Las Vegas Racing Tours - Exotic Cars, 4X4, Off Road, Muscle Cars

Las Vegas racing tours is once in a lifetime opportunity! Make yourself a gift and get behind the wheel of a real luxury or exotic sports car, and drive around a real race track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway at barely legal speeds, or take tours in real sports cars to the Red Rock Canyon or Lake Mead, and change up to 3 cars along the way to compare their performances! Renting a classic sports car in Vegas will make a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend. Before renting a car for a drive or for a tour, you will get a though training by professional driving instructors on how to get the most out of your exotic racing in Las Vegas and help you make up your mind about which sports car to drive.

Vegas Dream Racing

Las Vegas sports car rentals - Power Package

Prices From $189.00 for driving; $89 for Ride-Along experience

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Best Seller! This is one of the most popular among Las Vegas racing tours. Select your favorite among these 9 gorgeous luxury cars and race 5 to 8 laps at full gear around the race track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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Exotic Car Driving - Elite Package

Las Vegas sports car rentals - Elite Package

Prices From $498.99; Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway; Duration: 2.5 hours; Minimum age : 18

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One luxury car is not enough? No problem! This Elite Las Vegas racing tour allows you to compare the performance of 2 cars.

Richard Petty American Muscle Car Challenge

Las Vegas sports car rentals

Prices From $124.00; Duration: 3 hours; Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway; Minimum age : 18

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Who doesn't like muscle cars? Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers a very special driving experience - three muscle cars with manual transmissions on a specially designed course.

Exotic Racing Experience

Las Vegas sports car  Racing  Experience

Prices From $99.99; Duration: 150 min; Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway; Minimum age: 18 years

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You don't need to be a professional race car driver to rent a race car for a couple of hours at Exotic Racing Las Vegas!

Richard Petty Rookie Driving Experience

Las Vegas Sports Car Rental

Prices From $109.00 for ride-along experience; Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway; Duration: various

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Want to feel like a NASCAR star? Head over to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a ride-along experience in a real race car! And experienced race car driver will give you the ride of your life - three laps around the Motor Speedway at speeds forbidden on the highways!

Exotic driving To Red Rock Canyon Or Lake Mead

Las Vegas sports car  Trip To Red Rock Canyon

Prices From $505.00 ; Duration: 3 hours; Location: Red Rock Canyon Or Lake Mead

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How about taking an exotic car for a spin in an open road instead of the inclosed race track? I've discovered a very interesting Las Vegas racing tour - you could actually drive a race car to the Red Rock Canyon, or to Lake Mead! Don't worry you are not going to be all alone - you will be accompanied by an instructor/escort who will make your trip as smooth as possible. Even better - you will be able to change 2 or 3 cars on the way - Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and an Audi, and compare their performances!

American Muscle Car Driving Experience to Red Rock Canyon

Prices From $305.00; Location: Red Rock Canyon; Duration: 3 hours; Minimum age : 23 years

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If you are a fan of classic muscle cars, the American Muscle Car Driving Experience is not to be missed.

Short Course and Stadium Track Racing


Prices From $249;Duration: 2-4 hours

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Experience the excitement of off-road desert Las Vegas racing tour in a custom-built truck "VORE" ("Vegas Off Road Experience") designed especially for this type of extreme racing. Feel the power of the extra horsepower and smooth ride of the advanced suspension as you race across desert landscape.

Let's Get Dirty


Prices From $695; Duration: 4 hours

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The thrill of off-road racing at its best in a specialty equipped vehicle that will shake, rattle and roll through Mojave Desert is what you will find on this off-road adventure.

Pole Position Raceway


Prices From $55

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If you have need for speed then the Pole Position Raceway is perfect to satisfy your craving. Whether you are an expert or novice driver, you will get a kick out of this Las Vegas racing tour. You will feel the track as you make your turns and approach speeds of 45 mph on these state-of-the-art karts.

Pure Speed Racing


Prices From $119; Duration: 2,5-4 hours

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The Pure Speed Racing tour is the hottest thing going for the person that wants the ultimate joyride in a real-life dragster.

Fast Lap Indoor Karting

Fast Lap Indoor Karting Website

Address: 4288 S. Polaris #109

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing allows drivers to race real gas powered karts that could reach speeds of up to 45mph!

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