America's Got Talent Live! Las Vegas Review & Tickets

The America's Got Talent Live! Las Vegas show, now playing at the Luxor Hotel, is a thrilling experience that is sure to excite anyone who has been a fan of the show for over a decade.

The show offers non-stop action, featuring incredibly talented individuals and groups who take the stage for an unforgettable evening of entertainment. As someone who has attended the show, I am pleased to offer my review of America's Got Talent Live.

America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas tickets start at $64 and this show is suitable for all ages starting at 5 and older. Tickets sell out fast, be sure to book in advance!

America's Got Talent  Live Las Vegas

America's Got Talent Live performs at the Luxor Theater within Luxor Hotel & Casino, located on The Strip at 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd. The show runs Wednesday through Sundat at 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm with blackout Monday and Tuesday.

America's Got Talent Live! is jam-packed with all your favorite talented performers, except for the judges. Although you can see the judges, they only appear on TV and offer prerecorded commentary about the performances you just watched. This format allows the focus to be on the performers, making the show even more entertaining.

The show features numerous AGT talents such as past winners, finalists, runner-ups, fan favorites, and, of course, golden buzzer acts.

The show's executive producer is none other than Simon Cowell, so his handprint is still on the table, ensuring a content-rich show.

America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas! starts each night with an incredibly entertaining opening number that sets the stage for a thrilling evening of fun. The show is hosted by none other than Season 12 winner Preacher Lawson, who welcomes previous winners like Dustin Tavella from Season 16, known for his mystifying magic acts, and Season 15 winner poet Brandon Leake, who received the Golden Buzzer award from Howie Mandel. The show also features other talented performers, such as Golden Buzzer winner Lea Kyle, whose quick-change magic is nothing short of spectacular.

The show is a non-stop spectacle of entertainment, featuring other finalists who take the stage with their exceptional talents. For example, singer Jimmie Herrod delivers stunning vocals that will leave you in awe. Season 14 winner Kodi Lee impresses with his amazing voice and piano playing. And who could forget the incredible precision and mind-blowing act of Deadly Games throwing knives? It's all part of the amazing lineup at America's Got Talent Live in Las Vegas!

America's Got Talent  Live Las Vegas

To round out the 80-minute performance, the show features the unbelievable trapeze artists known as Duo Transcend, as well as a perfect shadow performance by The Silhouettes. And to top things off just right, you are treated to an incredible dance routine by the LED dance group Light Balance.

All in all, America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas! is a beautiful experience that adds yet another notch of success to Sin City, which has always been known as The Entertainment Capital of the World! With a fantastic lineup of talented performers and an unforgettable evening of entertainment, this show is a must-see for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas Venue

America's Got Talent  Live Las Vegas Luxor Theater seating chart

America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas! is currently playing at the Luxor Theater, located within Luxor Las Vegas, which has a seating capacity of 830. The best seating to fully enjoy the show is within Section 102, which offers a direct view of the stage. Section 203 is another great option, though it is further back. If you prefer to sit up close, consider the side-views from Section 101 and 103. Upper-level seats also provide great sightlines with no obstructions, although you may be a bit farther from the action on stage.


America's Got Talent  Live Las Vegas show

The cast of America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas! features a variety of talented performers, including past winners, finalists, runner-ups, and Golden Buzzer Award winners. The show is hosted by comedian Preacher Lawson, who was a finalist during Season 12. His witty jokes and commentary add a little splash of fun to the show.

Other talented performers featured in America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas! include Season 16 winner Dustin Tavella, who brings his mystifying magic to life on stage; poetic superman Brandon Leake, winner of Season 15 and a Golden Buzzer Award winner with his unique motivational speaking style; finalist Jimmie Herrod, who croons the crowd with his incredible voice; finalist Lea Kyle, who brings the audience to their feet with her quick-change artistry; Season 14 winner Kodi Lee, who always wows with his superb piano playing and beautiful voice; the duo Deadly Games, whose knife-throwing accuracy will keep you on the edge of your seat; and Duo Transcend, who will stun you with their high-flying acrobatics on the trapeze. Mimes become jealous while watching the brilliance of The Silhouettes' shadow performance, and to top it all off, you are treated to an incredible light show and dance routine by the LED dance group known as Light Balance.

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