Best Las Vegas comedy clubs In 2024

These are best Las Vegas comedy clubs in 2024, consitently boasting an array of funniest stand up comedians in the world! Whichever club you chose, good time is guaranteed!

Brad Garrett's Comedy Club

Brad Garrett's Comedy Club Las Vegas

Venue: Brad Garrett's Comedy Club At The MGM Grand

Show Times: Daily at 8:00 pm

Age restrictions: 21+

If you’re searching for one of the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas, then look no further than the spectacular venue at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. Located within MGM Grand Las Vegas, Barrett has a long list of accomplishments over the years and you probably remember him best from his role on Everybody Loves Raymond. Today, he goes back to roots of stand up comedy in Sin City where he truly made a funny name for himself. Garrett himself performs occasionally at the club but he is heavily involved in choosing the acts that represent his name on sign. You can expect some seriously hilarious comedians to hit the stage from well-known stars like Josh Sneed, Quinn Dahle, and Dave Landau to upcoming funny people like Kathleen Dunbar, Jim Flannigan, and the ever so funny Francisco Ramos. The venue is perfectly designed to bring the best out of the comedians with incredible sightlines from every seat leaving you just a stone's throw away from all your favorite comedians.

The Laugh Factory Comedy Club

The Laugh Factory comedy club Las Vegas

Venue: Tropicana Resort & Casino

Show Times: Nightly at 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm

Review: The Laugh Factory is one of the top Las Vegas comedy clubs, voted the "No. 1" club in the US! The venue is small and intimate, drinks slightly expensive but tickets to the show are very cheap. I can't predict the experience you will have at this show as they always have someone new and what is funny to some may not be funny to you. However, it seems they prefer quality over quantity by featuring better but fewer comedians - usually 2 stand up comics per show. They also often host performances by top-notch comedians such as Ray Romano or Tim Allen, but then the tickets might be more expensive!

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Venue: V Theater, Planet Hollywood

Show Times: 9:00 pm

Age restrictions: 16+

Just when we thought comedy was dead in Sin City, the newly revamped Las Vegas Live Comedy Club opens, helping revive comedy clubs in Las Vegas. Located at the V2 Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops within Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, the newly renovated comedy club's relaxed intimate setting is ideal for bringing all the funny action right to your table and in front of your face. Headline stars like Edwin San Juan are stealing the stage with his uncanny ability to make people laugh at themselves and others while truly throwing out laughter-packed jokes that leave your stomach hurting from laughing. Along with headliners, the club is recruiting the best comedians from around the country from places like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston as well as from comic shows featuring on showtime, Comedy Central, and HBO. So, if you’re in the mood to laugh until you wet your pants, then this is a must-see comedy club to visit while in Sin City.

Laugh After Dark

Venue: Oyo Hotel & Casino

Schedule: Saturdays at 9:00 pm

Age restrictions: 21+

If you want to bump to the music and laugh until your stomach hurts, then the perfect place you need to be in Sin City is Laugh After Dark. Performing at the Oyo Hotel & Casino, Laugh After Dark Las Vegas comedy club features the very hilarious Charlie Wilson, plus a rotating cast of the funniest stand up comedians, and the groovy sounds of The Fremont Funk Band. Wilson has been honing his comedy trade since his early days in Shreveport, Louisiana and now he is taking his award winning comedy to the Strip. You can be assured that he never misses a beat with his spot-on jokes that trend from engaging to punchy to what the hell is going on in life. Accompanied on stage with a rotating cast of other stellar comedians, Laugh After Dark takes on a life of its own the longer the show goes on. To keep you bumping between the hilariously funny comedians, The Fremont Funk Band brings all the right beats, moves, and music to allow everyone in the audience to feel groovy with a smile on their face and a little stomach ache from laughing so hard it hurt.  

Delirious: Stand-Up Comedy

Venue: The Downtown Grand Casino and Hotel

Show Times: Wednesday-Sunday at 9:00 pm

Age restrictions: 21+

When you need to bust a gut laughing and listen to some excellent comedy that is sure to make you smile then a great Las Vegas comedy club for you to experience is the Delirious: Stand-Up Comedy. Performing at the Spare Room Showroom within the Downtown Grand Casino and Hotel, the event brings stellar comedians to the stage in an intimate setting second-to-none. You never know what a comedian has up their sleeve but you can be assured that there will be plenty of quips designed to make you feel like laughing. The intimate setting is ideal for targeting the audience with fun filled jokes that get everyone thinking about hiding from the comedians. Don’t worry, your stomach will hurt but it will return to normal after laughing so hard. Who knows maybe you might even shed a tear of laughter with your partner.

L.A. Comedy Club Las Vegas


Venue: Dragon Room, Stratosphere

Show Times: Every night at 8:00 pm, Friday-Saturday additional show at 10:00 pm

Age restrictions: 21+

Review: The L.A. Comedy Club in Las Vegas is a great place to spend an evening of laughing to the best local and national comedians. Standout comedians like Loni Love, Aziz Anazari and Felipe Esparsa have delivered plenty of laughs since the club’s inception in 2007. The L.A. Comedy Club has a format that includes a headliner, a feature comedian and several house comedians that will perform standup or improv during the one hour show. Located in the 160-seat Dragon Theater at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, the L.A. Comedy Club has an intimate feeling with a large stage that is flanked by two video screens. No matter where you sit in this club you will have a great sight view and the sound system carries the funny monologues throughout the theater. The L.A. Comedy Club is open nightly with two shows on Friday and Saturday.

Comedy Cellar

Venue: Rio Las Vegas

Show Times: Thursday-Sunday at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm

Finally the Comedy Cellar is coming to the West Coast and to no other place than sin City. The Comedy Cellar has brought numerous big name acts to the stage in New York City for more than 36 years and now you will have a chance to catch some of the greatest comedians of all time at the this new Las Vegas comedy club located at Rio. You won’t be surprised to hear that stars like John Stewart, Amy Schumar, Ray Ramano and Chris Rock got their start at the Comedy Cellar. You can expect the same type of quality laughs when you laugh your way through one of the 90-minute performances. You might need to unloosen the belt for the gut wrenching laughter that will surly have your ribs hurting and your eyes watering with joy. We know you are ready to witness the greatest comedians on earth so book your tickets now.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

Venue: The LINQ Promenade

Show Times: Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday at 8:00 pm or 10:00 pm

Age restrictions: 18+

We have all been waiting for that perfect Las Vegas comedy club that involves top-notch comedians unleashing new material on an unexpected audience and now you can experience this at the Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club. Located at the LINQ Promenade, the new comedy club brings the best talent to the stage in order to get the laughter flowing. The 8,000 square foot comedy club is ideal with great sight views and a superb stage setup that allows the comedians to roam freely. Jimmy Kimmel started his career as a stand-up comedian in Las Vegas and he knows how to pick the right talent to grace the stage at his new venue. The comedians are unique with plenty of one-liners and funny sketches that rival some of the best clubs on both coasts. There is a reason the Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World and this club is bound to be the best.

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