Lake Mead Tours, Cruises, Rentals, Things To Do In 2022

Taking one of the many Lake Mead tours in 2022 is a a great way to spend the day away from the bustle of Sin City. There are a wide assortment of excursions that have you exploring the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River. You have a great variety of ways to see the largest man-made body of water in the Western Hemisphere from peddling on a mountain bike to maneuvering an ATV to cruising on a jet ski and you can even take a trail run along the Historic Tunnel Trail. The excursions offer many other exciting options too like going to a shooting range, taking a swim in the Colorado River or you can add-on a stunning helicopter flight to Grand Canyon National Park. Whether you want to take the family or just your loved one, there is an ideal excursion to Lake Mead to please everyone..

ATV Tour of Lake Mead National Recreational Area from Las Vegas

If you are searching to take a break from Sin City and raise your adrenaline level then a perfect a Lake Mead tour for you to try is the ATV Tour of Lake Mead National Recreational Area from Las Vegas. Your 6.5-hour journey starts with complimentary hotel pick-up service when you meet your guide and transported to Lake Mead National Recreational Area. As you travel your expert guide will inform you of the interesting history behind the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River and the mining districts that surround Eldorado Canyon. Once you reach the Lake Mead National Recreational Area you will be outfitted with an ATV and all the necessary safety equipment before you start your journey. During your 3-hour ATV driving adventure your eyes will pop from the beautiful scenery that includes sheer cliffs, desert landscapes as well as plenty of wildlife. After maneuvering your ATV for 1.5-hour you will stop next to the Colorado River where you can indulge in a free lunch and take a quick dip in the water to cool your body off. When you finish your ATV ride you will make a stop at Hoover Dam on the way home for photographs. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service at your hotel.

Hoover Dam Mountain Bike Tour

The Hoover Dam Mountain Bike Tour is an ideal Lake Mead tour for all levels of riders that has you peddling through stunning scenery while viewing one of the greatest engineering feats in the world. Your 7-hour journey begins with hotel pick-up service where you will meet your expert guide and travel to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. You start your mountain biking experience on a recently opened trail that has you peddling downhill until you reach the Lake Mead Visitor’s Center where you can take a quick dip in the lake before heading out to the Historic Tunnel Trail. Once at the trailhead you will bike 8-miles downhill through five tunnels along a historic rail line that was once used during the construction of Hoover Dam. During your biking adventure there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing and the scenery of Lake Mead from above is beautiful. When you reach the dam you can decide to take an add-on option tour of the dam (extra fee) or just take some more photographs of the Colorado River, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Your biking journey concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel.

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Kayaking to Emerald Cave in the Black Canyon

A very exciting thing to do at Lake Mead for you to try when you want to combine natural beauty with a bit of exercise is to take the wonderful Kayaking to Emerald Cave in the Black Canyon Tour. Your 3-hour day of paddling begins when you take a short drive to Willow Beach, Arizona within the boundaries of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Here you meet your guide and are outfitted with your kayak and after a short safety briefing you put your kayak into the mighty Colorado River. Once you start to paddle the sheer cliff walls of the Black Canyon jettison into the sky and are filled with wildlife like migrating birds and desert big horn sheep. You travel through the Black Canyon until you reach the turquoise colored waters of Emerald Cave where you can take as many photos as you want of this spectacular cave system. Depending on water levels of the Colorado River you can experience a quick dip along a sandy beach area before paddling back to Willow Beach where your excursion concludes when you pull your kayak out of the water.


Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, and Wildlife Half-Day Photo Tour from Las Vegas

When you are interested in gazing at stunning scenery, wildlife, and taking photos of everything, then you should try the Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, and Wildlife Half-Day Photo Tour from Las Vegas. Your 8-hour adventure starts with pick-up service from select Las Vegas hotels where you are transported into another world of renown landscapes at Valley of Fire State Park. The brilliantly colored rock formations at the state park are fascinating and have been featured in many Hollywood movies including Star Trek. While at the state park you make a couple of stops for photographs that are sure to include stunning images of desert big horn sheep, wild burros, desert tortoise, and hundreds of birds like bald eagles and falcons. Traveling forward you make your way to the north shore of Lake Mead National Recreation Area where you can view the volcanic landscape of Mount Cleopatra. Along the way you make a couple of stops at special places like Pinto Valley, Bowl of Fire, and the Rainbow Gardens where you can take more incredible photos. Your last stop is at Hemenway Park in Boulder City which is literally like an outside zoo filled with native animals of the area and another great place to snap photos. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service at select hotels.  

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour with Lake Mead Photo Stop from Las Vegas

One of the more interesting things to do at Lake Mead is to combine your trip with the Grand Canyon and that is what you will enjoy when you book the Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour with Lake Mead Photo Stop from Las Vegas. Your 11-hour journey begins with hotel pick-up service where you are transported to Lake Mead National Recreation Area where you stop at a vantage point overlooking the huge lake to take photos. From here you travel through the Mojave Desert to Meadview to gaze at Joshua Trees before heading out to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Once at the West Rim you have time to enjoy several viewing points including Eagle and Guano Points that boast big views of the stunning landscape at Grand Canyon National Park. Here you can also opt-in to take a stroll on the famous glass bridge called the Skywalk which gives you views from 4,000 feet above the canyon floor (additional cost). Your day concludes driving back to Sin City and drop-off service at select hotels.


Lake Mead Cruises

A fascinating thing to do at Lake Mead for anyone that likes to go sightseeing in style and lounge on an authentic Mississippi paddlewheel boat is to book one of the many tours or packages available at Lake Mead Cruises. Your sightseeing adventure is complete when you try one of the packages that range from a tour of the Hoover Dam to renewing your wedding vows to enjoying the lake’s scenery while indulging in lunch, brunch or dinner to just relaxing on the deck of the authentic three-wheel Mississippi style paddlewheel boat. As you cruise the lake there are plenty of opportunities for you to snap photos, enjoy a drink, and relax with sun hitting face while you gaze out over the beautiful waters of Lake Mead. No matter which package you choose to book, there will be fun and adventure waiting for you a board this special boat.

Las Vegas Trail Run Lake Mead tour

Most people today like to get a little exercise while on vacation and a great way to stay fit in Sin City is to take the Las Vegas Trail Run Tour. This 4-hour Lake Mead tour starts with complimentary pick-up service from your hotel where you will meet your guide and be transported to the trail head of the Historic Tunnels Trail. Once here you will be engulfed with beautiful scenery of the Mojave Desert and the gorgeous blue waters of Lake Mead which is the largest man-made body of water in the Western Hemisphere. The Historic Tunnels Trail is an 8-mile section of old rail line that was used by workers during the construction of the Hoover Dam until 1961 when the tracks were removed. As you run along the trail you will pass through five 25-foot tunnels, have wildlife viewing opportunities and excellent views of Lake Mead before reaching the last few switch backs that take you to Hoover Dam. Once at the dam you can run across until you reach the end which has you standing in Arizona. Your running journey concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Lake Mead tour


Experience one of the fastest growing recreational sports, stand-up paddleboarding, on the largest body of man-made water in the Western Hemisphere. This well-crafted half-day Lake Mead tour will teach you the basics of stand-up paddleboarding as your instructor leads you through various lessons of stand-up paddleboarding tailored to your ability.

Starting with a hotel pick up and a quick 30-mile drive to Lake Mead, which is ideal for learning how to stand-up paddleboard, you will be greeted with all of the equipment needed for your stand-up paddleboarding experience. Your instructor will lay out a sensible game plan based on your experience, maybe that is balancing for the novice or how to carve a better turn for the more experienced.

Enjoy a quick history lesson of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead from your instructor and resupply your body with a boxed lunch. From here you might just float by an extinct volcano or journey out to the Boulder Islands. Either way you will enjoy the beautiful water that makes Lake Mead famous for recreation purposes and stand-up paddleboarding. Your 5-hour tour ends with a stop at Hemenway Park to view bighorn sheep and a drop off at your hotel.

Biking And Kayaking Lake Mead tour


Maneuver your mountain bike down a trail that winds some 1,500 vertical feet through historic tunnels, bighorn sheep habitat on your way down to Hoover Dam and a kayak picnic lunch on Lake Mead.

The first part of your Lake Mead tour will be mountain biking down a gorgeous trail that has a vertical elevation drop of 1,500 feet. Travel through five historic tunnels and the Hemenway Park, for bighorn sheep viewing. You will maneuver along the beautiful desert scenery that surrounds Lake Mead on your way to one of the most fascinating engineering projects in the world, the Hoover Dam.

Just when you thought your legs were going to give out you arrive at Lake Mead, where kayaks await for the second portion of your journey. Enjoy a refreshing lunch after you take a plunge in Lake Mead on that hot day after you paddle to the outlying Boulder Islands. Once on the island you will have a prepared lunch waiting to restore your body’s nutrients. After lunch you will enjoy a nice kayak adventure with views of sunken wooden ships and marine life as you paddle on the serene waters of Lake Mead. Once you are dropped off at your hotel you will realize you just spent the perfect recreational day.

Lake Mead and Canoe Kayak Rentals


Thinking about kayaking but don’t want to be confined to a Lake Mead tour group or guide? The half or full-day kayak rentals can offer you the freedom you seek.

After arriving at the office you will be outfitted with your choice of either a “sit-inside” or sit-on-top” style of kayak and then transported to your point of put-in at Lake Mead. Most beginners choose the “sit-on-top” style of kayak and the more experienced paddler prefers the “sit-inside.” Outfitters will answer any and all questions you might have before you venture out.

You can decide on your own destination based on your rental period of either four or eight hours. Paddle the serene waters of the largest man-made lake in the Western Hemisphere as you enjoy the surrounding landscape and animals that Lake Mead offers the visitor.

Bring your own lunch or dinner and enjoy a relaxing meal on your own on Boulder Islands or simply paddle along the shoreline until you find a private cove to open your picnic basket and start resupplying your body. Your body will enjoy the activity and your mind will relish the peaceful scenery that you will be encountering on your kayaking journey.

Lake Mead Nevada Houseboat Rentals

Houseboat on Lake Mead

Renting a houseboat and living there is also a popular thing to do here! Think of a houseboat as of a hotel minus casino - they have everything you may need for a few days of vacation for your whole family and a few friends! Houseboats are very easy to operate - anyone can do that, besides you will get complete instructions from the marinas you choose to rent from: Callville Bay, Temple Bar .

If you have never used a houseboat before, we recommend you to check out the Guide to Houseboats.

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