Magic Mike Live Las Vegas show Review

The sexy Magic Mike Live Las Vegas show playing at Sahara Hotel is one of the most talked about male revues to hit the Strip in some time. If you are thinking that the production only features the hunkiest of men on the planet shaking their goodies, then think again.

The handsome do show of their six-pack abs and chiseled bodies but they can also sing, dance, accomplish aerial acrobatics, play the guitar and drums. Yes, the 90-minutes that Magic Mike Live Las Vegas show brings to stage will have the women screaming but there are plenty of men in the audience foaming at the mouth too.


Playing at the Magic Mike Theater, the production is a spin-off of the successful movies named Magic Mike by Channing Tatum who is the production’s Director and Conceiver. The non-stop action during the production highlights the male body in numerous ways and the swaying of hips is over-the-top fantastic.


During Magic Mike Live Las Vegas the action starts off with a wild dance scene that has the handsome hunky men all over the stage with each individual taking it upon themselves to satisfy the cravings of the crowd. There is more to the show than just handsome guys but really that is what you are going to watch more than anything else that takes place on stage. The hunks dance around you, over you, in front of you, and if you are lucky you can really get an eyeful when they allow you on their laps.


It’s not just the chiseled bodies highlighted throughout this perfectly choreographed show which brings costumes, strobe lights and smoke to stage, but the actual talent of these dudes is amazing. You can expect to see them lay down the dance moves from hip-hop to salsa to country and there are even a few aerial feats which are simply amazing in showcasing the raw talent of these handsome dudes. One of the more intriguing parts of the show is when a woman is called on stage to sit on the lap of a gorgeous guy while he plays a drum set that is suspended from the ceiling.


At times during Magic Mike Live Las Vegas it’s hard to hear anything but screaming when women and men alike shouting out their pleasurable desires they wish to share with these hunky men that have everything a person has ever dreamed of in a body. One thing for sure that when the men start to do a little strip tease on stage they take it all the way to allow your imagination just enough sexy thoughts to get you in trouble. Don’t worry guys there are some stunning women gyrating their hips and bodies that join the sexy guys on stage too.


The production is perfect for all type of groups from straight couples to bachelorette parties to men looking for a little entertainment from their own sex. Each and every performer displays an ability to take the show to the next level with stunning dancing, singing, and each has the ability to satisfy even the loneliest of people.


So, if you are searching for a show that offers hunky dudes, hilarious jokes, incredible dancing, and above all non-stop entertainment, then you need to book your tickets for Magic Mike.

Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Venue

Magic Mike Live is performing at the 446-seat Magic Mike Theater. The venue has four levels with comfortable seating that includes individual seats and table seats. The production stage is done with a 360-degree view allowing for good sightlines from every seat. The best seats are in the lower sections 101-104 which offer up close viewing with individual and table seats. Sections 201 and 202 offer the best seating on the second level with table and individual seating available. Section 206 and 207 is slightly higher in the venue with individual seats but offer good value with good sightlines. Corner seating in sections 203, 204, 205, and 208 offer a different sightline with various results of viewing from individual seats. The best sections in the third level would be 301 and 302 which offer good sightlines and value with individual seats and table seats. Individual seats in corner sections like 303 and 304 have varying sightlines with section 305 slightly farther from the stage. Individual seats on the fourth level offer value but you will be farther away from the action and sightlines can vary depending on seats.

Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Cast


The Cast of Magic Mike Live is extensive with Director and Conceiver Channing Tatum leading the way. Followed by Reid Carolin who helps along with directing and the choreographer is Alison Faulk with support from Luke Broadlick, Teresa Espinosa, and aerial choreographer Dreya Weber; Jack Rayner is the musical supervisor; Rachel O’Toole is production designer; scenic designers include Roob Bissinger and Anita Lascala; costume designer is Marina Toybina; lighting and sound designers include Philip Gladwell and Nick Kourtides; executive producer is Vincent Marini and production supervisor is Don Gilmore supported by Renee Heffel; casting is done by Candice Fox and Katie Zanca.   The hunky dancing dudes and performers of Magic Mike Live include Anton Engel, Benjamin Carter, Chelsea Phillips Reid, David Terry, Jason Williams, JD Rainey, Jesse Highley, Jordan Kai Burnett, Kyo Dominick, Linda Garisto, Pat Packing, Ryan Carlson, Ryan Pires, and Sebastian Gonzalez.

Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Tickets

Magic Mike is playing at the Magic Mike Theater within Sahara Las Vegas. The 90-minute production runs Wednesday thru Sunday with two shows nightly beginning at 7:30p.m. and 10:00p.m. Tickets start at $79.00 for fourth level seats, $89.00 for third level and fourth level seats, $99.00 for second and third level seats, and $129.00 for first and second level seats. VIP dinner as well as meet and greet packages available for purchase. Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Tickets may be purchased for guests 18 years of age or older. 

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