iLuminate Las Vegas Show Review

ILuminate Las Vegas show is simply amazing - this is what your senses will say to you after you attend this stunning performance. The production is masterful and full of life as six dancers take to a dark stage and create something beautiful that combines dance with modern technology. The 75-minute performance is intense, innovative, and one-of-a-kind in the world making it a must see show while you are visiting Sin City.

Performing at the STRAT Theater, ILuminate Las Vegas show is the creation of Miral Kotb who was formerly trained in classical dancing as a child and throughout school but what makes iLuminate special is the computer coding she developed that lights up the stage with the various costumes the dance troupe wears.

Iluminate Las Vegas

You might remember seeing the iLuminate dance troupe on America’s Got Talent Season 6 where they came in third or maybe you have seen this technology used by Chris Brown, The Black Eyed Peas, and Christina Aguilara. No matter where you saw it first, the technology that combines choreography with computer coding has brought one of the hottest new shows to the Strip.


During ILuminate Las Vegas show you experience a wide range of musical interests that range from jazz to Moulin Rouge style to the Roaring 1920s to the hippy era but the show continues with more styles of music like hip-hop, the 1980s, 1990s, and Electric Dance Music (EDM). Each performance is a gem of stunning choreography created by mini-wireless chips that create what is now called lightography.


ILuminate Las Vegas show opens on a dark stage that is immediately brought to life by dancers wearing special LED suits that communicate the mini-wireless chips to bring an outstanding display of color which creates a mind-blowing experience of multi-sensory joy to your eyes and ears. The musical treats throughout the production can also be triggered when a patron buys a specific shot of liquor or adult beverage from a specific era which then sends a signal to the dancers who begin to cut the rug wearing their lightography suits. Musical director Kevin Teasely is masterful in his musical choices from each era and genre of music which brings a certain intensity to the stage on each new dance step.


ILuminate Las Vegas show also brings some familiar faces into the action with Matt Morgan and Heidi Bruker Morgan. Their witty commentary offers a little sideshow of their own while chuckling with the audience in between dance routines. But you really need to see the incredible dancing that is choreographed beautifully throughout the production with numerous costume (ie. light suit) changes that enhance the show to a new level of intensity.

ILuminate Las Vegas show is so entertaining that you will probably want to go sit in the dark again to catch one of the many dances you might have missed when your eyes were fixated on a different member of this unique dance troupe.

So, what’s the final verdict on this unique production? Well if you had to see one Las Vegas show that brings energy, uplifting attitudes, and creativity to the stage, then you need to buy a ticket and go watch iLuminate.


ILuminate Las Vegas show is performing within the 640-seat STRAT Theater. The venue offers both table, booth, and individual seating. VIP table seating occupies the front section with 26 tables with four seats each. But the best seats in the venue are the five VIP booths directly behind the VIP tables. These seats are located in the middle of the venue and offer a perfect sightline for all the dancing action. Preferred seating offers individual, table, and booth seating.

Tables and booths are located at the beginning of the section and offer value and good sightlines. The side seats may leave you out of the action when the performers are located on the other end of the stage. Rear seating also includes individual seats located behind the front row of booths in this upper section of the venue. These seats offer a better value with good sightlines of the dancing action on stage, especially if you can score one of the booths which are in high demand.


ILuminate Las Vegas show is created and directed by Miral Kotb who is an Egyptian-American trained in dance from a young age. She also graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Computer Technology. During her studies of computer coding she was able to develop code that could remotely illuminate a costume to the rhythm of the music and dancer’s movement. West Hyler is the co-director and Kevin Teasley is the music director.

  The dance troupe of ILuminate Las Vegas show includes Bailey Munoz, Mary Cebrian, Marcus Allan Cobb, Carlos Garland, Trevor Harrison, Adrienne Hicks, Molly Kimmel, and Adre Kiner.


Other members of the production include the husband and wife team of Matt Morgan and Heidi Brucker Morgan. The two were former host of the Vegas hit show Spiegelworld.


Iluminate is playing at the STRAT Theater within the STRAT Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod. The production runs Wednesday thru Monday beginning at 8:00p.m. with additional performances Saturday and Sunday beginning at 2:00p.m. Tickets start for rear seating at $49.00, preferred seating at $86.11, and VIP seating at $107.91 (taxes and fees excluded). ILuminate Las Vegas tickets may be purchased for five years of age or older.

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