Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas 2023

Need new Las Vegas bachelor party ideas in 2023 ? We have plenty! Choose among these fun packages or activities for guys only to create your own package! If you want to have a "wild" party, but don't like planning - let organizers handle your party! All you need is send an inquiry, tell them briefly what you need, and professional guides will come up with a plan for a perfect guys getaway!

Best Topless Shows for Las Vegas Bachelor Party

There are many ways to create a Las Vegas bachelor party package, but I can't imagine one without at least one topless show! And by "show" I mean an actual show - we'll get to strip clubs too. We'd like to draw your attention to 3 sexiest and hottest adult topless shows in Las Vegas, ideal for a guys' night out in Vegas. One thing to remember - enjoy these shows for what they are - light, sexy, a bit silly and fun.

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Las Vegas bachelor party idea - Other Adult Shows

Adult shows in Vegas are not limited to just sexy girls dancing, there's so much more to them! Absinthe, one of the most popular Vegas shows for adults has it all for ears older than 18 + - raunchy jokes, sexy acrobats, sexy people and everything else to make you happy your parents are not watching this with you. ] You'd be happy you brought the groom-to-be here for a Las Vegas bachelor party. However, if the bachelor really thinks that zombies are sexy, then the best show to take him is the Zombie Burlesque show.

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Las Vegas bachelor party idea - Gun Ranges / Shooting Experience

Shooting Las Vegas

When you are looking for the perfect Las Vegas bachelor party activity, try an excellent day or night adventure on a shooting range at one of Las Vegas’s many exciting gun venues. There are a wide variety of packages which can enhance your bachelor party into the perfect once-in-a-lifetime experience. People can choose from an exciting day of shooting in Arizona or Nevada at a standard shooting range with multiple lanes or a Desert Storm type facility with military assault weapons like a M60 and Glock 17 or by thrilling your guests with a flyover the Grand Canyon in a helicopter with a stop-off at Bullets and Burgers for an interesting day of desert shooting. Other choices include shooting mob-style weaponry, zombie hunting and battlefield scenarios from World War I to present day. After shooting with some very impressive weapons your guest will remember this event forever.

ATV Tours

ATV tours Las Vegas

If you are looking for an exciting and unique Las Vegas Bachelor party, an ATV adventure is a perfect choice. Your guests will have an adrenaline filled experience with many options of scenery that range from the rock spires in Eldorado Canyon to the challenging trails of the Mojave Desert to the picturesque Valley of Fire State Park. You can even tour parts of the Grand Canyon rim areas and the trails around Lake Mead on your very own ATV. Don’t worry about how much experience your guests might have riding an ATV because there are trips available for beginners to experts and everything skill level in between. Each exciting ATV tour uses state-of-the-art machines that glide over whatever obstacles are in your path, whether it be desert dunes or a relaxing ride through the majestic countryside.

Las Vegas bachelor party idea - Drive Exotic Cars

Las Vegas race car rentals

When you are searching for Las Vegas Bachelor party ideas, you should try driving an exciting exotic race car. Your guests will be thrilled when they get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo and race around the famed oval track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If you are looking for road racing then you can take your group on a stunning trip around Lake Mead or Red Rock Canyon. Your guests can drive a spectacular Audi R8 V10 one-way and complete your round trip behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage S. No matter whether you choose a race around the track or a trip through the beautiful desert landscape, you are sure to impress your guests with the idea and the variety of exotic cars.

Las Vegas bachelor party idea - Dune Buggy


An excellent choice for a Las Vegas Bachelor party idea is a fascinating dune buggy trip through the Mojave Desert or the Nellis Sand Dunes. Your guests will be excited to get behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art Baja dune buggy racer and travel through a challenging course which includes rolling through many of the most scenic areas surrounding Las Vegas. Tour areas include the fabulous Valley of Fire State Park, Hidden Valley Monument and the Primm Valley of the Mojave Desert. Your guests will have complete control of the dune buggy while they maneuver through some of the most challenging landscape in the Southwest. After returning safely from their journey your guests will thank you for this adventure that will put an exclamation point on your party.

Dig This


This is an exciting Las Vegas Bachelor party idea that will bring the little kid out in everyone. Just like playing with their toy trucks as young children, your guests will take charge of a bulldozer or hydraulic excavator and play in an enormous five acre playground of dirt. With the help of an experienced driver via radio, your patrons will quickly learn to shift and use the bucket of the equipment for excavation. In no time your guests will be thrilled by moving dirt, stacking tires, rolling boulders and playing excavator basketball. The variety of motions and the agility of the state-of-the-art construction equipment will amaze everyone. The experience of learning a new trade while fulfilling a childhood construction dream will make your party one that lasts in your guest’s memory for a lifetime.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving Las Vegas

If you are searching for a unique Las Vegas Bachelor party idea then try an adrenaline filled indoor skydiving adventure. This is one of the first indoor skydiving venues in the USA and your guests will be thrilled by the weightless feeling that is created within the unique wind tunnel. Everyone in your group will be able to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go skydiving without being scared of jumping out of an airplane or have weather interrupt your excursion. With the help of a trained instructor, your guests will freefall without a parachute and learn classic skydiving communication techniques. Your guests will enjoy an incredible three minutes of weightlessness while they experience G force from a freefall in a safe environment while enjoying one of the few places in the USA that offers an indoor skydiving experience.

Top Gun and Air Combat Experience

Las Vegas Airplane tours

If you are looking for unique things to do for a Las Vegas Bachelor party then the Top Gun and Air Combat experience should be on the top of the list. Guests will find a new adrenaline rush while they fly over the Nevada desert in a genuine fighter jet while learning how the famous pilots of combat utilized tactical maneuvers while trying to shot down an opponent. There are several flight plans that range from a 10-minute flight over the desert landscape to an extended lesson on low level flying and aerial acrobatics to an ultimate 50-minute dogfight against your best friend or companion. Patrons will feel the G’s while maneuvering an Extra 330LC through the skies completing stalls, spins and rolls. These planes are even equipped with electronic sensor targets which emit smoke after a registered hit, making this a must do event for your bachelor party.

Senor Frog’s

Senor Frog’s is one of the highest energy restaurants anywhere in world. Located in front of Treasure Island, this fun restaurant specializes in spring break type of fun with lots of shots, big tropical libations and a variety of food from burgers to burritos. Servers are consistently handing out shots of tequila and the DJ likes to blast music. This two-story restaurant has plenty of space for dancing, karaoke and live music, which is a a fun Las Vegas bachelor party idea. There is a balcony with a great view of the Strip and patio seating for people watching. If you are a person that likes non-stop spring break action, then you need to visit this place.

Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack Grill will put a smile on the faces on everyone in your Las Vegas bachelor party and it’s not often you can visit a grill which serves the highest calorie hamburger in the Guinness Book of World Records. Situated in Downton on Fremont Street, this fun Las Vegas restaurant has a fun spanking-type atmosphere which spoofs doctors and nurses. The fun starts with servers dressed in uniforms of nurses and doctors, who are more than happy to give you advice on how to ruin your arteries. The menu is classic with such items as the half-pound Coronary Dog and of course the Bypass Burger. Guests can wash their meal down with a milkshake which has the world’s highest butterfat content or an abusive alcoholic beverage. This place is perfect to have fun with your doctor and indulge in a great burger.

Dicks Last Resort Las Vegas

Dick’s Last Resort in Las Vegas is a great choice for travelers looking for extreme fun while dining on a Las Vegas bachelor party. This restaurant is known for its surly servers who have no problem making guests feel uncomfortable with their witty comments and actions. The food is better than your typical chain bar and the drinks have fun written all over them. Besides great food guests can enjoy their favorite team on the big screen and listen to live music that can get raucous. If you’re a person who loves a little sarcasm, then you definitely need to visit this fun Las Vegas restaurant.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Cabo Wabo Cantina was designed for one thing and that is to party. Created by the rock star Sammy Hagar, this fun restaurant is located within the Miracle Mile Shops and is perfect place to have a Las Vegas bachelor party. The interior reeks of fun and entertainment with two floors and an outside patio with a view of the Strip. Downstairs patrons indulge in shots of tequila and innovative Tex-Mex food, while upstairs in the Loft you can watch for your favorite game while partying. The patio is ideal for live music on the weekends. If you like partying like a rock star, great tasting tequila and a laidback atmosphere then this cantina is ideal for you.

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