Rich Little Las Vegas Show Review

Rich Little Las Vegas Show is playing at Tropicana. Rich Little is an iconic impersonator, comedian and overall genuine artist of laughs that is now back on stage in Sin City to the delight of audiences. Little brings more than 200 voices to his performance that he honed over the years to include every president, movie star and yes even puppets.

When Little hits the stage in his new Las Vegas show, guests are amazed at his voice impersonations that have aged like a fine wine and are now more perfect than ever. During his show you can expect to hear some of his more famous impersonations such as Kermit the Frog, Humphrey Bogart, W.C. Fields and even a bit of Alfred Hitchcock.


Throughout Rich Little Las Vegas show he is respectful to the audience and the people he is impersonating which is a pleasure in today’s shock and awe comedy world. Highlights include an impersonation of every president in office from Nixon to Carter to Reagan to Clinton to Obama to both Bushes and he does not miss a beat when he chimes out something from a Dean Martin roast.

The Rich Little Las Vegas show showcases much of Little’s work from his early years with video clips from shows like Johnny Carson, Dean Martin and of course the Judy Garland Show. As he continues his mastery of voices, the audience is in a trance as he moves gracefully from one iconic figure to another in an effortlessly way.

In the end, whether you are 12 or 80 years old, Rich Little has just the right impersonation that will make you laugh and smile. When the curtain closes on this iconic comedian you will remember how much your stomach hurt while laughing to his spot on performance of Andy Rooney explaining the daily events at 60-Minutes.

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Rich Little has been entertaining audiences for more than 60 years on the stage, television and big screen. Little began his career at a tender age of 12 years old when he started to impersonate his teacher’s voices and would ask potential dates, using their favorite actor’s voice, in order to solidify a mate to prom, homecoming or another school function. He was finally discovered in his early 20s by famed singer Mel Torme who was working on the Judy Garland Show. From here the sky was the limit with appearances with Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin and Glen Campbell shows. As his repertoire of voice grew, so did his popularity and Little became a mainstay on television shows like Hollywood Squares and the Muppets. He has hosted his own holiday programs, been featured on Hawaii Five-O, Mannix and has hosted the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson twelve times throughout his fantastic career.

Rich Little Las Vegas show is playing at the intimate 258 seat Laugh Factory Comedy Club. The small venue is ideal for guests that want an up close and personal feeling while listening to an iconic comedian. General admission seats are only 20-feet from the stage with VIP table and booths offering the most comfortable seating options. Patrons that are interested in a meet and greet after the show can choose Golden Circle seats which are the first row from the stage.

Rich Little Las Vegas show Tickets

Rich Little is performing at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club within the Tropicana Las Vegas. The 60-minute show runs Sunday through Wednesday starting 7:00 P.M. Ticket holders must be 12 years of age or older to attend. Rich Little Las Vegas show Tickets range from general admission to VIP booth and table to Golden Circle seats which includes a meet and greet.

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