Best Valley of Fire Tours From Las Vegas In 2022

These Valley of Fire tours from Las Vegas take you to one of the most fascinating places on the planet! The landscape of the valley is something you will be talking to your friends about for a long time. You will be amazed by the colors of the sandstone formations and by how the valley reminds of a museum of statues under the open sky!These rock formations, shaped by wind and rain, remind of animals, bizarre castles and bridges. Not to mention the ancient petroglyphs left by Indian people who used to inhabit this region. What's even better: some of these activities are not just sightseeing tours: you can hike, ride an ATV or a Mini Buggy at Valley of Fire!

Valley of Fire Tours By Pink Jeeps


Valley of Fire tours from Las Vegas by Pink Jeeps are fun and very comfortable. Their luxury vehicles, that are actually closer to SUV than to Jeeps, are fully equipped with everything you may need from huge windows to reclining seats, air conditioner and snacks. So you can just relax and enjoy your ride until you get to Valley of Fire.

There, the Pink Jeep's highly knowledgeable tour guides will show you the very best parts of the valley, including the famous ancient petroglyphs, the Elephant Rock, and the Fire Canyon.

Valley of Fire-Love Hikes


You will need to decide what type of hike you wish to have while at Valley of Fire. There are three choices of guided Valley of Fire tours from Las Vegas that range from novice to expert. There are also three time slots per day sunrise, afternoon and sunset with the flexibility for an adventure of four to seven hours.

You will be shuttled from your hotel until you reach the visitor’s center at Valley of Fire. From the visitor center you will hike through amazing natural rock carvings as well as petroglyphs that are 3,000 years old. Your guided hike will include valuable history and landscape commentary as you let your mind absorb the majestic scenery.

On the way home you are shuttled back to your hotel. There are some age restrictions. Please wear the appropriate clothing and hiking or athletic shoes. Snacks and beverages are included.

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Valley of Fire ATV, UTV, Or Dune Buggy


There are several options to choose from in this Valley Of Fire tour - you can select ATV, UTV, or a Dune Buggy. Unlike ATV tours, riding a mini buggy is suitable for children over 3 years old! A buggy is a small off-road vehicle designed specifically for the rugged trails of Valley of Fire. With these adrenaline-filled Valley of Fire tours from Las Vegas by Mini Baja buggy You will ride through the terrain where many episodes of Star Trek were shot!

It's really easy to operate a mini buggy - inside it's just like a regular car - with brakes, and pedals and all, and even 16 year olds can ride it safely. The buggies come as double-seater, four-seater and six seater so you can share the fun with your whole party!

Valley of Fire Tours With Lost City Museum


During these informative Valley of Fire tours from Las Vegas you will not only be able to see and take pictures of the most gorgeous landscapes, but you will also visit the Lost City Museum that boasts the largest collection of artifacts left by the Pueblo Indians. The museum has been collecting relics since 1935. The highlight of the museum is the reconstructed Anasazi buildings (on the picture) that everyone if free to explore.

Valley Of Fire and Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


This is a very interesting helicopter tour that includes both the Grand Canyon West Rim and Valley of Fire, as well as a scenic flight over Las Vegas Strip on the way back. So if you don't want to walk around Valley of Fire, and want to take a helicopter flight, this tour might be for you!

These Valley of Fire tours from Las Vegas include a free picnic with champagne at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, right next to the Colorado River that created this wonder. On the way back, your helicopter will fly slowly over Valley of Fire and the Strip while you are taking in the views!

Valley of Fire, Lake Mead & Wildlife Photo Tour

If you like to post stunning photos on your social media account of all the great places you have traveled then an ideal Las Vegas tour for you to book is the & Hoover Dam Photo Tour from Las Vegas. Your 8-hour photo Valley of Fire tour starts with complimentary pick-up service for your hotel where you will be driven to the Valley of Fire State Park. While at the park you can snap photos of the incredible natural scenery that is packed with interesting rock formations. Then travel to Lake Mead National Recreation Area where you will see the largest manmade lake in the Western Hemisphere. You will have photo ops at several places including Mount Cleopatra and Rainbow Gardens. The last stop is at Hoover Dam where you can gaze at one of the world’s greatest engineering feats while viewing the Colorado River. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service at your hotel.

Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon One Day Tour from Las Vegas

There is more to Sin City than the Strip and when you feel like experiencing the stunning natural landscape that surrounds Las Vegas. Тhe Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon Day Tour from Las Vegas is perfect for you to book. Your 8-hour Las Vegas activity begins with hotel pick-up service where you are transported to the Valley of Fire State Park. Once inside the state park you experience incredible landscape created some 150 million years ago of Aztec Sandstone that appears to be on fire with the brilliant red colors. After you view a few ancient petroglyphs at the state park you will be transported to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Here you ride along the 17-mile road within the conservation area viewing stunning rock formations that seem to change color as the day passes by. You stop at a couple of overlooks so you can take incredible photographs of the rock formations, wildlife, and surrounding desert landscape. Your Las Vegas activity concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel.

Valley of Fire ATV dventure Tour

One of the best ways to view the surrounding natural landscape in Sin City is for you to go on the Las Vegas ATV Valley of the Fire Adventure Tour. Your 8-hour ATV tour in Las Vegas begins with hotel pick-up where you are taken to SunBuggy near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Here you are outfitted with your safety equipment and given a quick lesson on how to maneuver your ATV. Now you are transported to the Valley of Fire State Park in a comfortable coach. Once at the Valley of Fire State Park you are given your ATV and you head out on the Logandale Trail. During your four-hour ride, you will navigate over ancient sand dunes, dry creek beds, and through interesting Aztec Sandstone rock formations. You make a couple of stops along the way to view ancient petroglyphs that explain the wildlife, watering holes, and ancient ways of the Indians. You stop for lunch where you eat and stretch your legs before heading back on the trail on your ATV. Your excellent adventure concludes back at the trailhead where you are transported back to your hotel.

Valley of Fire Family Friends Adventure Hiking Tour

If you are looking for a VIP and personalized hiking experience in a stunning landscape, then you need to try the Valley of Fire Family Friends Adventure Hiking Tour from Las Vegas. Your 5-hour outdoor adventure begins with hotel pick-up service where you are transported to the Valley of Fire State Park. The first stop is at the Valley of Fire Visitor Center where you learn more about the unique Aztec Sandstone formations and wildlife of the state park. Then you are outfitted with a day pack filled with water and snacks. Your first hike is at the 1.1-mile loop trail called White Domes Trail. The trail is peppered with interesting rock formations that are brilliant in color and the trail offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the state park. Now you travel to Mouse’s Tank where you view ancient petroglyphs that are more than 3,000 years old on a quick ¼-mile hike. Your next stop is at Atlatl Rock which is packed with more petroglyphs that have served as a map for thousands of years to explorers and ancient Indian tribes of the area. The last stop on your journey is at Seven Sisters which are seven columns of eroded sandstone perfectly lined up in a row. Here you will indulge in lunch while gazing at the amazing formations. Your hiking adventure concludes with transportation back to your hotel.

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