegas

When you want to try an adrenaline filled thing to do in Las Vegas that involves driving heavy equipment, crushing a car along with shooting high-powered weapons, then the best idea for you is the Car Crush and Shoot in Las Vegas. Your 3.5-hour adventure begins when you arrive in Sloan, Nevada outside of Las Vegas. Here you are greeted by people from the super fun-filled attraction at Adrenaline Mountain Extreme Adventure Park. Once inside the adventure park you take a seat in a monstrous Big Cat Excavator that is equipped with a whopping 42' bucket claw that is ideal for destroying anything. After a quick navigation lesson, you are on your own to feel the rush of crushing a car with this huge piece of equipment. While crushing the car you experience an unbelievable amount of stress relief as you devour the crippled car with your bucket claw. When you are at Adrenaline Mountain Extreme Adventure Park you can add-on a shooting tour which gives you the opportunity to play with numerous high-powered weapons in an open shooting range. Your tour concludes when you are out of adrenaline from all of the fascinating things you can do at Adrenaline Mountain Extreme Adventure Park.

Escape Rooms


One of the best things to do in Las Vegas for all types of visitors who like to be challenged both physically and mentally is to try one of the many thrilling Las Vegas escape rooms. You will be amazed at the wide assortment of challenges that the escape rooms have created to challenge your wits. You can chose from a full immersive adventure while escaping from the Jigsaw Killer or you can break yourself out of jail in a variety of scenarios. There are options to craft a live saving antidote, do battle with Zombies and you can even pretend to be Indiana Jones while you recover artifacts from an ancient tomb of a pharaoh. You can decide what type of adventure you want to solve whether that is solving a murder, escaping a serial killer or just trying to survive after a natural disaster.

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Emeral Cave kayak tour in Las Vegas

A great thing to do in Las Vegas that combines exercise, fun, and natural beauty is a kayaking tour. When you book one of these spectacular kayaking tours in Las Vegas, you can experience some of the best kayaking available in the world along the mighty Colorado River. The tours are ideal for families, experts, and even novices that want to try their luck at paddling through the best scenery around Las Vegas. These tours offer something for everyone to enjoy from the fauna, flora, and waterfalls of Black Canyon to the stunning turquoise waters at Emerald Cave to incredible natural hot springs ideal for relaxing your body at Sauna Cave. There is plenty to learn on these tours with expert guides that can help everyone hone their kayaking skills while enjoying a marvelous day away from the hustle and bustle of Sin City

Exotic Cars

Las Vegas race car rentals

An excellent thing to do in Las Vegas to get your adrenaline moving higher is to try one of the many exotic car tours. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a high-powered racing car that is ready to tear up the track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There are numerous options on these tours to get your adrenaline flowing in a positive way. You can choose the amount of laps, your racing car and your family can watch from the grandstands. The racing cars are outstanding with options like a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche as well as several muscle cars from a Shelby Cobra to a Corvette Z06 and don't forget about the NASCAR tours. For the off-road racing fan, there are big customized trucks just waiting for you to drive over the intense Mojave Desert terrain while racing your friends.

Car Racing Tours

Las Vegas race car rentals

Looking for some cool things to do in Las Vegas that will take your racing skills and adrenaline to new levels of fun, then you should try one of the many racing tours. Families will love to race each other on one of the several go-kart excursions that have you going up to 45 mph around an indoor or outdoor track. For adults there are super charged racing cars like Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis that hit 140 mph as you drive along the famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Other perfect racing options include getting dirt in your teeth while driving a custom-built off-road truck, dune buggy, or rally car over a special dirt track within the Mojave Desert. If that's not enough to get your engine going then try driving a unique Polaris Slingshot SL through Red Rock National Conservation Area or take a ride along in a real life NASCAR.


Paintball Las Vegas

If you are looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas that are ideal for all types of contestants including families then you should head to a Las Vegas paintball course. You will be thrilled with the challenges that paintball brings to all participants. There are a variety of playing courses near the Strip and packages include all the safety equipment that is needed. Families will be delighted with Las Vegas Premier Paint Ball where you will find a the low impact paintball game which is superb for children and more advanced players will be enthralled with shooting at Bone Head Paintball which is the oldest paintball facility in the state. For the person who is looking to hone all of their battle skills then Las Vegas Gunfights is perfect where you will fire a modified 9mm Glock and face hand to hand combat when you run out of ammo.

Dig This


An exciting and fun thing to do in Las Vegas that in 2023 is packed with entertainment of a different kind is Dig This. Your session at Dig This will be a dream come true for anyone that has always wanted to control and drive big heavy construction equipment. Once you arrive at the Dig This site, you will be thrilled to see 5-acres of dirt and big equipment like an excavator as well as a bulldozer. After you take a quick safety lesson and receive instructions on how to operate the heavy equipment, you can start playing in the huge dirt box with whichever heavy equipment you select. You can excavate trenches, demolish cars, throw tires around and release all of your pent up anger as well as frustration. There are several packages to choose from that will have you feeling like Bob Builder when you are finished

Extreme Fight Pilot Flights And Sky Combat

Las Vegas Airplane tours

Las Vegas airplane tours are action packed and filled with adrenaline making them one of the more fun things to do in Las Vegas in 2023. The excursions offer you a bird's eye view of the Strip, the Mojave Desert and surrounding historic landmarks like the Hoover Dam as well as Lake Mead. On the extreme side you can soar in a jet fighter plane while learning fighting tactics and shooting at your enemies. Your body will be amazed with the G-force created on take-off in an authentic fighter plane and the acrobatic maneuvers of the stunt bi-planes are overwhelming to the senses. There are flights that take you to the Grand Canyon with side trips once you land include tours to Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend along the roaring Colorado River. On the romantic side you can become a member of the Mile High Club while flying over the Strip.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding Las Vegas

A unique thing to do in Las Vegas that puts you in touch with nature and the Wild West is to go horseback riding in Las Vegas. The excursions are perfect for families, couples, groups and single people that want to experience the Wild West while riding on the back of a horse. There are several to choose from that include incredible scenery at places such as Grand Canyon National Park, Red Rock Canyon State Conservation Area and the Mojave Desert. Other exciting horseback rides available include a trip to a private ranch where you can experience a buffalo safari and an authentic ranch-style cookout complete with a campfire, stars, stories and plenty of sing-alongs. The trails are perfect for all level of riders from novice to expert and most tours include complimentary hotel pick-up and drop-off service.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon Las Vegas

An ideal thing to do in Las Vegas to get a bird's eye view of the Strip, Mojave Desert and the stellar natural landscape of Red Rock Canyon is to try one of the Vegas Balloon Rides. Hot air balloons are fun, exciting and romantic as you fly above such fabulous places. On these excursions you will be surprised how quickly and effortlessly you reach 800-feet into the air in your 10-story high hot air balloon. You will experience the fun of filling the hot air balloon before take-off while you listen to short safety instructions. Once in the air your eyes will be delighted with the sights as you fly for 1-hour over the Strip, the Mojave Desert, Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains. When you land you can celebrate your exhilarating flight with a champagne toast while nibbling on a picnic basket full of tasty edibles. Your excellent adventure in the sky concludes once the hot air balloon is deflated.

Hidden Valley and Primm Extreme Dirt Bike Tour


Ready for the ride of your life through breathtaking scenery as you navigate the extreme terrain on your dirt bike? Here are must-do things to do in Las Vegas for you. You start with hotel pick-up service and travel to Primm, Nevada. Once at Primm you will be outfitted with all the necessary equipment, view a safety session and start out over the open Mojave Desert and the Hidden Valley National Monument.

You will travel along single track and dual track trails that wander some 20 to 50 miles depending on your experience and group size through some of the most extreme riding terrain. Along the way you will stop at Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino for photographs and refreshments. Once back at Primm, enjoy a comfortable ride back to your hotel. There is an additional $10 fuel surcharge and riders must be 16 years old.

Roller Coasters

Amusement parks in Las Vegas

There are numerous places to go extreme in Sin City but a great thing to do in Las Vegas is try one of the many adrenaline filled Las Vegas Roller Coaster Rides. The roller coaster rides in Sin City are innovative, fast, fun and filled with an adrenaline rush that is second-to-none. There are several high-powered coasters to get your heart beat going that include the waterslides at Wet N Wild Las Vegas Water Park, family-friendly coasters at Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino as well as the Adventuredome at Circus Circus where you will find the Canyon Blaster, Inverter and Chaos. The Stratosphere Tower sports the the XScream, the third highest coaster in the world, that throws you 27-feet over the edge of the building at 800-feet above the Strip.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving Las Vegas

The best thing to do in Las Vegas for people that need to take their adrenaline to a whole new level is to try Vegas Indoor Skydiving. If you have ever wanted to go sky diving but never liked the idea of jumping out of an airplane, then this is the only way to experience the freedom of free falling into the sky. After your expert instructions, you can let your inner self fly through the air in a simulated free falling fashion at high speeds. Don't worry about safety; this all takes place within a regulated environment that uses high-speed propellers to create the sensation of free falling out of an airplane. When you are finished with your extreme day of skydiving indoors, you will want to return for a second flight to experience the numerous sensations only known to skydivers.

Lake Mead Activities

Lake Mead activities Las Vegas

You will be thoroughly surprised with all the amazing things to do in Las Vegas, especially at Lake Mead. There are exciting excursions that have you experiencing the beauty of the largest manmade body of water in the Western Hemisphere and Lake Mead National Recreational Area. If you are into adrenaline then try an ATV tour that follows the mighty Colorado River or jump on a Jet Ski and tour the lake. Other fabulous ways to experience this incredible place is to take a stunning helicopter flight which includes a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park, run along the Historic Tunnels Trail to the Hoover Dam and let's not forget the extreme packages that include shooting high-powered rifles at a local shooting range. Whether you are looking for nature, a new adrenaline rush or just some outdoor fun, Lake Mead is a perfect place to spend a day.



One of the most extreme things to do in Las Vegas that will take your adrenaline level to higher levels and maybe leave you with wet pants is the SkyJump Las Vegas at the Stratosphere Tower. Your 20-minute heart stopping experience begins when you arrive at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. Here you will be outfitted with your safety harness and given specific safety instructions about your jump. Once on the elevator you will ride some 800-feet to the top of the Stratosphere Tower before experiencing the Guinness Book of World Record for commercial decelerators. At this point, the moment of truth is about to happen. Do you jump on your own, need a little help from the friendly staff or your partner? When you SkyJump off the 108th floor of the tower you will freefall at 40mph while feeling your heart in your throat. We hope you don't close your eyes because your eyes will be treated to all the glory of the sights and sounds of the Strip. There are a couple of upgrades to add-on to enhance your experience such as a wrist camera to capture you in flight and professional photographs.

Axe Monkeys

Axe Monkeys

When you want the ability to mix and match some exciting things to do in Las Vegas then a trip to the Axe Monkeys is a great idea. Visiting Axe Monkeys is a perfect way to relieve the everyday stress of the world and learn how to throw a hatchet. Once inside Axe Monkeys you can choose to learn how to become a champion axe or knife thrower by hurling the object into a target that is shaped like a dart board. When you want to take the stress, anxiety or anger out of your life then go for the wrecking room. Here you can smash things up like computers, televisions, gaming consoles, microwaves and more. You can choose to bring stuff to smash or buy items at the Axe Monkeys to complete your day of wreckage. The wrecking room and an hour of axe throwing can be combined to make for a great day of learning a new skill as well as relinquishing all the built up anger you might have about your job, school or home.

Wreck Room

Wreck Vegas

We imagine that you have dreamed about destroying something to release all of the anger inside your body and when you are ready to destroy something in Las Vegas, then a perfect thing to do in Las Vegas in to make a trip to Wreck Room. Imagine standing inside a room with televisions, mirrors, furniture, plates as well as other objects and you are handed a crowbar or baseball bat. Now is your turn to destroy and release some of that built up stress that always seems to invade our bodies. You will have 30-minutes to literally go hog wild on everything that exists in the room. Put on your safety equipment and you can start whacking away on all the objects that are inside the room you are assigned. A great way to funnel anger and stress as well as a fun thing time making sure that you smash everything you can that is in sight.

Axe Hole USA

Axe Hole USA

If you like darts or throwing horseshoes, then a super fun thing to do in Las Vegas is to challenge yourself to a good game of axe throwing at the Axe Hole. This Las Vegas activity is picking up steam as a fun way to learn how to throw an axe or knife in a controlled setting that makes you feel like Nordic invader. Once you arrive at the Axe Hole you will be outfitted with a special throwing hatchet that is 1.5 pounds in weight and your expert coach will give you direction on how to throw your axe. The object is to hit the bullseye on the target just like in darts or horseshoes. You will be surprised on how many trick shots you can learn in an hour while honing your axe throwing skills. Visiting the Axe Hole is great way for families to learn a new skill while having fun together.

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