Las Vegas shows for kids 2015

Las Vegas shows for kids in 2015 aren't easy to find, but they do exist! If you are wondering what to do in the Sin City with children, read my reviews of current great fun family friendly Las Vegas shows, created specifically for or appropriate for young children.The following Vegas shows are good for kids under 5, even as young as 2-3 year old, and they are quite cheap.


Venue: Palazzo Theater

Date & Time Tuesday-Sunday at 7:30 pm

Discount Tickets

Panda is a new Las Vegas show for kids and families, ages 5 and up. Panda features all-Chinese cast - 47 performers, acrobats and Kung Fu masters (among them a 7 year old boy!). Through enthralling acrobatics acts, traditional Chinese dance and fights Panda tells the story of LongLong - a panda whose bride Peacock Princess was taken away by the Demon Vulture. The show is enhanced with enormous LED screens that transform the background of the show and take the audience on a journey through bamboo forest, mountains, waterfalls and underword caves. This is one of the most visually captivating Las Vegas shows, both for kids and adults alike!


Recycled Percussion

Recycled Percussion show Las Vegas

Venue: Tropicana Resort & Casino

Date & Time: Every day except Tuesday at 7:30 pm

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There is nothing "usual" about the finalists of America's Got Talent band Recycled Percussion! Every member of the audience is a member during their Las Vegas shows for kids - as you enter the show room, you will get a small drum and a drumstick - you will have to participate in the show and create your own music (don't worry - they will "teach" you!). Their show at Tropicana Resort & Casino is funny, loud, interactive and extremely energetic. The band started in 1995 and at first they used buckets as their instruments, but gradually they were adding more percussion instruments, and anything that could be used as percussion instrument - even washing machines! Recycled Percussion also invented funny and innovative ways to play the instruments - for example - while hanging upside down!

Comedian-Juggler Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico show Las Vegas

Location: The Quad Showroom at Quad Resort & Casino

Deates & Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday at 4:00 pm

Discount Tickets

Review: Even though Jeff Civillico has one of the newest Las Vegas shows for kids, he already deserved excellent reviews. And kids adore him, too! What I love most about Jeff Civillico is that he combines elements of very clean comedy, very funny mannerism (he is reminding of Jim Carrey in The Mask, and incredible juggling tricks. And he is entertaining on his own, without any show girls, pets or horses. If you are in Vegas with kids - be sure to treat them to the most fun kids show on Las Vegas Strip!

Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings  show Las Vegas

Location: Excalibur Arena - Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Deates & Schedule: Daily except Tuesdays at 6:00 pm, and also at 8:30 pm on Thursday-Sunday

Age limit: 3+

Discount Tickets

Reviews: The Tournament of Kings is a dinner show at the medieval castle-themed hotel Excalibur. Accordingly, the show is themed as a medieval tournament of knights jousting at the arena. The spectators are part of the show, as they are consuming their dinner with bare hands around the arena and cheering the knights. The show is silly, unpretentious and its one of the most fun Las Vegas shows for kids, especially little boys who love castles and horses!

Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater

Comedy Pet show Las Vegas

Location: V Theater - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Deates & Schedule: Daily except Wednesday at 4:00 pm

Discount Tickets

Age limit: None

The Comedy Pet Theater will definitely make your kids laugh! Everyone knows that dogs can do tricks, but you wouldn't believe what regular pet cats can do when they are trained by Gregory Popovich! Little cuddly house pets are true stars in this show - they perform various "scenarios" from the "human" life - they pretend to be firemen rescuing each other from the fire, they play doctors-patients, they skip with a skipping rope and push strollers. The show also features a few trained geese and doves, and of course Gregory Popovich himself! Comedy Pet Theater is truly one of the best Las Vegas shows for kids in 2015!

V-The Ultimate Variety

Variety show Las Vegas

Location: V Theater - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Deates & Schedule: Nightly, at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm

Age limit: None

Discount Tickets

Reviews: V-The Ultimate Variety is more suited for kids than adults, although many adults do like it too. The show is funny and entertaining, featuring gymnasts, acrobats, funny pets, jugglers, clowns and everything you can see in a low-budget circus. While there is no "wow" factor in the show, it's definitely a nice way to spend an evening at a very low price. It's one of the most fun Las Vegas shows for kids in 2015 in the variety genre!

Circus Acts FREE!

Circus Circus show Las Vegas

Location: Circus Circus Hotel

Deates & Schedule: Daily at 11:00 am

The Circus Acts is one of the best free family friendly Vegas shows ever! If you have little children, you should definitely take them to the Circus Circus hotel any day during your vacation, at 11:00 am. The show features acrobats zooming under the ceiling, skillful roller skaters, jugglers. Heads up:This amazing fun happens in the middle of Circus Circus Midway, so your kids would probably want to stop for some age-appropriate "gambling".

Finally, don't forget to check half price show tickets for any cheap Las Vegas shows for kids!

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