The Best Las Vegas Mexican restaurants In 2023

Below are my reviews of the best Las Vegas Mexican restaurants! For diners looking for an authentic no thrills taco experience then head to Tacos El Gordo or El Segundo Sol. Upscale diners looking for a trendy atmosphere can try the Border Grill and T&T-Tacos & Tequila brings flavors of trendy Mexico City as well as YOLOS Mexican Grill where you will find 60 different tequilas. You can grab a street taco at Canonita while you shop at the Grand Canal or visit Hussong’s Cantina Las Vegas for a margarita and you will find a fine dining element at Javier’s. Families will like the diversity of the menu at Cabo Wabo Cantina as well as the assortment of flavors and the portions served at Nacho Daddy.


Location: Inside Aria Hotel

Reservations recommended : 866-590-3637.

When you want to have a fine dining experience at a Las Vegas Mexican restaurant that is sure to bring your taste buds to life with sophisticated dishes, then you should go to Javier's. It is a popular upscale restaurant that features innovative traditional cuisine from all around Mexico with a modern twist.

Javier's was founded by Javier Sosa, who opened the first restaurant in Laguna Beach, California in 1995. Since then, the restaurant has expanded with additional locations in several US cities, as well as in Los Cabos, Mexico. One of their locations is at Aria Las Vegas, which is a perfect location for visitors looking for an upscale Mexican dining experience.

Javier’s at Aria boasts chic and elegant ambiance, vibrant atmosphere that sets the perfect tone for a memorable meal. Once inside, you will be treated to plenty of ambiance, which includes carved woods with Aztec motif, and a high-arching, colonial-style ceiling accented with a rope-style chandelier.

Javier's menu showcases an array of delectable dishes from different regions of Mexico. Guests can enjoy specialties such as Callitos Mazatlan (premium wild scallops), Pescado a la Veracruzana (seared season fish), and Cabo Azul (Maine lobster), Mole Poblano (chicken breat), Michoacan-style carnitas, and Suiss-style Enchiladas.

To complement your meal, Javier's Las Vegas offers an impressive selection of quality tequilas, ranging from white to reposado to anejo. They are perfect for sipping while enjoying the world-class cuisine that Javier's is renowned for.

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Border Grill

Location: Inside Mandalay Bay

Reservations are encouraged: 702-632-7403

Border Grill is a vibrant and colorful upscale Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas, offering a modern and elevated take on street food-inspired regional Mexican cuisine. Border Grill is known for its delicious food, made using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and each dish is carefully crafted to ensure maximum flavor and satisfaction.

Border Grill is a stylish and trendy restaurant that offers a contemporary twist on classic Mexican dishes. Border Grill boasts a chic and trendy atmosphere with an urban flair, providing guests with a unique dining experience. Located at Mandalay Bay, the restaurant offers stunning views of the Mandalay Beach area, making it a perfect spot to people-watch while sipping on a delicious margarita.

Co-owned by renowned chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Millikin, who have appeared on the Food Network, Border Grill is a must-visit destination for foodies.

As pioneers in the culinary industry for decades, the owners of Border Grill, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Millikin, have always been committed to sustainability and using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. At Border Grill, this commitment is reflected in the menu, which features a variety of organic and locally grown ingredients.

At Border Grill, the owners are dedicated to providing guests with a fresh and healthy take on authentic Mexican cuisine. They believe that food should be both light and flavorful, and they achieve this by incorporating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and salsas into their dishes.

The decor at Border Grill is modern and stylish, with colorful accents and a vibrant energy that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're out for a romantic dinner or a fun night with friends, the atmosphere at this Maxican restaurant is sure to impress.

Standout dishes at Border Grill include Yucatan Pork roasted in banana leaves, Spicy shrimp tacos, Chicken Poblano and Short Rib Enchiladas.

El Dorado Cantina - The Strip

El Dorado Cantina


Location: 3025 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr

El Dorado Cantina is one of the best Mexican restaurants located on the Las Vegas Strip. El Dorado Cantina's commitment to using high-quality, organic, and locally sourced ingredients a distinguishing trait of the restaurant. They prioritize using organic produce and non-GMO ingredients in their dishes, which is a key part of their sustainability and social responsibility mission.

Entrepreneur Darin Feinstein founded El Dorado Cantina in 2014, with the goal of creating a high-end Mexican restaurant that offered sustainable, organic cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. Since then, the restaurant has become a popular dining destination on the Las Vegas Strip, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant sources its meat and poultry from local farms that prioritize humane and sustainable practices. By using local suppliers, El Dorado Cantina is able to ensure the freshness and quality of their ingredients, while also supporting the local economy.

The chefs at El Dorado Cantina put a lot of care and attention into the preparation of their dishes. They use traditional Mexican cooking techniques and flavors, while also adding their own modern twists to create unique and flavorful dishes. The menu features a range of options, including gluten-free and vegan options, to accommodate different dietary needs and preferences.

The ambiance at El Dorado Cantina is modern and upscale, with elegant décor, red accents and comfortable seating. The dining room is spacious, with plenty of natural light and a lively atmosphere.

El Dorado Cantina is known for its wide variety of flavorful and unique Mexican dishes that originate from various regions. Their offerings include signature tacos such as Quesabirria, Lobster, Filet Mignon. The menu also features multiple enchiladas, fajitas, and burritos options. For some sinature dishes, try their Rudolph's Cedar Chipotle Salmon or Judi Siegel Platter. Vegetarials will also find a variety of options, such as Vegan Quesadilla, Vegan Fajita Bowl, as well as Vegan and Veggie Burritos.

The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of tequilas, cocktails, sangrias, along with a wine list that features a variety of international and domestic wines.


Canonita Las Vegas restaurant

Location: At the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Hotel


It's not everyday you can devour delicious Mexican cuisine while viewing out over the canals of Venice, but that’s what you will find at Canonita. This Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas is truly unique not only for the splendid homemade food but the atmosphere is tremendous as well.

Situated next to the Grand Canals in the Venetian, the interior is sleek, upscale, and very festive. Another unique part of visiting Canonita is the view of the Grand Canal with the many gondolas and singing gondoliers passing by your table.

Canonita is fueled by Executive Chef Daniel Marquez who has spent more than 26 years preparing tasty dishes from his homeland. Born and raised in Mexico City, Marquez traveled throughout Mexico as a child and early teen learning the traditions and customs of the many culinary delights of the country. Marquez is certified by the American Culinary Federation and the Culinary Institute of America. He has been instrumental in opening many new restaurants including the famed Coyote Cafe in Las Vegas.

The cuisine at Canonita reflects the wonderful spices and flavors of Marquez’s homeland where everything is made fresh including the hand pressed tortillas. Specialties include Santa Rosa Barbacoa, and a delicate Mahi Mahi Veracruz style. Traditional plates pleasing patrons such as Mexico City Enchiladas, and the Canonita Burrito features a variety of fillings from carne asada to shrimp.

Brunch is a perfect idea with bottomless mimosa along with plenty of specialty tequilas and mezcals which can be enjoyed with a flight tasting. People looking for something quick and tasty should try the Canonita Street Taco Truck located next to the restaurant in the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Photo courtesy of The Venetian

China Poblano

China Poblano Las Vegas restaurant

Location: At the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


Photo courtesy of China Poblano

One of the most innovative Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas that mixes super flavors from Asia and Mexico is the China Poblano. Located along the Strip, China Poblano is a masterful creation by Chef Jose Andres with flavorful foods for your tastebuds to cherish.

Chef Jose Andres, world-renowned Michelin-starred and James Beard Award Winning chef, traveled the streets of China exploring traditional Asian dishes. After fine tuning his classic Mexican recipes, China Poblano was born bringing together the flavors of both worlds.

The interior of China Poblano is highlighted by an open-air Dim Sum kitchen allowing the guests to view these magical dishes being hand-crafted. The vibrant decor is a mixture of paintings from the mystical La China Poblana to iconic portraits of Frida along with a vast array of ancient masks and pottery from both lands.

The menu is highlighted by fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. You’ll find handmade corn tortillas, delightful Ceviches, a variety of Tacos and specialty dishes like Pozole Rojo, and Camerones al Mole de Ajo Negro (shrimp with aged black garlic).

But that’s just the beginning for diners with handmade and cut noodle dishes like Li Mian Lo Mein, and Dan Dan Mian, a classic Chinese street dish. Other specialties include Mongolian Beef Lettuce, Golden Pearls (steamed dumplings) and several Siu Mai creations from Quail Egg to Chicken.

China Poblano has an extensive drink menu with a superb variety of tequilas and mezcals which are offered up in margaritas, by the shot, or you can enjoy a flight tasting of several.

Bajamar Seafood & Tacos

Bajamar Seafood & Tacos Las Vegas restaurant

Location: 1615 S Las Vegas Blvd


When you’re craving some genuine Baja-style Mexican cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients in Sin City, then the only Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas for you is Bajamar Seafood & Tacos. First opened in 2017, the Puchi and Ramirez families have recreated the excellent vibes of the many Baja California pop-up taco stands that once dotted the oceanfront. The friendly atmosphere inside is matched by a spot-on decor sporting plenty of surf boards hanging on the walls along with retro throw-back photos of VW buses topped off with surf boards, scenes of bonfires on the beach, and old pop-up taco stands along seafront. The vibe is Baja California and the owners truly make first time guests feel like regulars and long time patrons like family.

Bajamar Seafood & Taco concept started with a few recipes from Chef Jorge’s grandmother’s masterful use of fresh ingredients to bring the best Baja flavors. After honing their skills more with only the freshest ingredients hand-picked daily from local markets, the dishes are pure heaven for your taste buds.

The menu delivers a superb California Baja-style and touches the heart of true Baja dishes from signature dishes like the delicious Aguachile Bajamar to Spicy Octopus Tacos to Bajamar Fish Tacos to tasty Marlin Tacos.

Bajamar Seafood & Tacos also boasts a large selection of mouthwatering Ceviche Tostadas including crowd pleasers like the Cortez Tostada, La Playa tostada, the Tsunami Tostada, and there is a fabulous Ceviche Sampler to help you find your favorite while you're sipping one of their famous Micheladas or their made fresh daily agua fresca.

Hussong's Mexican Cantina

Hussong's Mexican Cantina Las Vegas

Location: The Shoppes at Mandalay Place


Photo courtesy of Hussong's Cantina

Hussong’s Mexican Cantina is famous for being the first bar to craft a margarita in the world and is a must try Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. The restaurant is fashioned after the original Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada, which has been pleasing guests for 125 years and historical records show it is the home of the first known margarita, invented 1941 by bartender Carlos Orozco.

The interior is lively with plenty of memorabilia on the walls from hanging Corona Bottles to photographs of Pancho Villa to movie stars that highlight its glorious past in Ensenada as “The bar that built a town”. The atmosphere is perfect for a good time while indulging in one of their famous margaritas while listening to a Mariachi Band or watching a game.

The menu at Hussong’s Mexican Cantina has something for everyone including children. You’ll devour house specialties like the Hussong’s Chile Relleno, Flautas, the Silver & Black Burrito, and the Stacked Quesadillas are superb. They offer a plethora of tacos from Pork Belly to Lengua (tongue) to Carne Asada to Barbacoa, and the crispy Dorado Tacos are tasty.

Hussong’s Mexican Cantina is a hit with the Vegan crowd too with delicious offerings like Vegan Chimichangas, Vegan Mango-Habanero Guacamole, Vegan Enchiladas, and an assortment of Vegan tacos from fish to chicken to beef.

Happy hour is ideal for people looking for discounted eats and drinks but don’t forget to try their famous margarita that was the first of its kind in the world.

T&T - Tacos & Tequila

Address: Inside Palace Station Hotel


There’s nothing quite like a fiesta in Sin City and one of the best fiestas can be found at Tacos & Tequila. This lively Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas boasts an incredible list of tequilas and mezcals as well as something for everyone from families to friends to just hanging out sipping on one of their award-winning margaritas.

Located inside Palace Station, the interior is loaded with large murals, blown up photographs of Mexico City, and there are plenty of televisions to watch your favorite game. The atmosphere is livelier on Sundays during their unique Mariachi Brunch that features 2 for 1 house margaritas.

The superb Mexican dishes are prepared under the command of Executive Chef Casey Houghton who has resided over the kitchen staff for 10 years at Tacos & Tequila. He has created tasty cuisine with a variety of fresh ingredients that bring the flavors to life in your mouth.

The menu offers many crowd pleasers like traditional build-your-own combination platters with a choice of salsas and a variety of innovative styles or you can choose a delicious plate of Enchiladas, a Classic Burrito, and the Appetizer Sampler Platter is perfectly spiced. The #1 choice at Tacos & Tequila is their Alambre Tacos which is prepared with a filet mignon, smoked applewood bacon, authentic Oaxaca cheese, poblano chiles, onion, and flour tortillas. Superb Gluten Free and Vegan choices are also available for almost all of their creative dishes.

Brunch on Sundays brings a pared down menu with lots of spice and the 2 for 1 house margaritas will really get you going when the Mariachi Band serenades the patrons.

Yolo’s Mexican Grill

Yolo’s Mexican Grill Las Vegas

Address: Inside Planet Hollywod


Yolo’s Mexican Grill is a perfect Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas serving up new twists on your favorite Mexican cuisine. Situated inside Planet Hollywood, the restaurant sports an innovative menu fusing the freshest ingredients everyday into classic Mexican dishes with spices and flavors from the Caribbean, Pacific Rim, and South America.

The atmosphere Yolo’s Mexican Grill is fun and sophisticated boasting a sleek decor inside with lots of colorful murals on the walls with a bar that is highlighted by an extensive list of 60 different tequilas and mezcals for you to indulge in.

Created by Ark Restaurants, the innovative concept has been a hit with locals and travelers like their properties such as El Rio Grande in New York City, Gonzales Gonzales in Las Vegas, The Rustic Inn in Fort Lauderdale, and the Original Oyster House in Alabama. Overall, these illustrious restaurant creators have 19 unique restaurants around the country.

The tastily prepared cuisine at Yolo’s Mexican Grill starts daily with fresh ingredients featuring tortas with Machaca Beef with Oaxaca cheese, classic dishes like Carnitas and the Chile Relleno alongside hand rolled Burritos with a variety of filling and a wide assortment of scrumptious Enchiladas.

Other crowd pleasers and house specialties include QuesaBirria Tacos, Skillet Rib Eye, and a Pollo Rostizado (roasted chicken with a chipotle mushroom cream). Vegans and Gluten Free foodies can also enjoy many of the dishes on the menu with the same delicious flavors and unique spices.

With 60 tequilas and mezcals on their menu, Yolo’s Mexican Grill is a superb place to hang out with friends and family while enjoying excellent food and quality handcrafted margaritas.

El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar

Address: Inside Fashion Show Mall


Vibrate flavors, zesty margaritas, and fiesta-style atmosphere is what you will find when you eat at El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar. Located along the Strip, this Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas highlights dishes from southern states of Mexico showcasing the robust flavors from Oaxaca, Puebla, and the Yucatan.

El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar unleashes a vibrant atmosphere with lots of wood on the interior with a huge bar sporting a 100 bottle selection of tequilas and mezcals in the center that brings the fun to life. The outdoor patio is a perfect place to enjoy one of their handcrafted margaritas.

Brought to you by Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, the owners and founders, Jerry A. Orzoff and Rich Melman, traveled far and wide within the southern states of Mexico before creating their menu of goodies at El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar. It’s no surprise the place is a hit with patrons. After all, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants prides itself on innovative and authentic cuisine with 130 restaurants that span in 12 states.

The cuisine is made fresh daily from the finest ingredients to be found including authentic cheeses from Mexico. Patrons devour the Seis-Queso Fundido (six cheese), the Beef Birria Tacos, and the Pork Carnitas are perfectly prepared. House specialties like Fajita Platters with a choice of meats and seafood and the Beef Enchiladas topped with Guajillo Sauce and Oaxaca cheese are amazing.

Happy hour on the patio is a great place to be seen having one of their signature margaritas and with reduced drink and food prices is an ideal way to end your day or start your night.

Photo courtesy of El Segundo Sol

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Address: Inside Miracle Miles at Planet Hollywood


When you want to find a Las Vegas Mexican restaurant that has a diverse menu and a great patio with a view of the Bellagio Fountains then you should try Cabo Babo Cantina. Located within the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, the establishment serves all three meals and is the brainchild of Sammy Hagar former lead singer of Van Halen.

Fashioned after the original restaurant in Cabo San Lucas you can expect a laid-back beach feel with a lively crowd while you are chowing down on items like fajitas, short rib beef barbacoa tacos and cilantro jalapeno chicken. Breakfast brings food such as huevos rancheros, classic egg dishes and a variety of pancakes. The view from the patio includes the Bellagio Fountains which will dance for you while you sip on a signature vojito. If you are searching for value then check Groupon for a coupon before going.

Photo courtesy of Cabo Wabo Cantina.

Nacho Daddy

Address: Inside Miracle Miles at Planet Hollywood


If you are seeking a Las Vegas Mexican Restaurant that specializes in unique nachos and puts a new type of flare towards traditional dishes then the Nacho Daddy is your place to visit. With three locations in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Summerlin and the Freemont Experience in Downtown you can revel in dining on some of the more uniquely created plates of nachos and several more traditional style dishes with new zest for all three meals.

Families and party goers really like the huge portions and the chance to savor many different flavors while dining. Specialties like the Thai chicken nacho, spicy shrimp nacho and the sloppy joe nacho. You will also find an assortment of traditional items such as grilled corn on the cob, pork enchiladas, fajitas, street tacos and combination platters with breakfast featuring dishes like the bacon cheese enchilada rancheros.

Photo by Google

Tacos El Gordo

Address: 3049 S Las Vegas Blvd, + 2 more


When you want to try original style tacos that are prepared with made from scratch ingredients then a great Las Vegas Mexican restaurant for you to dine at is Tacos El Gordo.

With three locations throughout the city including one directly on the Strip, this is a taco eating haven which will have your mouth watering after every bite. Fashioned after a traditional taqueria in Tijuana, this restaurant serves made from scratch salsas and hand pressed tortillas in a variety of traditional tacos that range from adobada to carne asada to suadera as well as exotic tacos like lengua, tripa and cabeza. Other items of note are the sopes, mulas and tostadas that bring a zest to mouth while you are eating. You will find the atmosphere chaotic at times and somewhat like a fast food place put the quality of the food is amazing.

Photo courtesy of Tacos El Gordo

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