12 Best Las Vegas Escape Rooms in 2024

Try one of these best Las Vegas escape rooms in 2024 - for families and all types of travelers that enjoy a challenge or friendly game of mind tease is to. Each location is unique with superb props that support the theme of the escape room you have entered. Themes are challenging, exhilarating and full of mind boggling puzzles that you must solve to be the winner. In 2024, best escape rooms in Vegas are SAW, PanIQ, Extravagant, The Escape Game Las Vegas, Suzy's Cell, Red Riding Hood, Trapped!, Lockdown, Escape Reality, The Basement, ESCAPEability, and Lost Games. Read on for my reviews.

1. SAW Escape Room

SAW Escape Room in Las Vegas

Address: 2121 Industrial Rd

You can run but you need to be careful. The most intense escape room has just arrived in Las Vegas and the creators of the Fright Dome have left no horror unturned. Thrill creator Jason Egan has fashioned the 13 Las Vegas escape rooms after the blockbuster series of movies entitled the SAW. Egan believes that the SAW Escape Room reenacts the reality of terror from the movie series right in front of your eyes. The layout provides for teams of up to 10 people to escape the 13 different rooms in a timely fashion. Imagine trying to out think the devious minded Jigsaw Killer or one of his associates as you travel through the 13 dimly lit rooms at the Egan & Co. Meat Packing Plant. Activities include crawling through a room full of pig carcasses or escaping from the bathroom while you are being chased by the Jigsaw Killer. Experience the rush of excitement as you spend 10 minutes in each room in this fully immersive and realistic feeling escape room. Don't be surprised when you encounter intriguing puzzles to solve and there are very few comfort zones to help guide you through the 13 rooms while you try to escape from the infamous Jigsaw Killer.

2. PanIQ Escape Room

PanIQ Escape Room<

One of the newest and exciting best Las Vegas escape rooms for you to try in Las Vegas when you need a wide variety of challenges for your mind to ponder are the seven different immersive rooms at PanIQ Escape Room. Located within the Grand Canal Shoppes, you have the opportunity to go a several 45-minute quests that range from expert to novice to family-friendly. Expert level rooms include The Time Machine where you are part of mad genius plan in 1892 that has left him as an outcast and criminal before he disappears. You must solve the mystery of where he exists today. The Atlantis Rising takes you to the Lost City of Atlantis where you follow clues to find a secret inner-chamber full of treasures before the city sinks again. There are two hard level rooms to try out that include a visit to the haunted Vesper Manor to investigate paranormal happenings within and numerous other surprises. Or the Wizard Trials where you are an apprentice for the greatest wizard in the world and you need to pass his test of wizardry and find Mikla the Cat. Medium level escape rooms include Zombie Outbreak where you need to fix an old motorcycle and escape before the horde of zombies catch and eat you and the Casino Heist that takes you into the Venetian Casino where you must break open the safe and steal the goodies. The easiest room is The Morning After that offers a parody of the movie Hang Over where you wake up not knowing what you and your friends did wrong the night before and you must steal the incriminating video tape from the hotel's security office. Whichever escape room you choose is sure to bring laughter, intrigue, and fun into your life.


3. Extravagant Escape Room: The Cabin

Extravagant Escape Room: The Cabin

If you like to solve mysterious puzzles with your friends while visiting Las Vegas, then you need to take a trip to Extravagant Escape Room: The Cabin. Located along East Tropicana Avenue, The Cabin is the perfect Las Vegas escape room to challenge your wits of solving an intricate puzzle while on a camping trip with your friends. The escape room takes you on a hike while on a camping trip where you become lost while stomping through the wooded forests. After realizing you cannot make it back to your campsite you suddenly stumble across an abandoned cabin. As the sun goes down you quickly realize that you are not alone in the cabin but you cannot escape because of an impending storm. You must make good with what you have and ride out the storm while seeking out the ghostly paranormal actions that take place in the cabin at night.


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4. The Escape Game Las Vegas

The Escape Game Las Vegas Epic Adventures

One of the more innovative and immersive Las Vegas escape rooms for you to book that takes you through several different scenarios of your choice is The Escape Game Las Vegas Epic Adventures. Located at The Forum Shops within Caesars Palace, The Escape Game Las Vegas Epic Adventures has four mysteries for you and your group to solve in a 60-minute timeframe. Families will enjoy RugRats Search for the Losted Toys which has you finding all the lost toys Angelica stashed away before your grumpy Grandpa Lou wakes up and steals them again. Prison Break pits you against an evil prison guard who is intent on keeping you locked up for eternity. You need to devise an escape plan with the clues given and make your way to freedom. Gold Rush is a fascinating adventure that takes you back to the California Gold Rush where you need to solve the mystery of the lost gold while following not so easy clues that could lead to your demise. The fourth escape room The Heist features finding a missing painting that a clever thief has stolen from one of the most secure art galleries in the world. You must find the painting and put the crook in jail by piecing together numerous clues found in the room.


5. Suzy's Cell

Suzy's Cell escape room

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy day or just to get out of the heat in Las Vegas, then an ideal place to go and play an escape game puzzle is Suzy's Cell. Located along East Tropicana Avenue, Suzy's Cell is an excellent challenge for people who like to use the wit and intuition to solve a spectacular game. The game is based on Suzy Creamcheese who was a fashion designer in the 1970s for a host of celebrities and the Las Vegas mob big wigs. During the game Suzy gets busted by the police with a significant amount of cocaine while at a party and she is sent to one of the worst female prisons in the country. Somehow Suzy was able to smuggle more cocaine into her jail cell and after a long night of partying in her cell she forgot where she stashed her stuff from the guards. Your mission Suzy's Cell Las Vegas escape room is to follow the trail of partying clues to help solve the mystery and find her stash of goodies.  


6. Red Riding Hood Escape Game in Las Vegas

Red Riding Hood Escape Game in Las Vegas

A great family-friendly best Las Vegas escape room for your team to test their detective skills is for you to take a trip to the Number One Escape Room, Located along East Tropicana Avenue. The Red Riding Hood escape game brings the fairy tale into play. When you show up to Grandmother's house your investigating skills will be tested when you find a series of dead bodies within her house. As you follow the provided clues you must solve the puzzle where Little Red Riding Hood is located and if she had a hand in the murdered people at Grandma's house. The result of the challenge may surprise you and even take you looking for the Big Bad Wolf who is a prime suspect too.    


7. Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas Operation: X-13

Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas Operation

If you are searching for a great Las Vegas escape room that includes a super immersive format that leaves you thinking about every move you make, then you need to book the Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas Operation: X-13. Located along Polaris Avenue, Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas Operation:X-13 has you pitted against a Cybortek corporation that is developing a secret genetic formula called Operation: X-13. The formula is life threatening to all humans by turning people into mercenary groups which become the perfect killing machines against mankind. Once you enter the factory, you must use your clever detective skills to find the formula from the CEO's office while avoiding alarms, C-4 explosives, and numerous flesh cutting laser beams.


8. Lockdown – Flamingo

Lockdown escape room – Flamingo in Las Vegas

Address: 4437 W Flamingo Rd

Lockdown-Flamingo has three exciting Las Vegas escape rooms to challenge your wits and staying power. The tantalizing rooms include the Greek Underworld room where you must escape form the Hades, the God of the Underworld. You will need to travel through the land of the dead but if you are lucky you can escape on the River Styx. You will find some secret documents that you must decipher to bring the Mayan God of Water back to life. The Western room focuses on stole totems from the Kumeyaay tribe that need to be retrieved but the thief has been put in jail. When you arrive to recover the totems you are accused of collusion and put in jail with the thief. You must escape with the totems while the sheriff is at lunch.

9. Escape Reality

Escape Reality in Las Vegas

Address: 5182 Arville St

When you enter Escape Reality you will be challenged by seven masterfully crafted escape room experiences that will keep your mind moving at all times. The room themes include Iron Kingdom room which plays out a conflict in the Seven Kingdoms where you will battle against seven noble families to become king. Inside the Enigmista room you will be challenged by a serial killer who will put you through numerous tests and you must find the strength to be the lone survivor. The District Zero Las Vegas escape room is a game show of life and death that has you fighting for your life against your fellow opponents. In the Jungala room you will find a board game which transports you through a vortex to another realm. Here you will fight against strange creatures to get back to the safety of the attic. Imagine trying to escape from the Alcatraz room. This will be your chance to try to escape from this high security prison while numerous inmates help you with diversions. The Machina room is based on robots that have been created by devious scientists. You will be challenged by the robots human like features while you try to survive. Inside the Down the Rabbit Hole room your head will spin as you try to escape a party that has gone wrong.

10. The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience in Las Vegas

Address: 3440 Polaris Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

You will be scratching your head for clues while you are escaping the Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience. Once inside the Basement Las Vegas escape room you will find yourself kidnapped by the cannibalistic Edward Tandy. Tandy will torture your senses with devious electronic devices while you watch his taxidermy skills firsthand. If you have escaped from the Basement you will find yourself in the Study room of Tandy's family home. Here the serial killer will try to tenderize your mind and prepare you for his dinner if you cannot escape.

11. ESCAPEability

ESCAPEability in Las Vegas

Address: 3100 S Durango Dr

ESCAPEability offers four stunning Las Vegas escape rooms to thrill your senses. These expertly crafted rooms include the Pompeii room where you will fight against gladiators while you try to escape Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius explodes. In the Escape from Mars room you will search for lost astronauts on planet Mars. Once on Mars you will discover life forms and be confronted by Martians while you try to escape. The Casino Takeover room has you acting like a true 1940s mobster. In this room you will go head to head with Bugsy Siegel to see who will control the casino. While inside the Unknown room you will investigate the vanishing of four teenagers in the woods. Once in the woods you will be captured by an unknown creature and you must escape from the creature's devilish lair.

12. Lost Games Escape Rooms

Lost Games Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

Address: 3075 S Valley View Blvd

The Lost Games Las Vegas Escape Rooms feature the Solitude Heights Insane Asylum which is a 1931 institution created by Dr. Robert Kieling to help the criminally insane. Once inside Solitude Heights Insane Asylum you will find out that you have been poisoned and need to find the antidote. Finding the antidote won't be easy in 60 minutes but you must or you will become a victim of Dr. Keiling. This is the first chapter of this thrilling escape room. The Lost Game Escape Rooms are in the planning stage of three additional rooms which build upon your experience in chapter one. In the future plan on chapters that include Playtime, the Discarded and Solitary.

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