Las Vegas sightseeing - Tours And Attractions on the Strip

Opportunities for Las Vegas sightseeing are endless - the city is home to word's most fascinating hotels, museums, amazing shopping malls and other attractions! You can look at the city from the air and from the ground, by day and by night - and never get enough of it!

Below I highlighted some of the best sightseeing tours within the city and around.

See it All
Great Sphinc at the Luxor hotel, taken during Las Vegas tours
Bus of the Stars
Vegas Bus of the Stars
hop On hop Off
open top sightseeing Las Vegas
Vegas at night - view of Paris Hotel
Small Group
Vegas at night - the famous Vegas Vic at Fremont street
Open Top
Vegas Strip at night - view of Paris hotel and Eiffel Tower
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam all lit up for the night - waiting to be photographed!
Red Rocks Canyon
Mountain at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas
Western Highlights
Red Rock canyon near Las Vegas
Pawn Stars
sign of the Pawn Shop in Las Vegas
Las Vegas mob tour
Hartland Mansion
inside the historic Hartland Mansion in Las Vegas
Haunted Vegas Tour
Hot air balloon over Las Vegas
Photo Tour
Photo Tour of the Las Vegas Strip
Scooter Car Tour of Downtown Las Vegas
gondolas at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas
people dancing at a night club in Las Vegas

Helicopter Rides Above The Strip

Las Vegas helicopter toursLas Vegas Strip Helicopter Tours

Is there a better way to enjoy Las Vegas sightseeing than from far above the city? Helicopter flights are very popular here, especially at night when Vegas comes to life. The best part about helicopters is that they can fly slowly so you have lots of time to take in the sights. The helicopters in Vegas fly so close above the major attractions you feel like you can touch them - the dancing Bellagio fountains, the tower of the Stratosphere hotel, the Sky Beam of the Luxor, the erupting Volcano of the Mirage. This is an adventure you will never forget!

Here are 3 of the most popular scenic helicopter tours that fly above the Strip, offering you amazing opportunities for sightseeing! All the Las Vegas helicopter tours are conducted by friendly professional pilots who combine their great piloting skills with expert knowledge of the city's history and it's top landmarks.

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by Bus

Bus tours offer great, affordable opportunities for Las Vegas sightseeing. With these bus tours you will be able to get off near each attraction to see it closer. Expert tour guides will tell you about the history of Las Vegas, about it's landmarks, and about people who helped create what Vegas is now. You will hear stories about classic casinos and top casino moguls, legendary performers such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. You will learn useful tips about the best restaurants and how to skip lines in most places and will see the locations where the popular movies such as Ocean's 11 and Hangover were shot!

Las Vegas See It All Bus Tour

Las Vegas See It All Bus Tour

From: $ $49.99; Duration: 4 hours

This tour is a perfect introduction to Las Vegas for first timers! With your extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides you will explore the most interesting parts of the Las Vegas Strip. You will stop and take photos near major attractions and landmarks such as the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, the Statue of Liberty near New York New York hotel, the Eiffel tower of Paris hotel, the Great Sphinx at the Luxor. You will continue Las Vegas sightseeing at Fremont street in downtown, and at the City Center.

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Double-Decker Bus of the Stars

From: $39.95 ; Duration: 90 minutes

Las Vegas Bus of the Stars tour

This is one of the most fun tours in the city - it's not just a bus offering Las Vegas sightseeing, it's a tour conducted by very fun impersonators! You can get anyone for a tour guide from Elvis Presley to Marilyn Monroe, who will sing and entertain you during your entire experience.

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Hop-on Hop-off open top

open top sightseeing Las Vegas

From: $ 34.99; Duration: Varies

With Hop-on Hop-off bus you will have the opportunity to enjoy Las Vegas sightseeing at your own pace. You can select between 24 hours and 48 hours options for just $5 extra. The bus has 2 routes and departs from 13 easily found locations. You can hop off the bust at any location you like and continue exploring it on your own. While you are on the bus, you will listen to the commentary of the tour guides.

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Las Vegas Lights Night Tours

Las Vegas Lights Night Tours

If you think Las Vegas is fun by day, you should check it out by night! This is when all the fun begins. These are the Las Vegas sightseeing tours that will take you to the best spots in Vegas lit by neon lights - the light show at Fremont street, the famous Welcome to Las Vegassign, the fountains of the Bellagio, erupting Volcano at the Mirage, the Sirens show at Treasure Island, famous wedding chapels and much more!

This tour offers incredible Las Vegas sightseeing by night. The itinerary of the tour includesh stops at major attractions.

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Las Vegas Small Group Sightseeing Tour

Las Vegas City Tour

From: $ 84.75; Duration: 4.5 hours

This tour is more expensive than the two night tours above, but it includes something the other tours don't - it's like 3 tours in one. Other than a Las Vegas sightseeing of the must-see attractions, you will be able to visit the Mob Museum that displays memorabilia and images of Mafia that played major role in the development of the city. The tour also includes a visit to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (also offered as separate tours below).

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Open Top Las Vegas Bus Tour

Open-Top Bus Panoramic Las Vegas tour

From: $ 20.00; Duration: 3 hours

This is another great option to enjoy Las Vegas sightseeing at your own pace - on top of a panoramic bus, at night! The tour is designed to drive you past the most exciting night attractions in Vegas - the Las Vegas sign, the Fremont street, the free shows along the Strip such as the Sirens, the Volcano and the Bellagio fountains.

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Sightseeing Around Las Vegas

We thought you might want to add to your Vegas vacations some attractions located near the city. These tours below are ideal to combine Las Vegas sightseeing with quick tours to the nearby Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon - you don't have to travel too far, and can return the same day and continue your vacation.

Las Vegas And Hoover Dam at Night

Las Vegas to Hoover Dam night tour

From: $ 100.00 ; Duration: 4.5 hours

Even if you have already seen Hoover Dam during the day, at night it's a completely different experience! This tour offers you just that - sightseeing of the Las Vegas Strip, in downtown, and a quick trip to Hoover Dam! The Dam is lit up, just like Vegas, for your viewing pleasure and begs to be photographed.

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Las Vegas Strip and Red Rocks Canyon

Las Vegas Strip and Red Rocks Canyon tour

From: $ 169.99; Duration: 6.5 hours

For an unforgettable experience, head off for the Red Rock Canyon to watch the sunset and Western-style landscapes! This tour departs just on time to let you catch the incredible sunset in the mountains. Optionally, you could take a horseback ride, too. Then enjoy delicious dinner - steak or your choice. Then you will be able to enjoy some Las Vegas sightseeing at the observation deck of Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.

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Red Rock Canyon and Las Vegas Highlights

Red Rock canyon Las Vegas tour

From: $ 79.00; Duration: 6 hours

This tour is quite affordable and offers a brief introduction to the lifestyle of Las Vegas locals. After a comprehensive sightseeing tour of Las Vegas and stories by fun tour guides in western costumes, you will head off to the Red Rock Canyon for a scenic drive. As it's a pretty long tour, it also includes lunch.

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Unique Las Vegas Tours

So what do you do if you've seen it all in Las Vegas and want to something unusual and have a little more fun? Check out these fun tours that take Las Vegas sightseeing a step further. Check out the Pawn Stars Tour, the Vegas Mob Tour, the Hartland Mansion Tour, Haunted Tour, a Balloon Ride over the city, a Photo Tour, a Mini-Scooter Tour, or a Gondola Ride!

Pawn Stars Tour

Las Vegas Pawn Stars Tour

From: $ 69.99; Duration: 4 hours

Do you watch any of the reality shows Pawn Stars, Rick's Restorations or Tanked? You have a perfect opportunity to combine Las Vegas sightseeing with a tour that takes you behind the scenes of the popular shows. You can actually watch the filming of the show and meet its stars Rick Dale, The Old Man, Big Hoss and Chumlee! You will also see how old choppers and hot rods are getting restored at Count's Kustoms by Danny "The Count" Koke, and how Rick Dale and his team restore old junk found in the city!

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The Vegas Mob Tour

Las Vegas mob tour

From: $ 65.99; Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is a pleasant and blooming city. But that hasn't always been this way - not so long ago, Vegas was run by mafia and it was a small gambling city where murders and disappearances were commonplace. On this tour, you will not just enjoy Las Vegas sightseeing - you will visit the sites of strange disappearances and murders and learn about the appalling part of Las Vegas history and about the important mob bosses that kept a strict hand over the city.

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Historic Hartland Mansion

Hartland Mansion Las Vegas tour

From: $ 40.00; Duration: 2 hours

When we talk about Las Vegas sightseeing, we can't not ignore the historic landmark of the city - the Hartland Mansion. This luxurious mansion used to be home to Elvis Presley when he lived and performed in Las Vegas. It also appeared in the movie Casino starring Robert de Niro and Sharon Stone. Right now the Hartland Mansion is mostly used as a luxury wedding location, although we did read about some complaints about it being too hot in the summer and absence of air conditioning. You can visit the place on your own, it's located at 525 Park Paseo - Map. If you've already set your heart on having a wedding here, perhaps it might be a good idea to take a guided tour of the location. Air conditioning or not, this is still a beautiful historic place that is interesting to visit if you want to learn about Old Vegas.

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Haunted Vegas Tour

Las Vegas ghost tour

From: $65.99 ; Duration: 3 hours

Do you think you could enjoy a scary sightseeing tour of Las Vegas? The Haunted Vegas Tour will take you to the eeriest places in the city - sites where murders and disappearances have occurred, and sites that are believed to be haunted. There are around 21 places in the city where paranormal activity was registered. Some famous apparitions that haunt Vegas from time to time include Elvis Presley, Bugsy Siegel, Redd Foxx, Liberace.

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Hot Air Balloon

Las Vegas hot air balloon tour

From: $206.00 ; Duration: 4 hours - 1 hour flight

Here is an alternative to helicopter rides to enjoy Las Vegas sightseeing from the air! Balloons, steered by experiences pilots through the wind, slowly fly about 1000 feet above the city and the Nevada desert while you are taking in the sights! The flight starts early in the morning so you can watch sunrise. The flight itself is about one hour, but you will also have some time to learn how to inflate the balloon and tuck it away. It's something you will be telling your friends for ages!

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Photo Tour of the Strip

Las Vegas photo tour

From: $ 350.00; Duration: 1 hour

Would you like your Las Vegas memories be captured by a professional photographer? Take Las Vegas sightseeing tour in a luxury limousine! They will take you to the most interesting spots in the city where you will pose for photographs. You can pick the locations, and even schedule the time of the tour yourself!

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Scooter Car Tour of Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip

Las Vegas scooter tour

From: $249.00 ; Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

Here is a very fun and unusual way to do Las Vegas sightseeing - in a tiny three-wheel scooter! On this guided tour you will cruise the most interesting sites in the Strip and in downtown - around famous hotels, through the Neon Museum where the city's neon signs come to die...You will cruise by the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and maybe catch a glimpse of the reality show being filmed!

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Gondola Rides

Las Vegas gondola tour

From: $ 59.99; Duration: Flexible

This is a romantic package that any couple would enjoy during a Las Vegas vacation - and it's a great value for your money! Included in the package are : a 12 minutes romantic gondola ride with a singing gondolier (don't forget to kiss under the bridges as you glide under them!), a visit to the Madame Tussauds museum, and a romantic meal at Zeffirino Ristorante or at Tintoretto Bakery!

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Night Club Tour

Las Vegas night clubs tour

Here is a little special something for night owls and party animals alike - night-time Las Vegas sightseeing! There are guided tours that can take you to the city's trendiest night clubs, bars and pool parties. Besides, you can get vouchers that will save you a lot of money on nightclub-hopping!

Do It Yourself Tour

Las Vegas sightseeing tours

Would you rather explore the city by yourself? Easy ! Start with my article about Free Attractions - you might need to rent a car for that, because the Strip is quite long. If that's not enough, check out museums, parks and other attractions!

Don't forget to get your Las Vegas sighseeing pass - it will give you multiple discounts at top attractions!

PowerPassLas Vegas Power Pass Free Attractions
map of free things to do in Las Vegas
Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas
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