Las Vegas ghost tours, Area 51, UFO And Haunted Towns

These Las Vegas ghost tours will take you to the most exciting abandoned and ghost towns in Nevada, California, and Arizona! If you enjoy haunted places and are fascinated by everything paranormal and the UFO, you will get a kick out of these paranormal tours departing from Vegas. Explore Area 51, Goodsprings, Techatticup Gold Mine, the town of Chloride, or hunt ghosts right in Vegas.

Area 51 Tour From Las Vegas


This is a must tour for the UFO enthusiast who wants an up-close personal view of one of the Nation’s most secretive areas of research.

Traveling by SUV your first stop is McCarran International Airport where you will watch the unmarked Janet Airline planes fly workers to and from Area 51. From here your ten hour tour takes you through Indian Country where you will be amazed at the petroglyphs that are shaped like aliens and in awe of a dry lake bed that has had numerous UFO sightings.

Traveling down the Extraterrestrial Highway, you will have plenty of opportunities for photos at Little A’le’; the famous restaurant in many documentaries about Area 51 and the movie Independence Day, is also a mini museum of Area 51.

After a delightful lunch of “Alien Burgers” you will be taken to the black mailbox at the entrance of Area 51. Here you will observe the perimeter of this highly secured military facility. You will finish your alien adventure with a return trip to Las Vegas through Joshua Tree forest.

Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town Private Limo Bus Tour

If you like historical sites, beautiful scenery, and interesting Old West ghost towns with a small group feel, then the Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town Private Limo Bus Tour is perfect for you to try. Your 4.5-hour adventure begins with complimentary pick-up service along the Strip where you meet your informative guide and enter a comfortable small limo bus coach limited to ten people. From here you travel through the Mojave Desert until you reach the mountains that surround Eldorado Canyon. Once inside the canyon the scenery changes dramatically where you will then stop at the historic Techatticup Mine which was Nevada’s most profitable mine for both gold and silver. Your will take a guided tour through the mining area where you see old equipment, pan for gold, and end at the historic ghost town. You can stroll the streets of the ghost town while feeling the chills of days gone past looking at old buildings, saloons, and you can stop at the gift store. Your Las Vegas Ghost Town tour concludes with transportation back to the Strip.


Ghosts of Las Vegas Walking Tour

When you want to learn more about Sin City than neon lights, world famous entertainment, and interesting casinos, then you should enter the paranormal world of Las Vegas and try the Ghosts of Las Vegas Walking tour. Your 1.5-hour walking tour begins when you meet your expert guide along Stewart Avenue where you get your first taste of the incredible neon lights at night. Your first stop will be at the Mob Museum where you learn more about the feisty individuals that transformed Glitter Gulch into Sin City. While strolling through the exhibits you learn more about famous gangsters, FBI agents, and plain people that have made Las Vegas the Entertainment Capitol of the World. From here you listen to interesting commentary from your guide until your reach Binion’s Gambling Hall where you can hear tales of days gone by when big entertainers like Lucille Ball, Clark Gable, Dezi Arnez, and the Rat Pack brought the gambling hall to life. Your last stop is at the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Visual and Performing Arts. Once inside you will listen to grizzly haunted tales of people growing up like Tiny Tim and others students from nearby high schools. Your Las Vegas Gohst tour concludes here and you can decide to go for a cold libation or something to eat.

Ghost Town Hunt Adventure Tour

There is nothing like traveling high speeds through a desert landscape filled with treasures from the Old West on a powerful off-road vehicle and that is what the Ghost Town Hunt Adventure Tour brings to the table when you go. Your 4-hour adventure ride begins when you arrive at Mursha Reservoir in Boulder City. Here you will jump into a powerful Polaris RZR XP 1000 Off-Road Vehicle and begin traveling through the dry lake beds until you reach Nelson’s Landing, a famous ghost town. Once at the ghost town you can stretch your legs and checkout some of the interesting buildings left from this old-fashioned mining town. Now you will drive through exhilarating terrain and make a couple stops to explore caves and old abandoned mines. You take off again traveling over more dry lake beds until you reach a private cove along the shoreline of Lake Mead. When you arrive at Lake Mead you will stop for a complimentary lunch and if you brought your swimsuit you can take a quick dip in the Western Hemisphere’s largest manmade lake. After lunch and exploring Lake Mead you travel back to Mursha Reservoir where your tour concludes.

Las Vegas Brewery Tour


A must Las Vegas tour to try when you are a beer or libation lover is the Las Vegas Brewery Tour. Your 4-hour beer adventure starts with complimentary pick-up service from your hotel where you will meet your expert beer guide. While driving to the three different breweries you will visit, your guide will inform you of interesting tidbit about Sin City. Once you arrive at each brewery you will have VIP access and short tour of the brewing facilities. You will have the chance to sample superb hand-crafted beer at each location while listening to each brew master’s secrets. There are ten breweries that range from the Bad Beat and Banger to Big Dogs and Boulder Dam to Chicago Brewing and CraftHaus to Hops Nuts and Lovelady to Joseph James and Tenaya Creek. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service back at your hotel.

Eldorado Canyon & Techatticup Gold Mine

Gold Mine tours from Las Vegas

This tour takes place at Eldorado Canyon, not far from Las Vegas. This is a combo of a fun-filled ATV ride and a walking tour of the abandoned Techatticup gold mine, now believed to be haunted.

Located at the Lake Mojave, Eldorado Canyon is a picturesque little oasis in the middle of the desert. However, it's mostly famous for the Techatticup Mine, that is now a historic site one of the most attractive places to go in Las Vegas. The mine is part of the dark past of Nevada - it took away many lives during the Great Gold Rush in the 1800s. While you won't exactly hunt ghosts during this day trip from Las Vegas, you will venture around the Gold Mine and learn about it's scary history.

Ghost Hunt in Goodsprings from Las Vegas


The ghost hunter in you will love this adventure that takes you to Las Vegas ghost tours in the early evening. Your Las Vegas ghost hunt adventure begins and ends with hotel service and a quick 25 mile ride in a comfortable coach to the old-time bustling silver town of Goodspring, Nevada, which has been seen on the Travel channel’s television show Ghost Adventures.

Once you arrive at Goodsprings you will enjoy a fabulous pizza dinner at the restored Pioneer Saloon, which is a treasure drove of mining artifacts and memorabilia from the Old West.

After pizza you will embark on a guided-tour of the ghost town that will include a narrative history of the area. Try-out your ghost-hunting equipment in the various abandoned buildings you venture through. The walk through the town grave yard is not for the light hearted.

Patrons must be 18 years of age or older and there are clothing restrictions.

Arizona Ghost Towns and Wild West Day Trip from Las Vegas


This adventure will take you from the Hoover Dam to Lake Mead to ghost towns all the while traveling down the famed Route 66. Your journey starts and ends with hotel service that will take you first to the Hoover Dam for photographs of Lake Mead and the enormous Colorado River.

From there your nine hour Las Vegas ghost hunt tour will take you to the small mining town of Chloride. The town has about 250 people and has survived since the first silver mines opened in the 1860s. The residents are walking encyclopedias on mining and there are several antique shops to browse before enjoying a nice lunch.

Next you will travel on the iconic Route 66 highway to a small ghost town named Oatman, Arizona with a whopping population of 150. Here you can take photos with a famed Route 66 in the background or witness a live reenactment of an Old West gunfight.

The final stop on your exciting Arizona ghost town tour is at El Dorado which was instrumental as the backdrop for many movies and the million dollar of Techatticup Mine.

Minimum age requirement is 7 years and there is a maximum of 13 people per tour.

Jet Boat the Colorado River plus London Bridge and Oatman Ghost Town

One of the best Las Vegas ghost town tours that combine a thrilling boat ride and a look into the past is Jet Boat the Colorado River plus London Bridge and Oatman Ghost Town. Your 12-hour adventure starts with complimentary hotel pick-up where you will drive through the Mojave Desert until you reach Laughlin, Nevada. Here you will board a jet boat that will take you 58 miles down the Colorado River to Lake Havasu, Arizona where you will indulge in a picnic lunch, swim in the lake, and catch a breathtaking view of the London Bridge. You will take a walk over the iconic bridge that once stood in London, England. Next stop is Oatman Ghost Town where you will stroll along the dirt streets looking at historic mining buildings and view a real life gunfight on the street. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service at your hotel.

Zak Bagans'-The Haunted Museum

Haunted Vegas Tour And Ghosthunt

When you are looking for a haunted Las Vegas tour that boasts a creepy good time inside a haunted house created by Zak Bagan from Ghost Adventures, then you need to visit the Zak Bagans’-The Haunted Museum. Your general admission ticket allows you to enter the Wengert Mansion in Downtown which was built in 1938 by Cyril S. Wengert. The 11,000 square foot property is packed with creepy stuff within 30 different rooms that will make you scream with fright. The rooms are filled with unusual stuff like the world famous haunted object named Dybbuk Box and you can take a glance at VW Death Van owned by Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Other creepy items include the staircase from the haunted Demon House in Indiana and the Propofol Chair from Michael Jackson’s death room. The museum is hauntingly fun and is a perfect place for all fans of paranormal to visit.

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