Mike Hammer Las Vegas Show Review

Mike Hammer's Comedy Magic is ideal Las Vegas show for you to witness if you are searching for off-the-cuff humor with some interesting magic thrown in for fun. The show is infused with plenty of audience participation which makes for an evening of laughs and fun. The show contains a bit of adult humor, so only kids over 13 are allowed to this show.

Hammer has a special wit about when he takes the stage and there is no audience member that is immune to his antics. Throughout the performance unsuspected members of the audience are destroyed by his unique form of sarcastic humor that will have you laughing, even when the show concludes.

Don’t be surprised if Hammer picks your pocket and you find yourself without a wallet while asking yourself, how did he do that trick? In other entertaining sequences of the show, Hammer is quick to point the flaws in someone’s apparel for the evening and if your mascara runs from laughter, he won’t offer you a tissue.

Mike Hammer show in Las Vegas

Hammer’s props on stage fit his sleight of hand tricks that are not complicated and most of the time easy to follow but this does not mean the show is not filled with mystifying aspects. The show can be racy at times especially when Hammer is blindfolded and asks an audience member to color a sketch of a schoolgirl with only six colors. Sound corny but when Hammer delivers a life-sized blowup doll of the same sketch with exact colors, you can only smile.

In the end, Hammer brings the audience directly into play during his performance which happens frequently and without prejudice. Don’t be surprised if he introduces you as a Canadian axe murderer or some goofy trucker from Montana, even if you are wearing a suit. One last word of advice is that if you fall asleep, you will be made the brunt of many jokes and tricks.

Mike Hammer has been entertaining audiences with his bag of wit and tricks for decades and was an original member of Spike and Hammer, a well-received comedy magic duo. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Hammer has been instrumental in creating a quality client list over the years that include corporate functions with Sony, Microsoft, Dell, Lexus, Toyota and Frito-Lay. Named after the private investigator made famous by Mickey Spillane, Hammer is not shy about his roots of a sarcastic upbringing. Besides performing in his own show in Downtown Las Vegas, Hammer has been a ring announcer for MMA events, featured on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us show and on Bad Ink which airs on A&E.


Mike Hammer is performing within the Canyon Club at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino. The 60-minute show runs Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 7:00 P.M. Guests must be 13 years of age or older to attend. General admission and general admission VIP tickets which includes priority seating and a drink are available.

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