Minus 5 - Ice Bars In Las Vegas

Ice bars in Las Vegas are not just a fad but a reality and a very enjoyable experience for those seeking that cooler climate on a 100 degree plus day.

Most people have heard of the famous ice hotels of the far north in the wintry wonder lands of snow drifts, dog sleds, snowmobiles and Scandinavian countries. But there is even a colder trend that is taking place around the world and the weather does not have be to be sub-zero degrees outside for a person to enjoy. Ice bars have sprouted up all over the world and are now quite popular in the lower 48 United States.

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The Minus 5 Ice Bar Las Vegas which is located in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Hotel are truly an exceptional choice for quick excursion into Las Vegas’s only chilling climate. The two Minus 5 Ice Bars in Las Vegas have taken this concept to the next level in the greatest sinful city in the world. Tourists from around the world have enjoyed a wonderful chilly drink while dawning a parka or even a faux fur coat before entering this chilly winter wonderland of ice chandeliers, chairs, glasses and other fixtures you would normally associate with an Ice bar. Even though they are operated under the same name each one of these ice bars has their own unique qualities for adventurous tourists as well as locals to please their chilly desires.

Some people are probably thinking why on earth would I want to go to an Ice bar in Las Vegas? Well, that is what people thought when the Icebar opened in Orlando, Florida but the Icebar is still going strong today in that warm climate. But in Las Vegas Ice bars are even more unique given the desert climate that they exist in.

The Minus 5 Ice Bar at Mandalay Bay Hotel is small and intimate with seating for only around 25 people at any given time and the Minus 5 Ice Bar located at the The Venetian Hotel is actually the largest Ice bar in North America with two semi-private rooms available for parties in the cold. Either is perfect for whatever size your party of adventurous thrill seeking tourists contain. Each is uniquely designed every year with its own sculptures, chandeliers, chairs and beautifully carved walls of ice to ensure a new experience each year you go to experience these ice bars in Las Vegas.

Ice bars in Las Vegas are becoming more attractive to the person seeking a personalized signature event that does not entail mortgaging the house to obtain while visiting Las Vegas. These ice bars offer several packages for you to enjoy that special frosty experience. A person can show up in their flip-flops and bathing suit and quickly be outfitted and then accumulated to the sub zero temperatures before entering the icy chamber for some lustful liquor. Once inside, well, what you do in Vegas stays in Vegas. Maybe you and your group want to imitate those days of college, when at that ultra freezing football game that you all went shirtless until your skin was bright purple! Ice bars in Las Vegas are even becoming a popular wedding venue.

Most reviews of Ice bars in Las Vegas on major travel advice sights like Trip Advisor and Yelp are positive; with the exception of not being able to take photographs with your own camera or telephone. But this is in part because many electronics can be damaged in sub-zero degree temperatures after long exposure to such extreme cold. Others felt that the admission price which ranges from $17.00 to $55.00 was a little pricey but your admission also includes everything you need (except a camera) to enjoy a very unique experience in one the greatest sinful cities man has built.

Your admission includes a wonderful warm parka and mukluks for your feet. Photographs are available but at a separate cost and will be shot by an expert photographer. Surely the extra money on photographs will give you the lasting memories which will highlight your intimate experience inside these beautiful adorned Ice bars. You can also be smart and look for coupons that provide free shots for you and your party!

Your admission also includes a couple of specialty drinks prepared only at the Minus 5 Ice Bar Las Vegas. These drinks are mixed and then poured from an incredible ice luge that allows the succulent drink to flow into you’re your own glass made of ice! Some of these drinks include The Iceman, Avalanche and Iceberg all made with the finest vodkas available.

Rumor has it that some patrons even experience a higher drunk level when leaving because of the change of their body temperature when entering the outside world of sinful Las Vegas again.

So after you bake in the sun at your favorite pool in Las Vegas put on your flip-flops or party clothes and chill out at the two trendiest Las Vegas bars. No matter whether you choose the Mandalay Bay or The Venetian location, the Minus 5 Ice Bar Las Vegas will certainly make your exciting trip to Las Vegas a super chilly and perky experience.

The first ice bar opened in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden in 1994 and the concept has been so well received that there are now ice bars in several prominent world cities like Mexico City, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York City just to name a few. But ice bars in Las Vegas are the most fun!

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