l Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas 2024

Las Vegas bachelorette party Ideas 2024

Here are Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas for 2024! Whether your girlfriends are all nice or a little bit on the wild side, you've chosen the perfect place make sure the bride has the time of her life...for the last time! In a city that keeps everything that happens there within its limits, you can go as crazy as your fantasy goes, or just use my list of things to do to plan a perfect party for your girlfriends in Vegas.

Best Male Revue Shows

It's hard to imagine a Las Vegas bachelorette party without one or two male strip shows! There is no better way for a bride to say good bye to her single life than by watching handsome half-dressed men dance. If there is, I know nothing about it:-)

Anyway, currently the most popular male strip shows in Vegas are Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under. If you want to take your party a notch further - check out Black Magic Live that dance at the LaMarre Theater.


Here is another idea for a Las Vegas bachelorette party - why don't you girls go to one of the most hilarious comedy shows? Absinthe is a circus with very adult humor (must be very open minded for this one!). Comedy Hypnosis and Hypnosis Unleashed will have your girlfriends roll on the floor laughing, especially if you get the bride to volunteer to be hypnotized!

Striptease Classes

Stripper 101 class in Las Vegas

Venue: Stripper 101 Studio - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Date & Time: Classes daily

Age restrictions:18+

Here is an excellent idea to have a fun Las Vegas bachelorette party in 2024 - take a strip tease class together! Even if you never become professional strippers or Vegas showgrils - I promise you will have a lot of fun and laughter! During these classes, you will learn how to work with a pole or a chair, how to apply a "showgirl makeup", walk on high heels and dance on stage. Best of all, after most of these classes girls are awarded diplomas about successful completion. Just don't forget to show the bride's diploma at the wedding!

Las Vegas Strip by Limo with Personal Photographer

A stylish thing to do for a Las Vegas bachelorette party is to take your lady friends on the Viator Exclusive: Las Vegas Strip by Limo with Personal Photographer Tour. Your 1 to 2-hour party ride starts with complimentary pick-up service at your selected hotel where you will meet your photographer and expert driver/guide. After a quick photo, everyone will board a luxurious stretch limousine and start driving the Strip. While sightseeing there is complimentary champagne onboard the limousine for everyone to toast the bride as you travel from each interesting stop you make. The one hour tour allows for three stops while the two hour tour has six stops at famous Las Vegas attractions. Places you will see along the way include the Bellagio Fountains, the Luxor pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Little Wedding Chapel, the bright lights of the Fremont Street Experience and everyone will be pleased taking photos at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. Each excursion is unique and filled with lots of fun information as well as plenty of options for indulging in beverages. The great start to your special party concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel or your favorite nightclub.

Las Vegas Strip Night Flight by Helicopter with Transportation

Grab your girls to do something interesting during your Las Vegas bachelorette party and take to the skies on the Las Vegas Strip Night Flight by Helicopter with Transportation Tour. Your adventure starts with complimentary pick-up service at selected hotels where you will be transported to the Boulder City Heliport. Here you will meet your qualified pilot and narrative guide before indulging in a complimentary champagne toast. After you board a state-of-the-art six seat sightseeing Eco-star helicopter you will soar into the skies above Sin City for breathtaking views of all the major sights. Your flight time in the air above the Strip is from 8 to 12 minutes as your pilot points out interesting attractions like the Bellagio Fountains, the brilliant lights of the Fremont Street Experience, the exploding volcano at the Mirage and there are perfect views of the Eiffel and Stratosphere Towers. The flight is spectacular leaving you and your girl crew speechless. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service at your hotel where you can continue your special party at your favorite nightclub.

Big Bus Las Vegas Night Tour

Gather all of your bridesmaids together and start your Las Vegas bachelorette party on the Big Bus Las Vegas Night Tour. Your 3-hour journey through the streets of Sin City begins at one of several hotels along the Strip where the Big Bus stops for guests. Once on board you travel in style on a double-decker open air bus that has you viewing all of the important places including the Bellagio Fountains, the architecture at Caesars Palace; an exploding volcano at the Mirage and don’t forget about the Eiffel and Stratosphere Towers. As you cruise the Strip you will have plenty of photograph opportunities at places like the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. When you reach Downtown, you will be delighted to stretch your legs and walk under millions of LED lights of the Fremont Street Experience. This tour is a superb way to learn more about the history and culture of the Entertainment Capital of the World. Your excursion concludes when you are dropped off at your original starting point.

Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Ride

Trying the Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Ride Tour is fantastic substitution for a full blown Las Vegas bachelorette party. Your 3.5-hour flying adventure is ideal for couples who are getting married without a big party as well as for a gaggle of girls looking to have some fun before the big day. The tour has a sunrise as well as sunset option and begins after you travel ten minutes from the Strip to meet your FAA certified hot air balloon pilot. While the hot air balloon is being filled to the brim with air, you will attend a short safety meeting with your pilot and ground crew. As you lift off into the beautiful skies above the Strip, your eyes will be treated to gorgeous scenery that includes views of the Red Rock Mountains, Red Rock Canyon, the Mojave Desert and the neon lights of the Strip. You will float like the wind for more than one hour while you soak in the incredible fresh air and stellar panoramic views with your friends or loved one. Once you softly touch down on the ground, there will be snacks and a champagne toast as well as a signed certificate from your pilot to help celebrate your adventure.

Stratosphere Tower Unlimited Ride Pass

Every Las Vegas bachelorette party needs adrenaline and the Stratosphere Tower Unlimited Ride Pass provides you with stellar thrill seeking rides as well as panoramic views of Sin City. Your 4-hour journey of thrill rides begins when you arrive at the Stratosphere Tower which is the second tallest freestanding tower in the Western Hemisphere. Here you will take an express elevator up 100 stories to the Observation Deck which stands 1,149 feet into the sky above the Strip. Once on the deck you will be treated to panoramic views of the surrounding area that are simply superb. Now the fun gets started when you can pick and choose how many times you want to knock your panties off on three thrill seeking rides. You have the opportunity to try X-Scream which catapults you 27 feet over the edge at over 109 stories in the air. Next up is Insanity that has you 900 feet above Sin City where you spin 64 feet outward from the tower. Lastly, the Big Shot is packed with G-force fun as you are blasted 160 feet in the air and as you fall back to the launch pad, the G-force will have your stomach in your throat. A perfect upgrade on this adrenaline filled Las Vegas attraction is to add the SkyJump which has you falling at 40 mph some 1,000 feet above the Strip.

BLACKOUT: Dining in the Dark in Las Vegas

A perfect thing to do for a Las Vegas bachelorette party that has all fixings for a fun time is to try the BLACKOUT: Dining in the Dark in Las Vegas Tour. Your 1.5-hour culinary adventure begins when everyone’s cell phone or other emitting devices are stored away and the lights are turned off. Your senses will come alive as your expert dark dining guide leads you through a fascinating lunch of four courses or an evening dinner with six scintillating dishes. Unexpected happiness comes with every bite of delicious food as each course is offered up in the dark allowing your senses to take control of your body. There are predetermined menus for all taste buds that include something spicy, savory or sweet for you to indulge in while you dine in the dark for an intriguing experience second-to-none. As you eat you will be surprised at the glorious flavors that melt in your mouth and if your taste buds don’t know what you are eating, then your dark dining guide will explain everything on your plates. Your dark dining excursion concludes when you are escorted out into the light where you can choose your next adventure for your crew of bridesmaids.

Ladies Only Shooting Package in Las Vegas

Put a bigger bang into your Las Vegas bachelorette party by taking all your girlfriends on the Ladies Only Shooting Package Tour. Your 1-hour shooting extravaganza starts with complimentary pick-up service from select hotels on the Strip where you will be driven in style to a nearby indoor shooting range. After your group is outfitted with all the necessary safety equipment, everyone will head to the range for some bullet rattling fun. The chosen weapons are superb for women to shoot and are power packed with excitement every time you pull the trigger. You can expect to shoot a Glock 17, MP5 and a customized Pink M4 that will have you smiling while blowing your target apart. Your excellent day on the shooting range concludes with drop-off service at your selected hotel.

Happy Hour on The High Roller at The LINQ

One of the most intriguing Las Vegas attractions that will get your Las Vegas bachelorette party moving into high gear is attending the Happy Hour on The High Roller at The LINQ. Your 30-minute drinking experience begins when you board the fabulous High Roller located at Sin City’s hottest new entertainment complex at The LINQ. Once inside one of the 28 air-conditioned pods of the High Roller, the fun begins with an open bar for everyone to indulge in their favorite libations. As the High Roller goes round, the observation wheel provides excellent views of iconic sights in Sin City like the Eiffel Tower, the Luxor pyramids and you might get a glimpse of the Bellagio Fountains. The views from the pods are spectacular with plenty of neon lights from the Strip to help you identify all the important landmarks of Sin City. When you make your full turn on the observation wheel and depart your pod, you will be delighted that you can continue your festivities at the LINQ where you will find incredible eats at places like Hash House A Go Go, Chayo Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar and you can even choose to go bowling at Brooklyn Bowl or hit the luxurious shops for souvenirs of your special party.

Las Vegas Night Tour of the Strip by Luxury Limousine Bus

The Las Vegas Night Tour of the Strip by Luxury Limousine Bus Tour is a superb way for ladies to get started on their friend’s Las Vegas bachelorette party. Your 3.5-hour pre-party excursion is a great thing to do in Las Vegas to see all the famous sights along the Strip and begins with complimentary hotel pick-up service. Once on board the 25-seat customized luxury coach, you will set out to explore Sin City. Stops along the way include the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign where you can snap a few photos and the exploding volcano at the Mirage is a superb backdrop for those special photographs to share with friends. Other places of interest you might stop include the Bellagio Fountains, the Eiffel Tower and there is always plenty of time to walk the Fremont Street Experience where your eyes will pop with joy from the millions of LED lights. Your excellent start to your wedding fun concludes with drop-off service at your Las Vegas hotel.

Strip Clubs

Finally, if you girls are really, really wild (in a good sense)- hit one or two strip clubs! While the entrance may be prohibited for ladies to most of the gentlemen's clubs in Vegas, there are three strip clubs with special "ladies nights" or special areas for the girls. I already mentioned Men of Sapphire, and there are also a couple of others "nice" strip clubs you can visit during your Las Vegas bachelorette party.

Aquamermaid Las Vegas

Location: Municipal pool 431 E bonanza

Are you looking for that unique and one-of-a-kind event that will make all other Las Vegas bachelorette parties look foolish? If you are then you should book your party at Aquamermaid. Located along East Bonanza, Aquamermaid offers a fascinating time for bachelorettes to gather with the bride and experience swimming like a mermaid. During your party everyone will be fitted with a customized mermaid tail and given 1-hour of instruction on how to best swim as well as act like a mermaid. The expert mermaid instructors will have everyone turning and twisting in the water in no time as your level of confidence increases. There are added bonuses to your party too such as playful water and non-water games, personal challenges and plenty of time for photographs with each other. Now that your special day is approaching you can plan your pre-festive events at Aquamermaid and later on you can all laugh about the delightful experience of being a mermaid for a day.


More Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas - shopping spree! If you are a girl, and you must be if you've read this far, you probably like to buy new clothes. So why not pamper the bride before the wedding, and have you bachelorette party at one of the multiple Las Vegas malls? If all your girlfriends buy something for the bride during this shopping escapade - you wouldn't have to worry about getting her a gift for the wedding. You could get her, for example, gift cards to jewelry, shoes or lingerie stores.

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