Naughty Things To Do In Las Vegas For Couples 2024

There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas for couples - many fun and naughty shows, attractions, clubs. Whether you are a husband and wife looking to spice up your love life in Vegas, or boyfriend/girlfriend, you will find plenty of naughty, adult activities in Vegas!

Best Shows For Couples

You may be wondering which are the naughtiest shows in Las Vegas for couples. Provided you are going to have fun together and not separately, I would swear by these shows as the most fun shows that almost any couple would enjoy. (If you are going to have fun separately - check out Male Revue and Topless Shows).

These are the naughtiest adult shows in Las Vegas that cater to both men and women. Of these, my personal favorite is Absinthe - but you also need to be able to appreciate adult crude humor to enjoy it.

For a naughty Las Vegas vacation, you can't go wrong with either one of these hypnosis shows. The premise is more or less the same for all of them - a hypnotist and volunteers from the audience. Hypnotist hypnotizes volunteers and makes them do hilarious stuff, usually of adult nature. Remember - you must be really, really into dirty jokes and have no inhibitions to enjoy these shows!

And finally, here are my favorite shows in Las Vegas that are not really naughty, but very, very funny or just that good. Carrot Top is a hilarious red headed comedian, Penn & Teller are the best magicians.


Best Hotels For Couples

Every vacation starts from finding the most suitable hotel - and we are no exception. Therefore, I found the best Las Vegas hotels where couples would have the most fun. My top choice are Planet Hollywood and The Mirage - both very adult hotels, frequented by party-loving public, where you surely will see some skin even if you are not looking for it. They offer plenty of entertainment, bars, night clubs. Planet Hollywood, for example, hosts the largest number of shows in Vegas. The wife/girlfriend could even take a Stripper 101 class to learn new tricks to entertain the husband/boyfriend!

Rio, Palms and Hard Rock hotel also cater to revelers with their 24/7 party atmosphere. Palms and Hard Rock Hotel host some of the hottest concerts in Vegas and the most incredible pool parties. Rio is home to a free show catering to adults -Show In The Sky with dancers dancing in gondolas hanging from the ceiling.

Best Strip Clubs For Couples

People are wondering which are the best strip clubs in Las Vegas for couples. The thing about Vegas strip clubs is that some of them are really "gentlemen's" clubs - ladies are not allowed in, and they only feature female strippers. It's always best to check their website or call in advance. You can find all the websites and more tips on what to do and what not to do in Las Vegas Strip Clubs.

These strip clubs are a perfect choice for a naughty Las Vegas vacation - they either have a special "ladies night", or have both female and male strippers on the same night so you both can enjoy your night out.

Best Night Clubs For Couples


XS Las Vegas

Here are all the best, naughtiest Las Vegas night clubs for couples, where fun never stops!

Best Pools

And I know you want to ask this question - what are the best, naughtiest pools in Las Vegas for couples? Well there are 2 types of naughty adult pools here - pools with the hottest parties, and pools with European (topless) area. To make things more fun for your naughty Las Vegas getaway, I separated the pools into 2 categories.

Here are the best European pools in Vegas. Please keep in mind that you do need to arrive to the pools in a nice presentable attire, and sober preferably. Otherwise they might not let you in!

Best Las Vegas Pool Parties

Best Spas For Couples

Finally, after partying and playing, you may be interested in a relaxing massage, spa treatment or just soaking in a Jacuzzi. While you can't really find "naughty spa" in Las Vegas, the next closes thing is a spa that caters to couples or allows co-ed spa experience. On top are these magical spas!

Love Cloud Las Vegas

Love Cloud Las Vegas

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When you are ready to take your Mile High fantasies from a dream state to reality, then you need to take a flight on the Love Cloud. You can be assured that this is the flight that will make all your dreams come true when you ascend to 5,280-feet and start playing with your partner. Once at the Boulder City airfield you will board a customized Cessna 421 that has been transformed into the perfect shagging plane. Inside you will enjoy a perfect naughty thing to do in Las Vegas for couples with an interior that features a couch, a full mattress and plenty of pillows to keep you comfortable. When you take-off into the skies above Sin City your pilot will let you know you have reached that magical number of feet in the air. Now the fun really heats up with your partner as you experience the joy of becoming a member of the Mile High Club. Daytime flights take you over the Las Vegas strip, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Night time is fabulous with a non-stop flight over Sin City where you can view all the glorious neon below. There are a couple of upgrades you can make to ensure a superb moment in the sky that includes a dozen roses, limousine service, chocolates and a bottle of champagne. Love Cloud flights range from 30 to 90-minutes and are packed with pure pleasure.

Hope you and your girlfriend/boyfriend will have a fabulous, naughty vacation with all these things to do in Las Vegas for couples that you will remember for ever!

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