WOW: The Vegas Spectacular Las Vegas Show Review

WOW: The Vegas Spectacular, is a unique water-themed performance playing at Rio, that is an ideal show for families and individuals who like a little bit of everything from juggling to acrobats to comedians to high flying aerial artists. While watching the show guests will be in awe of the artistry that is accompanied by perfect choreography which is showcased on a stage of water.

WOW is based on a fisherman who is captivated by a mermaid that takes him through a splendid journey of life. The fisherman’s journey has several interesting subplots that play out during the show with each skit accompanied by superb choreography. As he travels through life you will witness beautiful dancing while rain pours down on a quaint city street which is then highlighted with aerial acrobatics above the stage that are stunning. At one point in the performance the fisherman follows the mermaid into the underwater world which is packed with lifelike marine life displayed by holograms on interesting water walls that simulate the ocean.

Wow Las Vegas show

WOW Las Vegas brings a little bit of everything to the stage such as a juggling mime, a chef playing plates like a xylophone and your mouth will drop with the gorgeous ladies who twist and turn in a glass bowl of water for all to see. Another highlight in the show is when a petite woman brings a large bow onto the stage and exhibits perfect marksmanship as the arrows float through the air piercing numerous objects from balloons to stationary targets to hitting an apple off a person’s head in a William Tell style skit. People rave about the roller skaters who glide effortlessly on a turntable style vinyl album while performing innovative tricks with incredible aerial stunts overhead.

Wow Las Vegas show

An important aspect of the show is the multimedia effects that are brilliantly incorporated into the performance. The water-based stage comes to life with numerous holograms, 3D effects, water walls, LED lighting and music that highlights the amazing artistry of the cast. The choreography of WOW Las Vegas is superb with hundreds of costumes that showcase the physical attributes of the cast while they bring the stage to life with their intriguing moves of skilled artistry.

In the end WOW is a scaled down production similar to a Cirque du Soleil performance with plenty of water splashing in the air that is putting grins on the faces of families, friends and guests from all walks of life with its innovative choreography.

WOW Las Vegas Seating Chart

Wow Las Vegas seating chart

This seating chart should give you a good idea about the best seats for Wow Las Vegas. The Rio Showroom has a capacity of 600 seats that offer pleasant sight lines from most seats. The 180-degree stage jettisons out in the center and helps bring the action right to the audience’s lap. Premium seats for viewing are located in the center of the showroom and guests have found that seats on the side can be difficult when trying to view the whole stage. There are booths, tables and regular seats directly in the middle of the showroom which have the best sight lines. If the show is not sold out, guests are sometimes asked to move into a seat closer to the stage before the performance begins.

WOW Las Vegas Cast

Wow Las Vegas show

The show incorporates 30 cast members who reside from eight countries from around the world. The show is directed by Hanoch Rosenn who has made a living as a mime and by creating large scale productions.

WOW Las Vegas Tickets

WOW Las Vegas is performing at the Rio Showroom within the Rio Resort and Casino. The 90-minute show runs Tuesday through Sunday with performances slated at 7:00 P.M. and there are additional shows Friday through Sunday at 9:00 P.M. This family-friendly Las Vegas show is restricted to guests four years of age and older. Tickets range from booth and tables in the center to premium and preferred reserved seating along the sides as well as the center area of the showroom.

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