Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Skywalk tours

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Skywalk tours are an experience you will never forget. This is a wonderful piece of modern day engineering. The four-inch thick glass bridge is suspended 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. The 70-foot horseshoe shaped structure offers 360-degree views of the natural surrounding beauty. Below are some of the best tours and day trips from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West that include the Skywalk.

Air, Helicopter, Skywalk and Boat Tour

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This is a Grand Canyon tour of your lifetime. Adventure to the greatest natural wonder in North America and step out over the edge as you view this natural masterpiece. You will experience the Grand Canyon through the air and even float down the Colorado River on the Grand Celebration tour.

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Grand Canyon Skywalk Express tour

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Incredible views you will never forget when you take this helicopter and Skywalk tour of the Grand Canyon. Your helicopter flight, 45-minutes each way, will offer excellent views of Hoover Dam, an engineering marvel, as well as, Lake Mead the largest man-made lake in the Western Hemisphere.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Odyssey tour

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Take a direct helicopter from the Las Vegas Strip and experience the engineering and natural marvel of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. You will fly for 45-minutes over Las Vegas with spectacular views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon. Your pilot will offer you interesting information that will enhance your experience. When you land at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, you will be taken to the Grand Canyon Skywalk located on the Hualapai Reservation.

Grand Canyon West 5 in 1 Ground Tour

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If you’re the person that is looking for an all-day adventure on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon then the Grand Canyon West 5-in-1 Ground tour is perfect. On this 10-hour tour you will have the opportunity to view the Hoover Dam, Guano Point, an ancient forest, the Hualapai Ranch and the awe-inspiring Eagle Point where Grand Canyon Skywalk is located.

The Ultimate Grand Canyon 4-in-1 Tour

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This Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Skywalk tour has it all for the relaxed person that wants to spend quality time on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, float down the Colorado River and fly in a helicopter. You might even choose to enjoy the wonders of the Grand Canyon Skywalk while on the West Rim.

Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Ground tour

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If you are looking for the open road, then the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Ground tour that highlights the beautiful natural scenery, history and culture of the area and you have the opportunity to enjoy the Grand Canyon Skywalk (upgrade option). After pickup at your hotel, your first stop will be a 15-minute photo opportunity at the magnificent Hoover Dam and then the adventure takes you through an ancient Joshua Tree forest while on your way to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon West Rim Air and Ground tour

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So you always dreamed of flying over the Grand Canyon in your own private airplane landing at your own private airstrip. Moments later you have the options of either a helicopter and float trip (optional upgrade) or perhaps you opt for the exciting Grand Canyon Skywalk glass bridge (optional upgrade).

Grand Canyon Combo Luxury SUV-Helicopter-Boat Ride

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The combo is the perfect fit of intimacy and luxury. Travel by a luxury Pink Jeep, soar in a helicopter to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and then take a float down the Colorado River. This is a very personalized trip because the Tour Trekker SUV can only accommodate 10 people.

Best of the West Rim

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A truly one-of-a-kind adventure experience: You can take an airplane to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon and proceed to a helicopter for a stunning drop of 4,000 feet to the canyon floor, where you will cruise down the Colorado River.

below the rim landing and Skywalk upgrade tour

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Fly by exclusive helicopter to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon for ample exploring opportunities. You can also upgrade and choose between a below the rim landing or a stroll on the famous transparent glass bridge known as Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Grand Canyon West Rim Coach, Helicopter, Boat with optional Skywalk tour

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Hit the road in an air-conditioned coach where a helicopter and boat await to fulfill your dreams of adventure at the West Rim of Grand Canyon where the Colorado River and the Hualapai Ranch are waiting for you. You can even upgrade and take a stroll on the glass bridge at Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Small Group Grand Canyon West Rim Day tour

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For the person seeking a small group this is your tour. Limited to only nine people your group will travel to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon through the natural scenery of the Mojave Desert. At the West Rim you will explore and adventure among the wonders of the Grand Canyon. Hike the West Rim or upgrade your adventure with a thrilling helicopter ride, a cruise down the Colorado River or visit and stroll the spectacular glass bridge at Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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