OPM Las Vegas Show Review

OPM Las Vegas show playing at The Cosmopolitan is a new production brought to you by Spiegel World that is packed with raunchy intergalactic fun, mischief, singing, dancing and even jugglers. The show is perfect for the person who has no inhibitions about life from another planet and wants to witness a truly unique show that propels you into the surrounding universe of pleasure.

Set on the space ship OPM 4.2 traveling from Uranus to Las Vegas, OPM is loaded with interesting characters that are reminiscent of Star Trek, Star Wars and of course Dr. Who. The performance is captivating from the opening dance acts that feature music such Fly Me to the Moon, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft and when drag queen turned diva Dusty Moonboots belts out Shining Star you might think you just listened to Cher.

OPM Las Vegas

The captains of the space vessel OPM 4.2 are straight out fantasy with Capt. Ann Tennile portrayed with a Natasha type ascent from Bull Winkle and Rocky era and Lt. Lou Tennet will amaze you with his Freddy Mercury appearance while riding a unicycle on stage to Bicycle Race.

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As the OPM Las Vegas continues, your eyes will be delighted with such characters as Nurse Rachel who interacts with engineering guru Scottie in a sexually oriented skit that includes plenty of skin, motors and even toilets. When you meet Leslie, you will know there is more going on in the space ship than juggling, dancing, acrobats and singing. Other aspects of the show include hula hoops, a sword swallower and a vicious Chihuahua named Sputnik who is the captain’s right hand man.

The show features a live five member band that keeps the music in sync as each new skit is performed on the space ship stage. The band is masterful and each member looks like something right out of an original P-Funk concert with wild tie dyed costumes that match their musical attitude.

Overall, if you are looking for an entertaining time that borders on raunchiness that is exhibited with an innovative twist, then you will find all the right moves from juggling to dancing to singing to comedy while you are watching this splendid new Las Vegas show.

OPM Las Vegas Cast

OPM is brought to you by Spiegel World, the same creators of the fabulous Absinthe show which has been a mainstay on the Strip for more than 10 years. The cast of OPM Las Vegas includes Capt. Ann Tennile- a sexy redhead, Lt. Lou Tennant-a Freddy Mercury lookalike, Chip-a young and dumb person, Rob the Robot-a fantasy of metal, Leslie-a vivacious strip bingo announcer, Doctor Roger Regis-a David Bowie influenced character, Nurse Rachel-a bombshell ready to take a sample of your blood, Scottie-an engineer who knows how every toilet works on OPM 4.2 and Dusty Moonboots-the drag queen of outer space wonder. The crew of OPM 4.2 is accompanied on stage by a five member band that includes a keyboardist, two guitarists, a drummer and lastly a saxophonist.

OPM Las Vegas Seating Chart


OPM Las Vegas show is playing within the newly renovated OPM Theater which offers a very intimate experience. The stage projects outward into a 360 degree view with an arm that separates seats from being an exact 360 degree view. The theater has comfortable seating with ringside seats having the best view and more opportunities to be included in the show. Impresario booth seating is spacious with couches and reserve as well as terrace seats boast a good sight line. Acoustics within the theater are superb from all seats.

OPM Las Vegas Tickets

OPM is performing at the OPM Theater within the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The 90-minute show runs Wednesday through Monday beginning at 8:00 P.M. with additional performances at 10:00 P.M. Thursday through Sunday. Tickets holders must be 18 years of age or older to attend. OPM Las Vegas tickets include terrace, reserved, ringside and impresario booth seating. Dinner packages are also available for each performance.

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