The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Which are the best restaurants in Las Vegas? Thank you for asking! This guide features excellent buffets, steakhouses, sushi bars, seafood, vegetarian or gluten-free places, as well as other best places to eat in Las Vegas by most world cuisines: French, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. In fact, there are so many of them it's easy to get lost in all the great choices. But fear not! I have created this list so you can easily locate that perfect restaurant!

World Cuisines


And here are the best restaurants in Las Vegas categorized by the most popular world cuisines. It's hard to imagine a cuisine that did not find its place in Vegas! If you are looking for fine dining, your best bet would be Italian or French restaurants. For a cheap option, go for Thai, Korean, Mexican or Indian.

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas by Specialty


Best Restaurants in Las Vegas by Specialty: Whether you enjoy a juicy steak, fish and seafood, sushi or are a vegetarian, there are plenty of options! u may be looking for restaurants specializing in specific dishes. Therefore, I created a few lists categorized by the most popular dish types - best best places to eat in Las Vegas specializing in sushi, steaks, seafood, vegan and vegetarian food, or those serving both steaks and seafood. And, of course, there are world-famous Las Vegas buffets that offer pretty much any dish you can imagine!

Most Popular Restaurants in Las Vegas


Below you will find a list of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, hands down! All of them are different, with different atmosphere, dishes or decor. Some are quiet, others fun. But they have one thing in common: all of them are highly rated by most visitors as the best places to eat in Las Vegas. They must be doing something right!

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas On The Strip


Best Places To Eat On Las Vegas Strip:The Strip boasts some of the best restaurants not just in Las Vegas, but in the entire world! Famous chefs have opened their own restaurants in the best hotels on the Strip. You can find here chic and excuisite Twist by chef Pierre Gagnaire, L'Atelier by chef Joel Robuchon, Bouchon by Chef Thomas Keller, New Orleans Fish House by chef Emeril Lagasse. However, not all restaurants in Las Vegas' hotels are expensive - you can find pretty cheap options, as well as inexpensive buffets, which are also among the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

Best Downtown Las Vegas Restaurants


And you may be wondering which are the best restaurants in downtown Las Vegas. There are really so many of them, but these restaurants below are some of the best places to eat in downtown Las Vegas.

Best Off Strip Restaurants


Best Off Strip Las Vegas Restaurants: While the Strip is the most popular "touristy" area in Vegas, there are many incredibly good restaurants located around the city - the locals' best kept secrets:-) If you would like to have a glimpse into this other side of Vegas and hang out with the locals, check out some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas located off the Strip!

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas For Romantic Evening


Best Restaurants in Las Vegas For Romantic Evening: Are you looking for that perfect restaurant to share your evening with that special someone? Maybe you are in Las Vegas for a wedding, honeymoon or want the best places to eat in Las Vegas before you pop the question? Here are the most romantic restaurants that made many a couple even happier than they were! All of them serve excellent food, but that's not just the food that makes them so romantic: it's the perfect quiet atmosphere, and, importantly, incredible views!

Best Restaurants For Families With Kids


Best Restaurants in Las Vegas For Kids: Are you traveling to Las Vegas with kids? Not all restaurants here are kids-friendly, for many reasons. But there are quite a few of them that actually love kids and cater to families.

Best Restaurants For Special Occasions


Best Restaurants in Las Vegas For Special Occasions: If you want to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just want to have a great meal with your friends, customers or partners, one of these restaurants below is a safe bet. All of these restaurants offer something special - great food, beautiful decor, excellent service, and interesting ambiance.

Best Restaurants For Business


Best Restaurants in Las Vegas For Business Meeting: If you are meeting your business partners or clients, these restaurants are considered by many visitors perfect for business dining. For some reason, most of them are steakhouses. I guess traditionally good steaks have "business" written all over them :-)

Best Restaurants For Fun Night Out


Most Fun Best Restaurants in Las Vegas: You don't enjoy fine dining establishments with a formal dress code and would like just to relax with your friends and have a happy fun night out in Vegas? I hear you! Therefore I found these restaurants with the most fun atmosphere. Tao and Lavo are officially fun because they are part of the most famous night clubs in the city. Other suggested best best places to eat in Las Vegas are fun in their own ways - they offer either nightly concerts, DJ's or mariachi bands, or just have a fun vibe.

Las Vegas Restaurants With Great Ambiance


Las Vegas Restaurants With Best Ambiance: Are you looking for a restaurant with a great ambiance? Check out these places below - their owners went out of their way to ensure that you don't want to leave their restaurant. And not because you ate too much or lost your car keys, but because these best restaurants in Las Vegas have such beautiful decor and great atmosphere, that they are just nice to be in until they ask you (politely) to leave because they are closing...

Restaurants With Best View


Las Vegas Restaurants With the Best View: If you go to one of these best places to eat in Las Vegas, always ask for a table near the window! All of these places below are highly regarded not just for delicious food, but also for the most amazing views from their windows, patios or balconies. Note that while most of theme offer great views of the Strip or the Bellagio Fountains, Panevino offers a great view of...the airport! Don't laugh or disregard it - many people insist that the view of airplanes taking off and landing is incredible. Lakeside Grill - one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, offers a great view of the artificial Lake of Dreams at Wynn Resort that is impossible to forget.

Best Restaurants With Quiet Atmosphere


Most Quiet Las Vegas Restaurants: If you want to hide from the madness of Las Vegas and just relax for a couple of hours in a quiet atmosphere, you can't go wrong with these restaurants below. I cannot guarantee peace and nirvana here 24/7 (after all, you are in the most fun city in the world!), but reportedly, these restaurants are generally more quiet than most other places in Vegas!

Best Restaurants with "Old Vegas" Vibe


Vintage/Old Vegas Restaurants: You have perhaps heard of the "Old Vegas" vibe? It's something intengible that many visitors say that reminds them of what Las Vegas was like during the times of Elvis Presley and the Rat Pack. Something that is impossible to describe, something "old school" that the Sin City loses in favor of the new modern restaurants, hotels and entertainment. If you feel nostalgic, or would like to experience what it was like in the old days - visit one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas with an "Old Vegas" vibe to them!

Best Restaurants For Breakfast


Best Las Vegas Restaurants For Breakfast: While all the above mentioned best places to eat in Las Vegas serve dinner, most serve lunch, for some reason many don't offer any breakfast! (Can it be that most people don't eat breakfast when in Vegas?). Anyway, here are a few best restaurants in Las Vegas that actually do offer breakfast to those few who wake up too early for lunch and feel hungry!

Best Restaurants For Brunch


Best Restaurants in Las Vegas Serving Brunch: So you skipped breakfast, and it's too long to wait for lunch? Luckily, there are a few great dining establishments that serve brunch! Keep in mind that while in buffets you can find brunch every day, some of the finer establishments serve brunch traditionally only during weekends!

Best Restaurants Open Late At Night


Best Restaurants in Las Vegas Open Late At Night: Don't you just love it when you feel like really, really late dinner and hanging out with friends all night, and the restaurant asks you to leave because it closes at 10:00 pm? I know how you feel! Therefore, I found these best places to eat in Las Vegas at night that you can always count on being open at least until 1:00 am! Some of them go as far as work 24/7, or until 5:00 am. Sometimes they do take a day off - so always call or check the schedule on the website before you head over!

Best All You Can Eat Las Vegas Restaurants


Best All You Can Eat Las Vegas Restaurants: If you are really really hungry and feel you could eat an entire horse, you better go to one of these "all you can eat" best restaurants in Las Vegas! And you are not limited to buffets - most Indian restaurants serve buffet-style lunch (but dinner is a la carte). There are a few sushi bars offering "all you can eat" sushi, and Fogo de Chao along with Texas de Brazil keep meat coming to your table until you beg them to stop!

Cheapest Restaurants in Las Vegas


Cheapest Las Vegas Restaurants: There are many restaurants in the Sin City where food doesn't cost arm and leg, but is just as delicious! Interestingly, a few world cuisines- most Korean, Thai, Mexican and Indian restaurants are quite affordable. (Unlike French and Italian, which are the most expensive restaurants you can find). Other than the cuisines mentioned above, I found a few other places serving sushi, seafood and even steaks that are quite cheap. They may be not as cheap as in your own city, but hey, this is Vegas, baby, and these are the best restaurants in Las Vegas where food is cheaper than in most others!

Gluten Free Restaurants


Gluten Free Restaurants in Las Vegas It can be hard to find gluten-free restaurants while you travel. However, some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas recognize that there are many people with food allergies out there, with gluten intolerance being the most common. While I wasn't able to locate restaurants that are completely gluten-free, I found a few that clearly state this option on the menu.