Best Las Vegas Asian Restaurants In 2023

Here are the best Las Vegas Asian restaurants that range from family-friendly to trendy and with cuisine that boasts flavor from around many Asian countries. Diners looking for something unique that mixes Mexican along with Korean specialty dishes should try Soho Sushi Burrito and the mixture of flavors will surprise you at KoMex Fusion. Family-style casual dining can be found at the Island Style Restaurant where you will find Hawaiian, Chinese as well as Korean cuisine and the Biwon Korean BBQ and Sushi Restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat option. The Q Bistro is inexpensive with a lively atmosphere and District One brings Vietnamese fusion food to the table. For upscale trendy chic try the Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining and TAO Asian Bistro mixes aesthetics with superb dishes, while Andrea’s offers a social scene second to none with innovative fusion cuisine.

District One

Address: 3400 South Jones Blvd. Suite#8

Prices: $$-$$$


If you are interested in finding a Las Vegas Asian restaurant that combines the flavors of Vietnam with many different countries then you should try District One. Located along South Jones Boulevard, this trendy establishment has a modern hip interior and draws a younger crowd for both lunch as well as dinner. The flavors found in the food are distinct and if you are a pho addict then the big bone soup as well as the oxtail pho are must eat items. But there is more here to enjoy than pho like the garlic noodles, the steak and eggs with a delicate fish sauce, the double down (just think short ribs) and the coconut pork belly as well as a variety of vegetarian options. If you are looking for a late night happy hour with small plates and drink specials this restaurant would fit into your plans.

TAO Asian Bistro

Address: 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd

Prices: $$$-$$$$


The TAO Asian Bistro is an ideal Las Vegas Asian restaurant for diners looking for a spiritual adventure while eating innovative cuisine that mixes the flavors of China, Japan and Thailand. Located at the Venetian within the Grand Canal Shoppes, the interior of this restaurant is tranquil with a 20-foot Buddha statue, koi ponds as well as Samurai swords on the wall and boasts a spiritual dining attitude for dinner. Once inside you can order from the sushi bar before continuing on your journey that will delight your taste buds. Outstanding dishes that highlight the flavors of the region include a Wasabi crusted filet mignon, the lobster pad Thai, a miso glazed Chilean sea bass and the crispy orange chicken are all great dishes. Diners looking to attend the TAO Nightclub after eating should take advantage of the 3-course package deal which includes entrance to the club.

Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining

Address: 4480 Paradise Rd,

Prices: $$-$$$


The Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining is a perfect Las Vegas Asian restaurant for diners looking for authentic Korean BBQ with quality meats and consistent service. Located on Paradise Road, the establishment has a casual upbeat atmosphere with in-table grills and is open for lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers an a la carte menu which features combination packages which seem to be the favorites here. These packages include specialty items like oysters, fried calamari as well as dynamite shrimp for starters with traditional dishes such as bulgogi, pork belly and galbi are pleasers. The banchans served before and during the meal are nice with the kimchi being tasty. For dessert the banana tempura and lava cake will have your taste buds dancing. Happy hour is a good here with drink specials such as 50% off beer pitchers and specialty drinks.

Island Style Restaurant

Address:3909 W Sahara Ave #1

Prices: $-$$


When you are searching for a quality family-friendly Las Vegas Asian restaurant that offers a diverse menu that ranges from Korean to Chinese to Hawaiian cuisine then you should try the Island Style Restaurant. Located along West Sahara Avenue, the establishment has a simple decor with a quiet atmosphere and is open for lunch as well as dinner. The menu brings traditional dishes from China, Korea and the Hawaiian Islands into one place so there are adequate choices for all diners. The Hawaiian dishes that have been crowd pleasers are the meat jun, kalua pork, loco moco and the spam with three eggs. Korean style dishes that standout are the bibimbap, the mandu dumplings and the black bean noodle soup. The Chinese portions are large with the sweet and sour chicken a favorite. All meals are served with complimentary banchan dishes which add value to your dining experience. /index.php/menu/

Q Bistro

Address: 3400 S JONES BLVD STE 11

Prices: $$


If you are interested in finding a hip Las Vegas Asian restaurant that won’t break the bank then you should eat at Q Bistro. Located along South Jones Boulevard, the restaurant has a modern Asian decor that is pleasing to the senses with K-pop playing in the background and is open for dinner. The menu concentrates on Korean cuisine with a new twist as well as traditional comfort food. All meals are served with complimentary banchan dishes and traditional dishes worth noting are galbi, bibimbap, the pork hock plate of pig’s feet as well as the spicy rice cakes. Innovative items such as the bulgogi pizza, stir fried squid/pork belly and the spicy chicken cheese buldak bring flare to the menu. The real standout here is the fried chicken wings with a choice of several sauces which complement the crispy chicken with tang and zest.

Biwon Korean BBQ and Sushi Restaurant

Address: 2721 W Sahara Ave

Prices: $$-$$$


If you are searching for an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Las Vegas Asian restaurant that boasts a menu with Korean BBQ as well as sushi then the best place to eat is the Biwon Korean BBQ and Sushi Restaurant. Located on West Sahara Avenue, the restaurant has a simple Asian themed interior with in-table grills and is open for lunch as well as dinner with a late night special that is ideal for partiers. Once inside you have the option of a la carte menu or the 1.5-hour AYCE Korean BBQ, sushi that you can combine which gives you a choice of 214 items. The Korean BBQ includes complimentary banchan and items such as spicy short ribs, brisket, ribeye, pork belly and beef tongue. On the sushi side there are eight styles of rolls that range from traditional to shrimp tempura to sushi burritos to spicy or non-spicy.

KoMex Fusion

Address: 633 N Decatur Blvd

Prices: $


When you want to eat the best mixture of Korean and Mexican flavors in mouthwatering dishes then a superb Las Vegas Asian restaurant for you to try is KoMex Fusion. Located on North Decatur Boulevard, this casual establishment has a simple decor and cooks everything to order for lunch as well as dinner. The concept is based on quick service that combines the flavors from South of the Border with Korean dishes that are innovative and tasty. Once here you will be surprised with specialties such as the bulgogi cheesesteak torta sandwich, bulgogi tater tots, kimchi fried rice and musubi with a spam or pork belly option. Fusion tacos are another standout at this restaurant and the fusion tostada has appeared on the Food Network. A bonus at this family-owned establishment is a 5% discount if you pay in cash.

Soho Sushi Burrito

Address: 2600 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 115

Prices: $-$$


When you want to eat something fast and innovative then an ideal Las Vegas Asian restaurant for you is the Soho Sushi Burrito. Located along West Sahara Avenue, this restaurant combines the best of Japanese and Mexican foods into an outstanding grab-n-go item. Fashioned after a Subway or Chipotle style restaurant this quick service place is open for lunch and dinner. There are eleven signature burritos on the menu which concentrates on fresh or cooked fish along with traditional sauces and wraps them up in a flour/wheat tortilla, soy paper or seaweed. You also have the option to customize your own burrito with the many flavors available and vegetarians have several choices including bowls. Standout burritos include 3 amigos, angry tuna as well as the twin dragon and the house made taro chips with cheddar cheese sauce are a must try at this Las Vegas Asian restaurant.

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