Best Las Vegas Food Tours In 2024

Las Vegas food tours are becoming a thing on The Strip and downtown in 2024. Sin City is not only about glitz, glamour and casinos. Hidden away on the Strip and Downtown are delightful authentic world class eateries. Discover Vegas food, wine and beer places with a knowledgeable guide on unique walking and scooter tours. Combine learning about the history and culture of the city with sampling tempting dishes as you go along. Get behind the scenes to meet the chefs and restaurant owners for exclusive VIP treatment. Don't leave Vegas without trying a few of these fabulous food tours!

Walking Food Tour of the Las Vegas Strip - Taste Buzz

Food Tour of the Las Vegas Strip

The Food Tour of the Las Vegas Strip is one of the best ways to experience Sin City and learn about the culture as well as the food of the area. On this 2.5-hour Las Vegas food tour you will first meet your guide at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where you will start your excursion of dining and sightseeing. Some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants on the Strip serve some of the most tantalizing treats your taste buds will experience. During your 1.5-mile walk you will see some great sites such as live flamingos, the world's largest chocolate fountains and you will probably run into an Elvis. While you are walking working off the calories you can even indulge in a beverage or two at your own expense. The tour highlights various restaurants that can change daily so be prepared to try all of the great bites that Las Vegas has to offer. Your foodie good time will conclude back at your starting point.

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Las Vegas Strip And Downtown Scooter And Food Tour

Las Vegas Strip And Downtown Scooter And Food Tour

For the ultimate fun experience, ride a Hog Car scooter around Las Vegas to see the sights and enjoy fabulous eats on this unique Las Vegas food tour.

The four hour trip takes you to the famous Las Vegas sign, the Chocolate Fountain, the Venetian and the Palazzo as well as the iconic TV studios where world class shows are filmed. For the food, you will stop at famous eateries along the way, many of which have been featured on TV, and be welcomed by the owners and chefs to sample their signature dishes. End your day at the Rio Hotel where you will love the VIP treatment as you are taken up to the viewing balcony to admire the panoramic views of Sin City.

Downtown Delights Las Vegas Food Tour - Taste Buzz

Downtown Delights Food Tour

If you are the type of foodie that like to mix history with a tasty cuisine then an ideal Las Vegas food tour for you is the Downtown Delights Food Tour. Your 2.5-hour dining journey begins when you meet your expert guide at the Downtown Container Park. From here you will set out on foot while listening to interesting stories told by your guide. You will get a chance to taste some of the best dishes that eateries in the downtown area have to offer and you can purchase a few drinks along the way. While you are walking you will see such highlights such as the 12.5-million LED lights of the Fremont Street Experience, the world's largest golden nugget, $1,000,000 cash and even a piece of the Berlin. The restaurants that you visit change regularly but you can be assured of a pleasant time for your taste buds while you learn more about the history of Glitter Gulch. Your walking tour concludes at the Golden Spike on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Las Vegas Tasting Food Tour


A superb Las Vegas food tour for you to try that takes you along the Strip to visit numerous restaurants is the Las Vegas Tasting Food Tours. Your 3-hour culinary journey begins when you meet your guide at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. From here you will walk the Strip taking in the sights of several hotels including the Bellagio Fountains. As you walk the Strip to your food tasting opportunities your guide will tell you interesting stories of Sin City. During your tour you will learn about the 20 different celebrity chefs that have opened restaurants along the neon lit street that stretches 4.2 miles. You will taste incredible cuisine at some of these celebrity chef's restaurants as well as other fascinating restaurants that have been serving delightful food for years. After you have indulged in numerous small plates at several locations your tour will conclude at the Venetian where you have the option to continue on your own.

Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour by Segway

Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour by Segway

An interesting and super activity for foodies to try that includes riding a Segway on the streets of Sin City is the Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour by Segway. Your 2.5-hour food tasting begins when you meet your guide at a predetermined location in Downtown Las Vegas. Here you will be given a quick lesson on how to navigate your Segway and receive all the necessary safety equipment for spectacular excursion of culinary delights. You will cruise along on your Segway listening to interesting commentary from your guide about the history of food and culture of Sin City. There are five stops at locations that are off the beaten path and favored by locals where you will have a chance to indulge in tasty treats created by some of the world's most innovative chefs and restaurant owners. You will learn how these chefs and restaurant owners prepare their dishes using locally grown and sourced ingredients to enhance the flavor of each spectacular dish you will try. The restaurants you visit will all be unique in style and cuisine with no stops at any one of the many chain style restaurants that exist in Las Vegas. At the end of food tasting excursion you will end at your predetermined location in Downtown.

Route 66 Wine Tasting Brewery and Lunch Tour

Route 66 Wine Tasting Brewery and Lunch Tour

A perfect Las Vegas food tour for you to try that combines the historic Route 66, adult beverages, and tasty treats is the Route 66 Wine Tasting Brewery and Lunch Tour. Your 6-hour gastronomical journey begins with hotel pick-up service where you are then transported through the Mojave Desert to Kingman, Arizona. Once at Kingman which is famous for its role in the movie Cars, you will stop at the Kingman Powerhouse Visitors Center/Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum. Here you can gaze at numerous dioramas, electric vehicles, and murals of historic Route 66. From here you go to Stetson Winery where you indulge in a variety of wine tastings, splendid appetizers, and a little local music. Your next stop is the newest winery in the region named Little Old Wine Drinkers Winery where you taste fabulous wines from the new vineyard. From here you travel to Black Bridge Brewery built on the original National Trails Highway. While at the brewery you will try a flight of craft-brewed beer and a delicious lunch from Siren’s Café or another local eatery. Your adult day of fun concludes with transportation back to your hotel.


Best Bites on The Strip - A Beginners Guide to Sin City

Best Bites on The Strip A Beginners Guide to Sin City

One of the best Las Vegas tours for anyone who is a foodie that mixes excellent casual cuisine with the history of food in Sin City is the Best Bites on the Strip a Beginners Guide to Sin City. Your 2.5-hour extravaganza begins when you meet your food guide at the base of the Statue of Liberty at New York New York where your first stop is for an incredible corned beef sandwich straight from an authentic Jewish delicatessen. From here you stroll to the Bliss Dance Statue to gaze at $100 dry aged steaks, sculptures from the Burning Man, and a roller coaster. Next stop is at the Park MGM where you are treated to a 40,000 square foot authentic Italian market with all the real Italian makings including house made mozzarella cheese for a superb slice of Neapolitan pizza. Now you walk to The Cosmopolitan viewing all the interesting sites along the way. Once inside you enter Black 16 where you have a choice to try some Korean spit-roasted meats or a spicy eggplant flatbread. Your final stop is at the Bellagio where you gaze at the architecture, botanical gardens, exquisite artwork, and of course the famous Fountains at Lake Bellagio while you try a wonderful desert from the world’s largest chocolate fountain.

Underground Donut Tour of Downtown and Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Underground Donut Tour in Las Vegas

The Underground Donut Tour is one of the coolest food tours in Las Vegas, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip and introducing you to the hidden gems and local secrets of Fremont Street and downtown. Your journey begins at Mothership Coffee, where you'll get to taste some of the tastiest donuts in town and explore the local shops and cafes. Then, you'll take a short walk to Donut Bar, one of the top-rated donut shops in Vegas, where you can indulge in their amazing selection of donuts. Your adventure continues along the DT Alley, where you'll admire interesting art installations and murals before heading to Evel Pie, a fantastic pizza joint that surprisingly also serves donuts. Finally, you'll head to a surprise location to finish the tour with a bang by indulging in some delicious churros. The combination of sweet donuts and artistic exploration will surely leave you with sweet memories of the hidden wonders of Fremont Street


Las Vegas Arts District Foodie Tour

Las Vegas Arts District Foodie Tour

There is not anything better in Las Vegas than mixing great tasting food with gorgeous artwork and that is what you will find when you book the Las Vegas Arts District Foodie Tour. Your 3-hour art and food journey begins when you meet your fellow foodies at Bungalow Coffee Company within the Las Vegas Arts District along E. Charleston Boulevard. After a short walk you will enter the Arts Factory where you can browse the interesting and creative artwork to photograph or purchase. As you walk to your next stop you can feel free to stop at one of the many quick bites locations to help with your hunger and strength as you walk. The next stop is the Las Vegas Antique & Gift Mall where you can hunt for hidden treasures that include vintage Las Vegas memorabilia and other valued treasures. As you continue to walk you can once again feast on the local street vendor’s culinary delights that range from tacos to ice cream to hot dogs and quick hamburgers. Next up is the fascinating ‘Greetings From Las Vegas Mural’ where you can take an incredible selfie of the mural and yourself. The last stop on your walking Las Vegas food tour is the famous Little Vegas Chapel where you will have time to take as many photographs as you want but there is not enough time to get married. Your tour concludes about a 5-mintue walk from your starting point within the Las Vegas Arts District.


Taco Tuesday E Scooter Downtown Foodie Ride

Taco Tuesday E Scooter Downtown Foodie Ride

What foodie does not like Taco Tuesday and you can combine tacos with a thrilling ride on an E-Scooter when you try the excellent Taco Tuesday E Scooter Downtown Foodie Ride Tour in Las Vegas. Your 2-hour taco Las Vegas food tour begins when you meet you guide along Fremont Street and get outfitted with your E Scooter and helmet. Now take-off glided the streets of Downtown on your E Scooter while looking for some of the best sightseeing opportunities and flavorful tacos of Sin City. Your tour includes stops at four predetermined taco locations within the Downtown and Las Vegas Arts Districts where you can indulge in tacos of pork belly, barbacoa, pastor, asada, and other deliciously flavored meats. While you are gliding you stop at several places like the Container Park, Fremont Street, and several art galleries within the Arts District for photo opportunities. Your last stop is to indulge in a unique Deep-fried Oreo Cookie which makes your mouth jump with joy. Your taco Tuesday tour concludes at your original starting point along Fremont Street.


Self-Guided City Food and Culture Tour on Scooters Featuring Pawn Stars

Self-Guided City Food and Culture Tour on Scooters Featuring Pawn Stars

When you want to enjoy some great BBQ and don’t want to walk around looking at several iconic locations of Sin City, then a perfect tour for you to try is the Self-Guided City Food and Culture Tour on Scooters Featuring Pawn Stars. Your 5-hour self-paced Las Vegas food tour begins when you arrive at Atomic Scooters along Fremont Street where you are outfitted with a scooter, helmet, and learn about the smart maps displayed on your scooter. After a quick driving lesson about navigating your scooter, you will take-off on your journey passing numerous sights in the Downtown area such as Container Park, numerous iconic casinos like the Golden Nugget, and you can witness in person the fabulous light show of The Fremont Street Experience. The smart maps allow you to create your own tour through several places including the Las Vegas Arts District where you can stop at several places to look at antiques and incredible artwork including several street murals. There are plenty of places for you take photos and two professional photos of you are included. When you get hungry on this tour you can make your way to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop where close by is Rick Harrison’s Rolling Smoke BBQ where you are treated to a complimentary lunch. Your fun filled day concludes when you return your scooter to your original starting point.


Arts District 3 Hour Vintage Vegas Shopping, Cocktails, Champagne, Photos & Dinner Tour

LAs Vegas Arts District Bar Crawl

If you are looking for a unique adult’s only bar crawl tour in Las Vegas that mixes drinks with food and fun, then you should try the Arts District 3 Hour Vintage Vegas Shopping, Cocktails, Champagne, Photos & Dinner Tour. Your 3-hour Las Vegas food tour begins when you meet your tour guide outside the Burlesque Hall of Fame along South Main Street for a champagne toast. From here you spend your evening exploring antique shops, art galleries, and retro bars to quench your thirst throughout the Las Vegas Arts District. As you walk around you will indulge in hand-crafted cocktails at several locations while looking at hundreds of pieces of old-time Vegas memorabilia while a professional who will document your evening on the town. Once you are a little tipsy it’s time for a complimentary dinner at Makers & Finders where you are treated to customized dinner menu that is included in the tour. Your fun-filled adult night on the town concludes at your original starting point.


Private Tour Secret Food Tours Las Vegas

Private Las Vegas Tasting Food Tour

If you want to indulge in exquisite cuisine from more than 20 chefs without the hassle of a large group, then you need to take the Private Tour Secret Food Tours. Your 3-hour gastronomical Las Vegas food tour begins when you meet your private guide at the acclaimed Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill inside Caesars Palace. During your incredible food journey, you will learn about several of the iconic chefs and try numerous offerings prepared just for you at numerous locations which are crafted to please your palate. You will continue down the Strip viewing incredible street performers and the neon lights of Sin City learning about how the cheap buffet was transformed into a beautiful gastronomical event of taste bud pleasure and the eating habits in Las Vegas has changed the culinary work around the world. After your stomach is full of tasty treats and a little complimentary wine your tour concludes at The Venetian near the gondola rides where you can choose to serenade your partner with a romantic ride at your own cost.

Vegas Chocolate Tour


An ideal Las Vegas food tour for people who have a sweet tooth and love tasting unique chocolate delights is the Vegas Chocolate Tour. Your 4-hour taste bud excursion begins when you meet your tour guide at M&M's World Las Vegas where you will try numerous M&M creations, meet the M&M characters, and print your own M&M messages. Next you will visit the Hershey's Chocolate World where you will find 800 Hershey candies and chocolates before traveling to the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign for a quick photo op. Next stop is Ehtel M Chocolates where you will make a box of chocolates and walk-thru the three acre Botanical Garden which features 300 varieties of cactus. Your last stop is at The Strip Cafe Hollywood where you will indulge in a decadent ice cream jar which includes a K+M Extravirgin Chocolate Bar created by Chef Thomas Keller.

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