Eddie Griffin Las Vegas show Review

Eddie Griffin Las Vegas show playing at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood will have you rolling in your chair and crying tears of laughter if you are not the sensitive type or someone who is ok with not being politically correct. Eddie Griffin has made a living on his uncanny ability to make people feel uncomfortable and his residency is not any different.

The Eddie Griffin Experience is a funny 60-minute production that opens with a punch and ends with a punch. Throughout the show Griffin parades around the stage criticizing, preaching, and making fun of just about everything of life. He has his moments of being little quacky but if you have followed his movie career then you would understand why. After appearing on the big screen in more than 50 movies, you can see exactly why he is little off-the-chain and barking at times.

Eddie Griffin Las Vegas

Griffin has no problem bringing race and politics into his performance which may offend some people but hey, sometimes that is what comedy is all about. The show is not really scripted but at times he follows a thread to somewhere different, only to return to his original thoughts. He has no problem asking people or better yet telling people about his ideas on interracial marriage or what someone of color might be going through in life at any given moment.

The Eddie Griffin Las Vegas show has many aspects of comedy that might be considered whacko and that is what Griffin wants you to believe. Not everyone is sane in the head and many times comedians don’t know how insane they sound at times. But the show will make you laugh until your belly hurts from the opening curtain.

Griffin is a true mastermind in his ideas about being funny and The Eddie Griffin Las Vegas show is truly an experience and not just a comedy show at some comedy club. Sure he drinks a little on stage during his performance and his mind wanders at times but if you like old-fashion comedy from the hood then The Eddie Griffin Experience is the perfect Las Vegas comedy show for you to go watch.

Eddie Griffin Las Vegas Venue

The Eddie Griffin Experience is playing at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood which has a large seating capacity but is cut in half for this comedy show. The best seats for the show are on the floor directly in front of the stage. The upfront seats on the floor are actual seats. There are tables available on the floor for groups of people. You will want tickets more towards the middle as your sightline will disrupted when he is on the farthest side of the stage. Banquet seats are located on the second level of the venue. These seats offer good sightlines towards the railings in the front. Tables are offered in this section of seating too. The Tier seats are third level and the farthest from the stage. Sightlines are good but as usual the farther from the stage the farther from the action.

Eddie Griffin Las Vegas show Cast

Eddie Griffin is a one man show throughout The Eddie Griffin Experience. Griffin was born in Kansas City, Missouri in the late 1960s and has ridden his witty and sometimes controversial take on comedy to stardom. He has starred in more than 50 movies including hits like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Undercover Brother, A Star Is Born, and he played Orpheus on Scary Movie 3. Griffin is no stranger to sitcoms on television either where he is best known for being Eddie Sherman on Malcolm & Eddie. He started doing standup comedy in Los Angeles in the late 1980s and has never shied away from any role whether it was a movie, a music video, sitcom, or a residency for standup comedy.

Eddie Griffin Las Vegas show Tickets

Eddie Griffin is performing at the >Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. The 60-minute product runs Monday thru Wednesday beginning at 8:30p.m. Tickets range in price from Tier seating at $75.00 to Banquet seating at $100.00, and Floor seating at $150.00 (taxes and fees excluded). Eddie Griffin Las Vegas show Tickets may be purchased for guests 21 years of age or older.

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