Best gun shooting ranges in Las Vegas

Here are the best gun shooting ranges in Las Vegas! Whether you are looking for wild things to do on a bachelor party or great family entertainment, shooting automatic weapons indoor and outdoor and around Vegas is one of the coolest things to do! All these shooting ranges boast fantastic selections of guns, carbines, pistols, machine guns and all kids of firearms imaginable, and the entire experience is literally a blast!

The Range 702 gun shooting range in Las Vegas

the Range 702 Las VegasBook The Range 702 package

Prices from: $174.95

Address: 4699 Dean Martin Drive Las Vegas, NV 89103

The Range 702 Las Vegas offers an over-the-top, ultimate shooting experience to visitors with 25 lanes and exciting packages to select from. The Range 702 is an indoor shooting facility and the largest of its kind in Nevada. Other than one of the best gun shooting ranges in Las Vegas, there is a retail store, a training classroom, VIP lounges and a cafeteria on site. The facility uses advanced equipment, firearms and technological advancements to deliver an exciting adventure to firearms enthusiasts. Choose from packages like Black Ops, Prohibition, Sniper, Mob Experience and Femme Fatal for a unique experience. Customized packages for bachelor parties and bachelorettes are also available. The Range 702 also offers a number of classes to introduce newbies to handguns, youth classes, care and maintenance, some of which are free of cost.

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Machine Gun Vegas Shooting Range

Machine Gun VegasBook Machine Gun Vegas Package

Prices from: $55.00

Address: 3501 Aldebaran Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Machine Gun Vegas shooting range is located not too far from the Strip and it offers visitors an adrenaline-packed experience with their choice of unique firearms like M60, Glock 17, AK-47, shotguns, semiautomatic and automatic guns to select from. The facility also offers a customized outdoor shooting experience for large groups as well as one-on-one training in the Las Vegas desert. The facility itself is designed to feel very hip and urban with dim lights, comfortable lounge-like seating and welcoming staff members. The VIP lounge is sophisticated and trendy with two private lanes, a television and a very laid-back, private ambiance. The souvenir shop offers a huge range of merchandise. The packages offered are also quite unique and include Seal Team IV, World at War, Femme Fatale, the Compound experience and more.

The Gun Store shooting range in Las Vegas

The Gun Store Las VegasBook The Gun Store Las Vegas Package

Prices from: $159.99

Address: 2900 E Tropicana Ave

The Gun Store is an indoor gun shooting range in Las Vegas located 3.5 miles away from the Strip. However, outdoor shooting packages are also available for firing exciting firearms like the deuce, Desert Eagle and the Barrett Sniper Rifle at unique targets and even blowing up cars. The Gun Store offers a number of good packages to choose from like WWII package, Zombie package, 12 gun package, coalition package and a VIP package that includes personal training, 11 firearms and unlimited beverages. The Gun Store offers customized packages for bachelor parties, bachelorettes, CCW classes and even shotgun wedding packages. There are expert instructors available on hand to help and no permits or shooting experience is necessary to try your hand at the firing range.

Shooting and Doors-off Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas with Optional ATV Tour

Shooting and Doors-off Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas with Optional ATV Tour in Las Vegas

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Combine the adrenaline rush of flying in an open-door helicopter with shooting real guns in this exciting tour.

The tour starts on the Hoover Dam Bridge where you can take photos of the amazing scenery from 900 feet high. Then set off to the helicopter pad and climb aboard. Your flight takes you over the incredible Grand Canyon, the best way to view it, from above! Your guide will update you on the geological information and the history of this iconic venue. When you land, a shooting experience awaits. Choose a Las Vegas shooting range package that thrills you, there is the Barrett Sniper Rifle, the Browning BMG or the Desert Eagle. Afterwards, relax over a typical American lunch of hamburger, fries and a softdrink.

Outdoor Shooting Range Package from Las Vegas with Optional ATV and Doors-off Helicopter Tour

Outdoor Shooting Range Package from Las Vegas with Optional ATV and Doors-off Helicopter Tour in Las Vegas

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Shooting in the Arizona Desert is a gun-lovers dream. This fabulous gun Las Vegas shooting range tour allows you to choose from a variety of guns at a military style shooting range that recreates the Desert Storm campaign. Have a safety, orientation and shooting lesson from an experienced instructor and then try your skills at hitting the targets. When you are done, climb aboard a doors-off helicopter for an exhilarating ride over the Grand Canyon. Learn about this astounding natural landscape as you snap photos from high in the sky. For more fun, when you touch down, ATV's are waiting to be ridden through the Lake Mead Recreational Area. Lunch awaits and offers a classic All-American burger, fries and a softdrink.

The Gun Store Steel Challenge

The Gun Store Steel Challenge in Las Vegas

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Try some target practice in a stunning modern day lead-free shooting range in Las Vegas. This tour will have you shooting a 9mm handgun with 80 rounds of ammo, enough to get really good! Your instructor will give you an expert lesson and show you how to load, aim and shoot. Safety is foremost and the range has state-of-the-art facilities. All equipment is included. When you start hitting the target make sure someone is shooting a video for you to take home! Hotel pick up and drop off is part of the package.

Three Gun Package at The Gun Store

Three Gun Package at The Gun Store in Las Vegas

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Choose which weapons you want to shoot on this next Las Vegas shooting range tour. The Three Gun Package allows you to select any three weapons that take your fancy. All equipment, protective gear and ammunition is provided. When you arrive your hostess will discuss the gun options with you. A trained gun expert will then give you a safety lesson and a shooting lesson. This cutting-edge modern range is 100% non-toxic and lead-free. Shoot at your target and make sure you get a video and some photos. Hotel pick up and drop off is included as part of the package.

Shoot The Wall Package at the Gun Store

Shoot The Wall Package at the Gun Store in Las Vegas

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It is not often that you can try out twelve different guns in one shooting experience. This fabulous gun shooting range in Las Vegas offers just that. Located at the Gun Store, the package allows you to shoot a dozen different weapons including a Browning M1919, a M4, a Thompson, a Sten Gun, an AK47, an UZI and more! All safety equipment, gear and ammunition is included. Your experienced instructor will be by your side at all times and will teach you the skills needed for the different weapons. You will have 25 rounds for each weapon, more than enough to become an expert!

Machine Gun Experience with Military Humvee in Las Vegas

Machine Gun Experience with Military Humvee in Las Vegas

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Become part of the Military and ride through Las Vegas in a Humvee! This exciting Las Vegas shooting range tour will collect you from your hotel and drive you to the shooting range which is a five acre area filled with tanks, helicopters and other military vehicles. Spend time exploring these amazing vehicles, then meet your expert shooting instructor and for a safety and orientation lesson. Choose your shooting package and have a lesson on how to handle the weapons. The indoor range is modern and cutting-edge with all the facilities you need including VIP rooms in which to relax when you are done. Take your target home as a souvenir!

Seal Team 6 Shooting Package

Seal Team 6 Shooting Package in Las Vegas

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If you still have not had enough of shooting, join this Vegas shooting range tour and experience the thrill of being part of a combat operation. The Seal Team 6 Shooting Package offers a chance to shoot a M249 SAW, a Tactical Shotgun and a SIG P226, amongst others. The range represents the real deal and your instructor is a qualified weapon and tactical expert. Feel the power of machine guns in this shooting range in Las Vegas, dual-mode shotguns and pump-action weapons. End your day shooting the SPAS-12 Tactical Shotgun, even though it is banned in the US, you can still get your hands on one and pretend to be a Seal.

Battlefield Vegas Shooting Range

Battlefield Las Vegas

Packages On Battlefield Vegas

Prices from: $79.99

Address: 2771 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Battlefield Vegas shooting range offers an exciting military battle experience at a 5 acre large facility that has been realistically designed with a collection of military vehicles like jeeps, Humvees, army trucks, M2A1 Halftrack and even Huey helicopters. To make the experience even more authentic, Battlefield Vegas offers pick up and drop services in an actual military Humvee! This Las Vegas shooting range offers a collection of more than 350 machineguns to select from. Try your hand at authentic firearms used in World War I to NATO firearms used in Afghanistan. There are a number of excellent indoor and outdoor packages to select from such as Counterstrike, BlackOps, Cold War and Pvt Ryan experience. Additionally, this is the only Las Vegas gun range Vegas where you'd be able to try the mini-gun firing around 4,000 rounds per minute.

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