Las Vegas Halloween Events 2017

During Las Vegas Halloween the city will turn into a large haunted graveyard, catch zombie virus and bat infestation; hotels will crackle in fire and ooze blood, all the vampires that sleep during the year will come out to lurk in the dark and asylums will open their doors to new patients....

Just kidding! Vegas is never more alive than during the scariest period of the year! There are plenty of things to do, haunted houses, haunted tours, events and parties that take place every Halloween weekend in Las Vegas, and October 2017 is no exception. All night clubs and all hotels will be celebrating. As the city is getting ready for Halloween, I will be adding more attractions, parties, events and things to do during the Halloween weekend in Vegas. The city starts celebrating Halloween in the end of September - you don't need to wait for October 31 to get scared!

Be very afraid...

Halloween in  Vegas

Photo by Tim Shields

Fright Dome at Circus Circus

Halloween at Fright Dome Las Vegas

Location: Circus Circus Hotel

frightdome tickets

2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Dates: Approximately October 2 -October 31

Fright Dome is one of the premier Las Vegas Halloween attractions that combines a variety of haunted houses, scare zones and frightening amusement rides. Fright Dome at Circus Circus has been transforming the big tents since 2003 with award winning Halloween attractions. Fright Dome is spectacularly scary in 2017 with six new haunted houses such as Zombie City, Chainsaw Massacre, Lights Out, Hex, Happy Hell-idays, Killer Clowns in 4 D. Fright Dome will have you screaming as you enter one of the four scare zones that include Infectious Point and Marionette Madness. No matter where you in the 250,000 square feet converted Adventuredome area, you are sure to be surprised at the ghoulish behavior as well as the surreal appearance of the witches, zombies, clowns and other frightening actors. Fright Dome also features live shows, fog-filled attractions and numerous scary amusement park rides like the Canyon Blaster. Fright Dome at Circus Circus is performing on selected nights in October between 7:00 P.M. until Midnight. Children must be 12 years of age older to participate.

Widespread Panic

Dates: October 27, 28,29

Location: Park Theater at Monte Carlo


When you are ready for a perfect Las Vegas Halloween that includes live music and plenty of partying then you should attend one of the Widespread Panic concerts. Performing at the Park Theater in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino October 27th thru 29th, Widespread Panic brings their three decades of music to the stage for an unbelievable music jam experience. This three night run of shows is in typical fashion for this iconic jam band from Athens, Georgia. You will listen and dance to long music sets of different classics each night that highlight such albums as Bombs and Butterflies, ‘Til Medicine Takes, Jackassolantern, Earth to America as well as many more. You will be thrilled with the intimate venue which features a state-of-the-art sound and multimedia system that will bring the stage to life while this legendary band plays your favorite song.

Photo by Tom Feary

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

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If you are interested in experiencing a unique and frightening Las Vegas Halloween experience that will leave your body trembling then you need to visit Zak Bagans Haunted Museum. Located in downtown Las Vegas on Charleston Street, the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum brings to life many of the strange and curiosity filled artifacts that Bagans collected over the years such as hundreds of magical dolls and a bloody hand print made by Charles Manson. When you enter the 30 rooms that are packed with these haunted artifacts you will be forced to respect the spirits or you will be forced to succumb to your own fears. Zak Bagans Haunted Museum will have your heart thumping and your mind racing to find a quick way out when the spirits become mad and invade your mind. This is only the beginning of your creepy adventure when you visit the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum.

Evil Dead The Musical

Evil Dead The Musical 4D

Tickets To Evil Dead The Musical

Evil Dead The musical is the scariest show in Las Vegas! The show is ongoing, but we thought it would be fun to watch it during scariest period of the year! The events in the musical take place in an abandoned cabin somewhere in the dark woods, where 5 students inadvertently release and have to fight demons in order to survive...Be sure to get your tickets for the splatter zone, as blood will be flying around!

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Virtual Reality Experience in Las Vegas


An ideal Las Vegas Halloween activity for the whole family is to try the Virtual Reality Experience in Las Vegas. Located at the LINQ Promenade, the Virtual Reality Experience in Las Vegas has four different experiences you can try that include Fly ‘n Shoot where you will fly over Alps while you battle with enemy drones; Screaming Skydive will have you ziplining and parachuting over Las Vegas; the Soaring Superhero has you flying over Las Vegas in search of numerous hot air balloons and your other choice is the House of Horrors where you will battle with zombies and ghosts. Each experience is five minutes in length so you can run the gauntlet of your fears in an hour and families will be delighted with the outcome.

Operation Zombie Apocalypse

Operation Zombie Apolcalypse Las Vegas

Book Operation Zombie Apocalypse

If you are looking for special things do during Las Vegas Halloween, then you must indulge in the ultimate virtual zombie hunting adventure called Operation Zombie Apocalypse. This 2-hour virtual adventure will place you in the hands of Special Ops leaders that will take the fight to the underworld in an effort to save the world. Operation Zombie Apocalypse brings an extreme virtual world environment that will leave you breathless and on the edge of reality. There's no tour on October 31, but you can do it on October 28.

Haunted Vegas Tour

Haunted Vegas Tour

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Haunted Vegas tours take place throughout the year, not just during Halloween!But it would make a great addition to Las Vegas Halloween events during your vacation! This tour takes you to the city's most spooky places where paranormal activity was recorded or where many celebrities have died - the Motel of Death, or Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel's Secret Garden - a site that is believed to be haunted by the spirit of "Bugsy" Siegel, among other ghosts.

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt Tour

Goodsprings Ghost hunt Tour in Vegas

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This scary tour, designed by the famous Vegas ghost hunterpreneur Robert George Allen, will take you to the ghost town Goodsprings close to Las Vegas, for a good old ghost hunt! The tour takes place all year long, it among the coolest things to do on Las Vegas Halloween. The Pioneer Saloon and Gallery of Goodsprings are believed to be haunted by 2 ghosts - 1 that of a gun shot victim, and the other of an old miner. Many other ghosts are believed to haunt the surrounding area. Please do let us know and send some pictures if you catch some!

Fetish & Fantasy Ball

Fetish & Fantasy Ball Las Vegas


Date: October 28, 2017

Location: Red Rock Casino Resort

For 21 years the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball has thrilled partiers with an extraordinary evening of frightening fun. The Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball takes place at the Red Rock Casino Resort where you can mingle with some of the most beautiful people in Las Vegas. The atmosphere is a cross between a rave and a Halloween costume party with lots of sensuality thrown into the mix. You will enjoy three rooms on three levels which includes new live entertainment with famous DJ Plastik Funk, DJ Soulman, Perish, WildChild, Human Zoo and other scary performers. The Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball will be the one place you want to be to experience the wildest adult Halloween in Las Vegas. The Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball will be at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Saturday, October 28th from 10:0 P.M. until 4:00 A.M. You must be 21 years of age or older to attend.

Freakling Bros

Freaking Bros Las Vegas

Freaking Bros website

4245 S Grand Canyon Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89147

Dates: September 29- October 31

The Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror will spook you into a frightened frenzy as you wander through the maze of incredible special effects and ghoulish performers during Halloween in Vegas. Located at the Grand Canyon Shopping Center, the Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror has three fantastically frightening haunted houses and several scare zones that will give you the jitters. The Coven of 13 is concentrated on a group of witches and warlocks who have the mystical reasoning of Black Magic. These doctors of Black Magic will have you in a constant state of alarm while the next scary figure approaches. When you enter the Castle Vampyre you will be amazed at the illusions performed that will frighten you into a corner and terrify your senses. The Gates of Hell is an R-rated haunted house in Las Vegas and is a superbly scary atmosphere which will leave you terrified, horrified and thoroughly frightened. With the numerous zombies, abnormal creatures and diabolic people you will never know what sadistic scene will make you kneel in a corner with sensory overload.

The Victim Experience

Las Vegas Haunts - Asylum and Hotel Fear


One of the best Las Vegas Halloween experiences for adults is to take a visit to the Victim Experience IV. Located at the Grand Canyon Shopping Mall, the Victim Experience IV is the next horrifying creation from the Freakling Bros and is sure to take your breath away. During your experience you will be given last rites from Pope Satanus before being placed into the Sepsis Doctrine which is packed with various challenges, abnormalities, impediments and numerous terrifying events that bring to life your worst horror thoughts. The Victim Experience IV is not for the tame at heart or for people younger than 18 years of age. Included in your admission is hot and cold drinks, adult libations and snacks. If you want to see more you can hang out and watch as other terrified people enter the Sepsis Doctrine and come out screaming.

Las Vegas Halloweenville

Las Vegas Haunts - Asylum and Hotel Fear


One of the most entertaining Las Vegas Halloween events for families is to plan a trip to the Las Vegas Halloweenville. Located at Wet’n’Wild, Las Vegas Halloweenville features something for everyone in the family from paintball to a Vortex tunnel to dance parties to a fun game of laser tag in a spooky swamp. Other activities that will thrill families are a ride on the supernatural slide, climbing a rock wall, riding a mini monster train and bouncing through two themed bounce houses. Little children will enjoy walking through the pumpkin patch and there is even trick and treating on selected nights during the Halloween. Everyone will be scared as they walk the transformed grounds of Wet’n’Wild while experiencing the various activities that will make for a frightening fun time.

Las Vegas Haunts - Asylum and Hotel Fear

Las Vegas Haunts - Asylum and Hotel Fear

Las Vegas Haunts website

Location: Meadows Mall, 4300 Meadows Lane Las Vegas, NV 89107

Dates: October 5-31, 2017

Admission: Tickets range from $15.00 for entrance to one haunted house and $35.00 for a VIP combo ticket

Las Vegas Haunts is a frightening Halloween experience no matter which haunted house you choose to enter. Located at the Meadows Mall, Las Vegas Haunts features two eerily scary venues this year which will frighten you as you walk through the haunted areas. The Asylum has an atmosphere of a frightening 1800s health sanctuary which will have you screaming and squirming as you walk through Asylum full of its deranged patients. Hotel Fear is perfectly scary as you enter this hotel of ghoulish creatures and psychotic performers that will have you walking in fear while turning every corner on your ghostly journey. Las Vegas Haunts is performing at Meadows Mall in the Special Events Area on Thursday through Sunday (including the day of Las Vegas Halloween) during the month of October.

Bonnie Screams

Bonnie Screams  Las Vegas halloween

Bonnie Screams website

16395 Bonnie Springs Road Las Vegas, NV 89004

Dates: October 6-October 31

Lonely travelers, you are welcome to visit the decaying town of Bonnie Screams and its dead residents - zombies! The spooky little town magically appears at the place of the Bonnie Springs Ranch, located at the Red Rock Canyon. This year's theme of Las Vegas Halloween at Bonnie Screams is Zombie Paintball. Spooky nightly shows:Fire Breather, Dixie Dooley Master Mystifier and the The Ruined Bride add to the fun. Here your deepest fears and nightmares may come true. My condolences.

Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve

Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve

Haunted Harvest website

333 S. Valley View Blvd. at US 95 Las Vegas

Dates October 13- 29, 2017

Admission: Tickets are $8.00 and children 2 years of age or younger are free.

You and your children will enjoy the ghostly atmosphere at the Springs Preserve Haunted Harvest during Halloween in Vegas. Springs Preserve transforms the grounds of this National Historic Register Site into a ghostly paradise for children. During the month of October the Haunted Harvest will make children happy with its various trick or treat stations, a petting zoo, arts and crafts, carnival games and live entertainment. While you walk the Halloween-decorated grounds and view incredible interpretive exhibits about Springs Preserve, you will need to be careful of the ghoulish figures walking around as well as lurking behind each corner. And if you want you can even take a scary ride on the train.

HallOVeen at the Magical Forest

HallOVeen at the Magical Forest

Dates: October 13-15, 22-31, 2017


HallOVeen at the Magical Forest is one of the most family-friendly Halloween attractions in Las Vegas for you to visit. Sponsored by the Opportunity Village, HallOVeen at the Magical Forest is full of ghoulish games and frightening fun. You can enjoy exciting activities like Rod’s Monstrous Mini-Golf, the Avalanche Slide, Cheyenne's Enchanted Carousel, a ride on the Forest Express Ghost Train and a walk through the Haunted Adventure. HallOVeen at the Magical Forest will please everyone with nightly entertainment, movies, a Candy Cabin and you can even make your own Halloween arts and crafts. You evening of terrifying fun will be perfect and full of screams, laughs and excitement. HallOVeen at the Magical Forest sponsored by the Opportunity Village.

Costumes tips: Nudity is not allowed in Vegas in any public place. Masks are not allowed in the casinos and normally at children's events. If you follow these simple rules - you can be as creative or as sexy as you want. If you are going to any sexy Las Vegas Halloween party in one of the nightclubs - feel free to wear a sexy costume inside the clubs! On the way to the clubs and from the clubs you should cover your fantastic creations! Please do not drive - take a taxi, a bus or a limousine.

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