elas Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Shows 2022

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Shows 2022

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows currently scheduled in 2022 are among the most popular in the Sin City. Most of these shows are brought to you by the creative mind of David Saxe. Most of the the permanent shows are playing at either Saxe Theater, or V Theater. A few other shows take place at Sin City. Occasionally famous headliners come for short time engagements at Zappos Theater. You can find a show in any possible genre - variety, for adults, for kids, comedy and tribute!

Zappos Theater Calendar

Here is a schedule of upcoming Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows, concerts and other events happening at Zappos Theater:

Zappost Theater Planet Hollywood seating chart


04/1-16- Scorpions
04/22-30; 05/4-7; 08/5-20; 10/14-29 - John Legend
05/13-28 - The Doobie Brothers
06/10-25, 08/26-31, 09/2-10 - Shania Twain
07/15 - Rise Against & Senses Fail
09/15 - Nine Inch Nails
09/23-30, 10/1-8, 11/26-30, 12/3-11,2022 and 03/24-30, 04/1-9 2023 - Miranda Lambert

VEGAS! The Show

Vegas The Show Las Vegas

Show Times: Every night at 7:00 pm, occasionally at 9:00 pm

Venue: Saxe Theater

Age restrictions: None

A perfect family-friendly Planet Hollywood Las Vegas show for you to see is Vegas! The Show. Performing at the Saxe Theater within Planet Hollywood, Vegas! The Show is a tantalizing exhibit of sultry showgirls dancing on stage during the iconic days of Las Vegas that included the Rat Pack, Tom Jones, Gladys Knight and the Pips as well as Elvis. The show is brilliantly produced and choreographed with numerous beautiful showgirls saying to the iconic artists that made Las Vegas the Entertainment Capitol of the World. Vegas! The Show brings to life the good old days of Sin City when music, dancing and gambling ruled the scene before the modern day Sin City was created. Your whole family will feel good listening to the live orchestra and top notch tribute artists roll through hit after musical hit while the gorgeous showgirls of this popular Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows dance effortlessly across the stage. A must see for music, dance and history buffs as well as ordinary people.

Vegas! The Show Review

V-The Ultimate Variety

Variety show Las Vegas

Venue: V Theater

Show Times: Nightly, at 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm

Age restrictions: None

A fabulous family-friendly Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that brings the punch of a prize fighter to the stage in the form of wacky acts, intricate acrobatic moves and daredevil stunts is the V-The Ultimate Variety Show. Performing at the Saxe Theater within Planet Hollywood, V-The Ultimate Variety Show is the brain child of legendary Las Vegas show master David Saxe. Saxe grew up in Sin City learning the trade from his mother a show girl and his father who was the band leader for the Rat Pack. During V-The Ultimate Variety Show, Saxe highlights the talents of the lesser known acts in a Vaudeville style show that is loaded with dancing, gymnastics and mind altering tricks from some of the best contortionists, street performers and talented people from all walks of life as well as the entertainment world. Each show is expertly choreographed to bring out the best within each performer whether they are break dancing, singing, flying through the air or forming their bodies into a human pretzel.

V-The Ultimate Variety Show Review

Zombie Burlesque

Venue: V Theater

Show Times: Monday-Saturday, at 8:30 pm and select 10:00 pm performances

Age restrictions: 16+

One of the most entertaining Planet Hollywood Las Vegas showto hit the Strip in years that has been pleasing guests with unique off-the-wall sexual humor is the Zombie Burlesque. Performing at the Club Z Showroom within Planet Hollywood, Zombie Burlesque mixes a sensual attitude with zombies to bring an intriguing show of humor, dancing and beautiful choreography to the stage. Each show is expertly crafted and packed with flesh eating sexy monsters, plenty of acrobatics and the jokes keep coming even after the zombies appear to die. This burlesque style show is not for the faint of heart as there is loads of action from the crew of enticing zombies that will have you salivating over their next victim on stage. No two shows are similar for guests of Zombie Burlesque which makes for an evening of perfect flesh eating fornication for the audience to devour while watching something unique, funny and sexy.

Zombie Burlesque Las Vegas Show Review

Stripper 101

Stripper 101 class in Las Vegas

Venue: Stripper 101 Studio

Show Times: Classes daily

Age restrictions:18+

If you are searching for a unique Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood to help make your bachelorette party the best ever, then make time to go to Stripper 101 where you and your girls will learn all the intricate trade secrets of how to be a stripper. Located at the Stripper 101 Studio within Planet Hollywood, Stripper 101 takes you from pole dancing to lap dancing to the sultry sway of a stripper dancing on stage. You and your gals will be amazed at the flexibility needed to conquer the pole while producing seductively and provocative acts with your bodies. Once you meet your expert instructor the fun will begin with each person taking turns mastering the art of pole dancing before learning other trick of the trade from professional strippers. When your evening is finished you and your gals can revel on the town with your new found moves on the many dance floors that grace the Strip.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist poster

Venue: V Theater

Show Times: Thursday-Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Age restrictions: 13+

One of the longest running Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that is still going strong on the Strip and is a perfect combination of mental mystery is the Mentalist. Performing at the V2-V Upstairs Theater within Planet Hollywood, Gerry McCambridge is a world renowned mentalist that can delve into numerous minds at the same time and retrieve a different outcome from every individual. The show has been performing in Las Vegas since 2005 and has pleased audiences with interesting subplots that are brought to life by the skills and prowess of McCambridge the Mentalist. While you are watching you won’t believe your eyes or ears as he enters people minds and takes them on a journey of laughs and sometimes embarrassment that leaves the rest of the crowd rolling with laughter from his mystifying mental abilities. Over the years he has been instrumental in highlighting his mental skills to dignitaries as well as celebrities around the world and now is your chance to see one of the most interesting Las Vegas shows on the Strip.



Show Times: Monday and Thursday at 5:30 pm

Venue: Saxe Theater

Age restrictions: None

A perfect family-friendly Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that highlights the talents and musical achievements of one of the greatest bands ever is the Beatleshow. Performing at the Saxe Theater within Planet Hollywood, the Beatlshow is a non-stop musical extravaganza featuring spot on tribute artists portraying John, Paul, George and Ringo. During the performance you will hear classic hits from Hey Jude to I Want to Hold Your Hand to Yellow Submarine and their rendition of Can’t Buy Me Love as well as Eight Days a Week will have you thinking you are watching the original members of the Fab Four. This is one of those must see Las Vegas shows that starts with Ed Sullivan introducing the band and finishes with the curtain closing on four of the most dynamic musical artists to ever write and play music. The choreography is stellar with go-go dancers, plenty of multimedia lighting and the costumes are perfect that help take you back to a time when the music world was ruled by the Fab Four.

Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater

Comedy Pet show Las Vegas

Venue: V Theater

Show Times: Daily except Sunday & Monday at 4:00 pm

Age restrictions: None

When you want to see an entertaining Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that highlights the talents of our furry friends, then you must go and watch the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater. Performing at the V Theater, the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is packed with innovative performances by cats, dogs, birds and other darling animals. During the show your family will laugh at the unbelievable actions of these animals that have been specially trained to by Popovich to perform with several gorgeous showgirls as well as other cast members. Highlights of the show that keeps families entertained range from cat doctors with patients to dog teachers with students to a hilarious train conductor that knows how to make you laugh. You will marvel at the juggling acts and additional choreography that includes a jump rope routine, gymnastics and plenty of mind boggling acrobatics as the animals fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Show Review

Hitzville Motown

Hitzville Motown show Las Vegas

Venue: V Theater

Show Times:Every day except Sunday at 5:30 pm

Age restrictions: None

A great Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that will take you back in time to the glory days of Motown music is Hitzville-The Show. Performing at the V Theater within Planet Hollywood, Hitsvilles-The Show is an entertaining tribute to artists such as Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross and the Supremes as well as male artists like the Temptations, Stevie Wonder and the Four Tops. This family-friendly show features the musical talents of Jin Jin Reeves who is masterful in her singing and dancing of the Motown greats. Your ears will come alive listening to classic songs that range from I Heard It Through the Grapevine to Natural woman to My Guy. While listening to these brilliant tribute artists your mouth and body will move with the groove of the Motown greats that are brought to life on the stage throughout the show. The realistic look and sound of Reeves makes this show one of the more entertaining performances on the Strip and is a must see for all music lovers of past as well as present.

Hitzville Motown Show Review

Nathan Burton's Comedy Magic

Nathan Burton  show Las Vegas

Venue: Saxe Theater

Show Times: Almost every day at 4:00 pm, dark Mondays

Age restrictions: None

If you are searching for a family-friendly Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that is packed with magic and laughs, then the Nathan Burton Magic show is an ideal choice. Performing at the Saxe Theater within Planet Hollywood, Nathan Burton brings his unique laughter of magic to the stage in his mind-boggling performance that is leaving families with huge grins of mystifying laughter. During his show you will be pleased to witness numerous sleight of hand tricks and prop based illusions that are sure to make families giggle. Burton bases his show on many childhood scenarios from toilet papering a house to having a bowling ball come to life to making a life size Barbie levitate with the help of a huge blow dryer. He is joined on stage by comedian Russ Merlin as well as numerous showgirls that keep the show lively with plenty of additional help from the multimedia choreography of Andy Walmsley. Don’t be surprised when you see members of the audience being hilariously destroyed by one of his devious actions while the crowd roars with approval.

Nathan Burton's Comedy Magic show Review

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Venue: V Theater

Show Times: 9:00 pm

Age restrictions: 16+

When you are ready to bust a gut laughing at some of the best stand-up comedians in the business, then you should make sure you visit the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club. Performing at the V2 Upstairs Theater, The Live Comedy Club is a superb Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood to spend an evening laughing until you cry. This comedy show brings the best available talent from places like Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime and from major cities across the country such as Los Angeles, New York as well as Chicago. Resident comedian Edwin San Juan is full of jokes that will have you tearing up while your gut bursts with laughter. Every night is different with numerous comedians pushing the button on their favorite punch lines and more. So enjoy a few drinks and some of the best laughter in Sin City when you feel right at home when you visit the Las Vegas Live comedy

All Shook Up

All Shook Up Las Vegas Elvis show

Show Times: Daily at 6:00 pm

Venue: V Theater

Age restrictions: None

Elvis played by: Travis Allen

All Shook Up: a Tribute to the King is one of the best Elvis Presley tribute shows to hit the stage in Sin City and is gaining speed once again as one of the best Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows to see. Performing at the V2 Theater Upstairs Showroom, All Shook Up is fascinating crowds with an Elvis who is spot on and a live band that hits all the right notes. You will be thrilled with hearing classic hits from the King like You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog, In the Ghetto, Heartbreak Hotel and your heart will melt during a perfect rendition of Love Me Tender. All Shook UP is an ideal Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows for all members of your family to watch. So put on your Blue Suede Shoes and be ready to dance with this hip swaying legend on stage that will always be remembered as the King of Rock-n-Roll.

All Shook Up Show Review

Murray Celebrity Magician

Murray Celebrity Magician

Show Times: Saturday-Thursday at 4:00 pm

Venue: Sin City Theater

Age restrictions: None

Looking for a family-friendly and hilarious magic Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that hits all the high notes with amazing magical mastery, then you need to go see Murray Celebrity Magician. Performing at the Sin City Theatre, Murray Celebrity Magician has been putting smiles on the faces of his 450 million YouTube viewers and since his days on America’s Got Talent. Murray brings an exciting style of magic, wit and illusions to the stage when he miraculously makes a 1918 steam locomotive disappear right in front of your eyes. But he does not stop there with other stunning illusions such as turning a showgirl into a large tiger and when a Ferrari appears on stage, you will be scratching your head wondering how he accomplished this mystifying magical feat. This magical Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood heats up with plenty of audience participation which adds excitement to an already stunning performance packed with magical illusions and hilarious punch lines. If you are searching for lasting memories of a mystical evening, then this is a must see show.

Crazy Girls


Venue: Sin City Theatre

Show Times: Wednesday - Monday at 9:30 pm

Age restrictions:18+

One of the best female revues to hit the stage in Sin City is still going strong and Crazy Girls is THE Las Vegas show playing at Planet Hollywood that keeps singles, couples and bachelor parties steamy all night long. Performing at the Sin City Theatre within Planet Hollywood, Crazy Girls is considered by many guests to be the most iconic female review in Las Vegas. With stunning women gracing the stage in gorgeous costumes that will make a Sugar Daddy’s wallet cry, Crazy Girls has been dancing into people’s memories since 1994. Audiences are amazed at the quality of dance moves that these women bring to the stage while wearing apparel that ranges from black leather and spiked heels to sequined studded costumes to nothing but a tiny G-string and a feather. The burlesque style performance, that includes a pole dance or two, is winning crowds over with their beauty and sex appeal which is exhibited on stage throughout the performance. Whether you are looking for a sexy cowgirl, a naughty policewoman or a kinky Goth girl you will find them all in a tiny G-string when you go to experience the Crazy Girls Planet Hollywood Las Vegas show.

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