Faaabulous! The Show Las Vegas Review

Faaabulous! The Show Las Vegas is just the right ticket for you when feeling a little naughty and want to laugh out loud. The show is bringing down the house with a cast of five drag queens that know all the right ways to make you laugh and they can sing too. The 60-minute production is one of the best drag shows in the world and now is your chance to watch these beautiful ladies on stage.

Performing at Athena Showlounge, Alexis Park All Suite Resort, Faaabulous! The Show Las Vegas delivers everything right in how to produce a drag queen show. There are glittery dresses, giant wigs, very tall platform shoes and not to mention that the women love to strut their stuff. Faaabulous! The Show is also the only drag show in Sin City where the queens actually sing live and their voices are powerful with emotion and their take on some songs is absolutely divine.

Faaabulous Las Vegas

Faaabulous! The Show Las Vegas was created by Christopher Kenney who also portrays Edie and emcees the whole gig. Kenney is famous for emceeing Zumanity for more than 13 years in Las Vegas when the Cirque du Soleil performance was on top of the world. The production not only has lovely queens but the experience is much more than just the queens.


The Faaabulous! The Show Las Vegas opens up with all five queens Stevie, Kitty Del Mar, Sunshine, Joji Darling, and Vita Summers singing and dancing on stage with all the glitter and attitude you would expect. Then Edie takes over the microphone as the emcee for the night with a little bit of witty commentary before she sings a marvelous version of Good to Mama. As the night progresses the audience experiences a wide range of musical talent with vocals that croon from sexy to slow to upbeat songs in just the right way.


There is also a little bit of naughtiness in Faaabulous! The Show Las Vegas with raunchy commentary at times from all five of the queens. The crowd is amazed at the way the ladies really take to their part in the production without missing a beat throughout the whole show. The songs are perfectly choreographed for each queen with renditions of It’s Raining Men with all the sequin in the world falling on the stage. There is also a tribute to the late Judy Garland that will literally knock your socks off or you wig.


Other numbers that are performed throughout the production include a funny take on Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend with little bit of humor by changing the words to Diaper’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Then there is more raunchiness when they belt out the wrong words to All That Jazz with All That Jizz and you can only imagine how hard the audience is laughing by now.


BesidesFaaabulous! The Show Las Vegas playing in the evening, you can also catch the show on Sunday which includes a great brunch menu with bottomless mimosas. All in all, the production is filled with fun and attitude which makes the show a must see event when you are visiting Sin City.


Faaabulous! The Show Las Vegas was created by Christopher Kenney and Jamie Morris. Kenney is famous for being the emcee for the Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity for more than 10 years. He has also been performing drag shows for decades in New York and across the country. Morris is one of the hosts for Puppetry of the Penis at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas and was a contributing writer for Zumanity.


The drag queens that appear on stage include Brooks Braselman, Christopher Lash, Ashton Sawyer, and Justin Rodriguez. They are accompanied by two dancers who are Taylor Bradley and Curtis Goodman.



Faaabulous! The Show is playing at Athena Showlounge at Alexis Park All Suite Resort. The 60-minute production runs Thursday-Saturday, Monday at 10:00 pm. Tickets start at $43 for general admission seating. The Show Las Vegas Tickets may be purchased for guests 21 years of age or older.

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