elas Best Las Vegas Comedy Shows 2018

Best Las Vegas Comedy Shows 2018

Las Vegas comedy shows are the funniest in the world! Sin City appreciates and rewards true talents with long-term contracts and possibility for stand up comedians to run their own shows in the city. Read reviews of the funniest shows and stand up comedians that live and perform in Vegas, and about those that are scheduled to come with gigs and comedy acts in 2018.

Top Shows

These are the best Las Vegas comedy shows, playing in 2018 by the city's own stand up comedians, impersonators, musicians and ventriloquists. You can catch their show practically any time!


Here is the schedule of the funniest stand up comedians performing in Las Vegas in 2018:


Las Vegas Comedy Shows February 2018:

02/17-27 - Carl Labove's Stripped!
02/18 - Jim Belushi
02/23-24 - Ray Romano and David Spade - Mirage
02/24 - Rob Schneider & Chris Kattan

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows March 2018:

03/1-31 - Carl Labove's Stripped!
03/2 - Bill Engvall - Treasure Island
03/2-3 - Tim Allen - Mirage
03/9-10 - Jerry Seinfeld - Caesars Palace
03/9-10 - Bill Maher
03/16-17 - Daniel Tosh
03/23-24 - George Lopez
03/29-31 - Gabriel Iglesias
03/31 - Miranda Sings - The Smith

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows April 2018:

04/1-30 - Carl Labove's Stripped!
04/6-7 - Ray Romano and David Spade
04/13-14 - Daniel Tosh
04/15 - Sebastian Maniscalco
04/20-21 - Jerry Seinfeld
04/20-21 - Ron White
04/27 - Nick Swardson
04/28 - Tiffany Haddish

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows May 2018:

05/4 - Jay Leno
05/5 - Tim Allen
05/11-12 - Daniel Tosh
05/25,26,27 - Gabriel Iglesias
05/27 - Jim Gaffigan

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows June 2018:

06/1-2 - Ron White
06/8 - Cast of impractical Jokers & The Tenderloins
06/15-16 - Ray Romano and David Spade
06/22 - Kathleen Madigan
06/23 - Trevor Noah

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows July 2018:

07/6 - Kevin Hart
07/20 - Jim Gaffigan
07/28 - Tim Allen

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows August 2018:

08/17-18 - Ron White
08/24 - Tim Allen
08/25 - Chris D'Elia
08/31 - George Lopez

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows September 2018:

09/1 - George Lopez


Las Vegas Comedy Shows October 2018:

10/5-6 - Ray Romano and David Spade


Las Vegas Comedy Shows November 2018:

11/16-17 - Ray Romano and David Spade

Terry Fator

Terry Fator show Las Vegas

Venue: Terry Fator Theatre - Mirage

Schedule: Monday-Thursday, at 7:30 pm

Age restrictions: 5+

Discount Tickets

Review: If you want to see something really unusual, choose Terry Fator show! Winner of the show America's Got Talent, Fator immediately received a five-year contract to perform in Las Vegas. And he deserves it! In simple words, Terry Fator is a Ventriloquist - he performs with dolls without opening his mouth. However, his puppets don't just talk - they sing! They can sing like Elvis Presley, Cher, Louis Armstrong, Lady Gaga and even Kermit the Frog, and we would say, sometimes they sing better than the original! This is really an incredible show - watch Fator's adorable puppets sing with familiar voices without Fator's lips moving. It's one of the most amazing Las Vegas comedy shows in 2018 suitable for kids, although they do have a 5+ age restriction.

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Carrot Top

Carrot Top show Las Vegas

Venue: Atrium Showroom - Luxor Hotel

Schedule: Monday-Thursday at 8:30 pm

Age restrictions: 16+

Discount Tickets

Review: Carrot Top is one of the funniest Las Vegas stand up comedians, performing at Luxor. He's got a real talent to make your ribs ache with laughter, all the while having a great time himself! In his hilarious Vegas comedy shows, a red-haired a bit goofy guy better known as Carrot Top, demonstrates various props and objects, making fun of their conventional use or offering a new use for familiar tools, mixing all of that with some of the funniest comic remarks you will ever hear. He does not forget to make fun of himself either. Highly recommended!

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Divas Las Vegas

drag show Las Vegas

Location: The LINQ Theater, The LINQ Hotel and Casino

Show Times: Almost every night at 9:30 pm

Discount Tickets

Review: Divas is one of the most fun Las Vegas comedy shows with female impersonators, or drag queens. This show has everything that makes impersonators shows great: it's witty, funny, the actors do incredibly believable impressions, they are excellent dancers and the costumes are unbelievable! The best part of the show is that this is a group of all-male actors performing female roles - and they do that perfectly - you won't be able to tell they are really men! This show is pure fun, and they even allow you to take pictures of them - otherwise, why put on all this make up?! The "star" of the show is Frank Marino who has been playing the role of Joan Rivers for over 25 years!

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Blue Man Group

Blue Man show Las Vegas

Venue: Luxor

Schedule: Almost daily at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm

Age restrictions: None

Discount Tickets

Review: The Blue Man Group is another amazing spectacle that you should see at least once in your life! In this hilarious show, three completely bald guys covered in gooey paint that makes them shiny blue, entertain the audience using various unconventional musical instruments, multimedia, technology, theatre and visual effects. Audience is more than welcome to participate in the show. The Blue Man Group show is definitely one of its kind, and won't leave anyone indifferent. Blue Man Group's Las Vegas comedy shows in 2018 are great fun for kids and adults!

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Tapе Face


Location: House of Tape, Harrah's

Show Times: Tuesday-Sunday at 7:00 pm

Age limit: None

Discount Tickets

Las Vegas is known for bringing talented comedians to the stage and Tape Face is another example of talent that brings gut wrenching laughter his performance. Playing at House of Tape, Harrah's, Tape Face is a unique mime Las Vegas comedy show that is entertaining for the whole family. You probably remember Tape Face as being a finalist on season 11 of America’s Got Talent where he did not disappoint the audience with his eclectic form of comedy. Performing as a mime with tape on his mouth he runs through a variety of jokes such as lip syncing pop music hits with house hold items like shoes, socks or an oven glove. Some of his most funny moments are created just by the look on his face when he disapproves of the dance moves by audience members as well as his mystic crazy looking eyes when he is staring at you.

Tom Green Show

Blue Man show Las Vegas

Venue: The BackRoom, Bally's

Schedule: Select days and times

Age restrictions: 21+

Discount Tickets

Funny man Tom Green brings his unique form of Las Vegas comedy show in a no-holds bar performance that is sure to make you smile and laugh. Performing at the Backroom within Bally’s, Tom Green has graced the cover of Rolling Stone and the stage with late night talk show hosts like David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno and he has hosted Saturday Night Live. Nothing will surprise you with his comedy that runs the gamut of slap stick to street pranks to interjecting politics, drugs, pornography and other social issues into his routine. Born in Canada, Green has always had a sense of humor that rode the edge of bizarreness to just plain strange. Tom Green incorporates an intriguing light show and great music to make this a night of laughs of fun for everyone over 21 years old.

Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin show Las Vegas

Venue: King's Room, Rio

Schedule: Monday-Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Age restrictions: 18+

Discount Tickets

Review: It seems all the cigarettes he smokes and champagne he drinks on stage during his performance at Rio have little effect on Eddie Griffin's comic abilities. Eddie clearly loves performing and will make your ribs hurt with laughter for over 2 hours show. Eddie Griffin demonstrates timely razor-sharp humor without being too insulting (but do not try to insult HIM, - reportedly, he gets back at ya quickly!). Eddie Griffin's humor is highly adult, and he doesn't hold anything back - but then we don't watch Las Vegas comedy shows if we are a little to sensitive:-) Rio Crown Theater is small and cozy, and all seats are good. VIP tickets might be a bit too close to the stage.

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man


Location: Anthony Cools Showroom, Paris Las Vegas

Show Times: Daily except Wednesday at 7 pm, Saturday also at 11 pm

Age limit: 18+

Discount Tickets

Everyone wants to be a better lover and the Las Vegas comedy show Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man will give you all the knowledge you need to succeed. Performing at the Anthony Cools Room at the Paris, Jai Rodriguez and Kendra Wilkinson will have you learning and laughing about some incredible sexual details that might help you discover true enlightenment Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man offers unusual advice from a gay man to a straight woman on how to please your partner when and wherever the mood strikes you. You will be laughing until your gut bursts and you never know just how hot you might become during the show which can make for an interesting evening later on. This hilarious performance is sure to make your body tingle with anticipation and open your mind to a new way of thinking in the bedroom.

The Miss Behave Gameshow


Location: The BackRoom, Bally's

Show Times: Wednesday-Sunday at 8:00 pm

Age limit: 21+

Discount Tickets

Don’t be a goodie-goodie in Vegas! Spend an evening at the Miss Behave Gameshow and you will have a blast. It is one of the most famous Las Vegas comedy shows that tours the globe and cannot be missed. This is a super steamy and raunchy show where you will be on your mobile phone – a lot! Just what most people are doing all day, but with a difference. The show is interactive and you will be playing all types of crazy phone games like Dial My Number, The Laid Lottery, See What happens and even has a bit of Porn thrown in – strictly adults over 21 years of age only. When you get off your phone to take a breath, you can enjoy the variety acts and have a bite to eat and strong drink to keep you going. This is a fabulous way to get introduced to the good times in Las Vegas, book your seats now!

Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs


Venue: Senor Frogs, Treasure Island

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm

Age restrictions: 21+

Discount Tickets

When you are looking for an exciting place to have brunch on the weekend, then you should go to Senor Frogs and enjoy the Drag Brunch. Located within Treasure Island, Senor Frogs has always been a place to kick up your heels and let your hair down. Once inside and seated you will enjoy a top notch performance by the famed drag Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race while you dine on international brunch-style cuisine that ranges from Belgium waffles to eggs benedict to cooked-to-order omelets. The drag queens will fascinate you with their beauty and talent as they lip sync to many of your favorite songs. Throw in a little audience participation and your weekend brunch turns into one of the more fascinating Las Vegas comedy shows. In addition to enjoying outstanding food and performance you will be pleased to know that your favorite brunch libation is bottomless. You won’t be disappointed by the Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs which is hilarious as well as professionally choreographed and serving all the best brunch cuisine you desire.

Zombie Burlesque


Venue: V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Schedule: Monday through Saturday at 8:30 pm.

Age restrictions: none

Discount Tickets

Review: The Zombie Burlesque is an entertaining mixture of Las Vegas comedy show, sexy burlesque and great audience participation. Located at the V Theater within the Planet Hollywood complex the Zombie Burlesque performance changes quickly from quirky jokes by the emcee to scantily dressed burlesque dancers to zombies bringing guests up on the stage. This is not your typical zombie experience of dead and grotesquely looking individuals of the underworld walking aimlessly around the stage. This is a show that will stimulate your senses, make you laugh and make you wonder how life really is in zombie world. This 75-minute show is open to all ages but there is strong adult language and partial nudity.

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Marriage Can Be Murder

Marriage Can Be Murder show Las Vegas

Dates & Time: Every day at 8:30 pm

Venue: Showroom at The D Hotel

Age restrictions: 8+

Discount Tickets

Anyone who enjoys a good comedy and a good detective story will get a kick out of Marriage Can Be Murder - an interactive criminal comedy at the D hotel. This is the longest-running dinner show, and one of the funniest interactive Las Vegas comedy shows in 2018 with hilarious characters - especially praised it the "dumb blonde" DD. The premise of the story is that you are a guest at a dinner, and you along with other guests and a few actors implanted among the guests, are supposed to solve a murder mystery. Of course you don't know who is who. The purpose of the show is to find the murderer and the motive, based on real clues that you can hear or see during the entire experience. Remember to always keep your ears and eyes open - you never know which conversation you overhear during standing in line, the dinner and even during the breaks.

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Alibi Las Vegas The Show


Venue: Fremont Street

Schedule: Sundays

Age restrictions: none


The street is your stage (there are no casinos entered) during the Alibi Las Vegas Show tour and is an engaging excursion for all family members whether young or old.

The Alibi is an interactive Las Vegas comedy show starting at the Historic Fremont Street District and is designed to spark all of your senses. This adventure is an unbelievable improv comedy performed by comedians and actors strategically placed along the tour route; you will have no idea who is the real actor/comedian or just the innocent bystander caught up in the laughter.

As you are walking on this one mile improv excursion you will also participate in a scavenger hunt that further defines the theme of your improv. Half-way through your tour you will stop for a delightful lunch at an award winning restaurant as well as short rest stops at two bars (includes one beverage at each location) during this 2.5 hour excursion.

Rich Little


Venue: Laugh Factory, Tropicana Las Vegas

Schedule: 7: pm on select days

Age restrictions: None

Discount Tickets

Just when you thought all of the great old-timers were gone from Las Vegas one of the greatest impersonators in the world returns with all of his glory. Voice-filled comedian Rich Little fills the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana with well-timed jokes and impersonations of John Wayne, Kermit the Frog, members of the Rat Pack as well as a plethora of other outstanding entertainers that will simply bring you to your knees in laughter.

Rich Little’s Las Vegas comedy show is open to all ages and is perfect for reminiscing the old days when life centered around famous comedy television shows like Hollywood Squares, Laugh In and the legendary Tonight Show in which Rich Little himself hosted some 12 times in his career. When you are looking for something nostalgic to hang your hat on while you are in Las Vegas then this 60-minute walk down memory lane is a must see.

Defending the Caveman


Venue: Showroom, The D Las Vegas

Schedule: Daily at 4:00 pm, Thrusday and Friday - additional show at 8:30 pm

Age restrictions: 18+

Discount Tickets

Review: Defending the Caveman is a one-man show starring Kevin Burke that explores the relationships between couples. Against the background of stone-age decorations and using example from the prehistoric era, Kevin Burke explains why men and women are so different, why they behave the way they do and teaches us how to see hilarious in an everyday life as a couple. Some couples claim that his Las Vegas comedy shows are better than a marriage counselling - so much they learn about each other during the show!

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Gordie Brown

Venue: Night Owl Showroom, Hooters

Schedule: 7:30 pm, see schedule

Age restrictions: 16+

Discount Tickets

Gordie Brown is one of the most watched performers of all time on the Strip and he has returned to the stage once again. Performing at the Night Owl Theater within Hooters, Gordie Brown brings his eclectic Las vegas comedy show mixed with music, impersonations and dancing that is sure to brighten everyone’s evening. This 75-minute performance by Brown is enchanting with many A-list performers on the stage in one night. He can transition from Prince to John Wayne to Eminem in a heartbeat and don’t be surprised if you see him perform a Michael Jackson hit song from the past. His interaction with the audience is priceless and at times will take a que from someone who belts out an entertainers name. Brown is a consummate artist of his trade and he will surely leave you with a smile as well as a laugh to take home with you.

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Comedy Clubs

You can catch a comedy show in Las Vegas at one of these comedy clubs, featuring local and visiting budding stand up comedians.

Brad Garrett's comedy clubBrad Garrett's Comedy Club
The Laugh Factory comedy club at TropicanaThe Laugh Factory
Jokesters Comedy Club Las Vegas
Live Comedy Club
L.A. Comedy Club

Jay Leno

Jay Leno show Las Vegas

Venue: Terry Fator Theatre - Mirage

Schedule: Check Schedule

Age restrictions: 16+

Discount Tickets

Review: Jay Leno does not need introduction! Although he made a successful career as a television host, Jay Leno still enjoys performing for the audience, and what can we say, he is a "natural" stand up comedian, and the public adores him. Please keep in mind that his Las Vegas comedy shows are not exactly for kids' ears - parental discretion is advised, and children under 16 are not allowed into the theatre.

Ron White

Ron White  show Las Vegas

Venue: Terry Fator Theatre - Mirage

Age restrictions: 18+

Discount Tickets

Review: Ron White is a popular guest performer in Vegas. White has carved himself a niche in the stand up comedy genre as a hard-drinking, cigar-smoking know-it-all guy. His forte are observational humor and satire, so if you appreciate tough-guy type of humor, don't miss the show of one of the funniest Las Vegas stand up comedians on your vacation!

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