Las Vegas Comedy Shows 2015

Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015 are the funniest in the world!

Sin City appreciates and rewards true talents with long-term contracts and possibility for stand up comedians to run their own shows in the city.

Read reviews of the funniest shows and stand up comedians that live and perform in Vegas, and about those that are scheduled to come with gigs and comedy acts in 2015.

Top Shows

These are the best comedy shows in Las Vegas, playing in 2015 by the city's own stand up comedians, impersonators, musicians and ventriloquists. You can catch their show practically any time!


Here is the schedule of the funniest stand up comedians headlining in Las Vegas in 2015:


Las Vegas Comedy Shows in April 2015 - Headlining Comedians:

04/1-30 - Jeff Dunham
04/ 22, 27 - Rita Rudner
04/24 - Daniel Tosh
04/25 - Daniel Tosh
04/25 - Fortune Feimster And Cameron Esposito

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows in May 2015 - Headlining Comedians:

05/1-31 - Jeff Dunham
05/2 - Black And Brown Comedy Get Down
05/13, 20, 27 - Rita Rudner
05/15 - Jay Leno
05/22 - Martin Short
05/22-23 - Whitney Cummings
05/24 - Kevin Hart

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows in June 2015 - Headlining Comedians:

06/5-6 - Ron White
06/6 - Roseanne Barr
06/10-28 - Jeff Dunham
06/12-13 - - Eddie Izzard
06/13 - Lisa Lampanelli
06/13 - Jay Leno
06/26 - Bill Burr
06/27 - Bill Burr
06/26-27 - D.L. Hughley

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows in July 2015 - Headlining Comedians:

07/1-31 - Jeff Dunham
07/4 - - Jay Leno
07/17-18 - Ron White

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Las Vegas Comedy Shows in August 2015 - Headlining Comedians:

08/1-16- Jeff Dunham
08/7-8 - Ron White

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Jeff Dunham Not Playing with a Full Deck

Venue: Planet Hollywood

Schedule: Wednesdays-Saturdays, 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m

Discount Tickets

I dare you not to laugh at the new provocative Las Vegas comedy show in 2015, brought to the Strip by stand up comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. To his new stand up comedy show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Jeff Dunham brings along his entire troup of puppets. Backed up by his buddies Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter the Grumpy Retiree and other ill-mannered and politically incorrect puppets, Jeff Dunham will surely light up your evening. Although there's no age restriction at this show, it's not a good idea to expose young children to some of the stuff that can be said during Jeff Dunham's show.

Terry Fator

Terry Fator show Las Vegas

Venue: Terry Fator Theatre - Mirage

Schedule: Practically every day, at 7:30 pm

Age restrictions: 5+

Discount Tickets

Review: If you want to see something really unusual, choose Terry Fator show! Winner of the show America's Got Talent, Fator immediately received a five-year contract to perform in Las Vegas. And he deserves it! In simple words, Terry Fator is a Ventriloquist - he performs with dolls without opening his mouth. However, his puppets don't just talk - they sing! They can sing like Elvis Presley, Cher, Louis Armstrong, Lady Gaga and even Kermit the Frog, and we would say, sometimes they sing better than the original! This is really an incredible show - watch Fator's adorable puppets sing with familiar voices without Fator's lips moving. It's one of the most amazing Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015 suitable for kids, although they do have a 5+ age restriction.

Divas Las Vegas

drag show Las Vegas

Location: The LINQ Theater, The LINQ Hotel and Casino

Show Times: Every night except Friday at 9:30 pm

Discount Tickets

Review: Divas is one of the most fun Las Vegas comedy shows with female impersonators, or drag queens. This show has everything that makes impersonators shows great: it's witty, funny, the actors do incredibly believable impressions, they are excellent dancers and the costumes are unbelievable! The best part of the show is that this is a group of all-male actors performing female roles - and they do that perfectly - you won't be able to tell they are really men! This show is pure fun, and they even allow you to take pictures of them - otherwise, why put on all this make up?! The "star" of the show is Frank Marino who has been playing the role of Joan Rivers for over 25 years!

Carrot Top

Carrot Top show Las Vegas

Venue: Atrium Showroom - Luxor Hotel

Schedule: Almost every night at 8:30 pm

Age restrictions: 18+

Discount Tickets

Review: Carrot Top is one of the funniest Las Vegas stand up comedians, performing at Luxor. He's got a real talent to make your ribs ache with laughter, all the while having a great time himself! In his hilarious Vegas comedy shows in 2015, a red-haired a bit goofy guy better known as Carrot Top, demonstrates various props and objects, making fun of their conventional use or offering a new use for familiar tools, mixing all of that with some of the funniest comic remarks you will ever hear. He does not forget to make fun of himself either. Highly recommended!

Blue Man Group

Blue Man show Las Vegas

Venue: Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Schedule: Nightly at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm

Age restrictions: None

Discount Tickets

Review: The Blue Man Group is another amazing spectacle that you should see at least once in your life! In this hilarious show, three completely bald guys covered in gooey paint that makes them shiny blue, entertain the audience using various unconventional musical instruments, multimedia, technology, theatre and visual effects. Audience is more than welcome to participate in the show. The Blue Man Group show is definitely one of its kind, and won't leave anyone indifferent. Blue Man Group's Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015 are great fun for kids and adults!

Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin show Las Vegas

Venue: King's Room, Rio

Schedule: Sunday-Thursday at 7:00 pm

Age restrictions: 18+

Discount Tickets

Review: It seems all the cigarettes he smokes and champagne he drinks on stage during his performance at Rio have little effect on Eddie Griffin's comic abilities. Eddie clearly loves performing and will make your ribs hurt with laughter for over 2 hours show. Eddie Griffin is one of the he demonstrates timely razor-sharp humor without being too insulting (but do not try to insult HIM, - reportedly, he gets back at ya quickly!). Eddie Griffin's humor is highly adult, and he doesn't hold anything back - but then we don't watch Las Vegas comedy shows if we are a little to sensitive:-) Rio Crown Theater is small and cozy, and all seats are good. VIP tickets might be a bit too close to the stage.

Defending the Caveman


Venue: Showroom, The D Las Vegas

Schedule: Daily at 4:00 pm, Thrusday and Friday - additional show at 8:30 pm

Age restrictions: 18+

Discount Tickets

Review: Defending the Caveman is a one-man show starring Kevin Burke that explores the relationships between couples. Against the background of stone-age decorations and using example from the prehistoric era, Kevin Burke explains why men and women are so different, why they behave the way they do and teaches us how to see hilarious in an everyday life as a couple. Some couples claim that his Las Vegas comedy shows are better than a marriage counselling - so much they learn about each other during the show!

Gordie Brown

Gordie Brown Las Vegas show

Location: Golden Nugget - Gordie Brown LIVE

Schedule: Every night except Sunday and Monday at 7:30 pm

Discount Tickets

Review: In two words, Gordie Brown is amazing! His performance in downtown is one of the best Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015. I know a good impersonation when I see one, and Gordie Brown is simply great. During his show you will see him as many celebrities and I am amazed how he manages to change his facial expressions so much so that one minute he is Tom Cruise, another - Clint Eastwood, yet another he is singing and dancing like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. Although Brown has a band, this is actually a one-man show. And boy can he dance and sing! And, ladies, he is very easy on the eyes, too!

Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay show Las Vegas

Dates & Time: Thursday-Sunday at 9:00 pm

Venue: Vinyl at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Age restrictions: 21+

Discount Tickets

Review: If you enjoy dirty, crude jokes bordering on the obscene, being made fun of mercilessly - then VIP seats - Andrew Dice Clay won't let you leave unscathed! Upon return to stand up comedy in Las Vegas, Clay has kept everything that made him famous - nasty jokes, nasty attitude, and of course his nasty nursery rhymes - although he does pronounce them only in the end. The main change, it seems, is that at his new Las Vegas comedy show at the Riviera hotel Andrew Dice Clay has added many new jokes about getting old - after all, the actor is aging. We think that his Las Vegas comedy shows are more suitable for fans who knew him since he just started in the 80s.

Marriage Can Be Murder

Marriage Can Be Murder show Las Vegas

Dates & Time: Every day at 8:30 pm

Venue: Showroom at The D Hotel

Age restrictions: 8+

Discount Tickets

Anyone who enjoys a good comedy and a good detective story will get a kick out of Marriage Can Be Murder - an interactive criminal comedy at the D hotel. This is the longest-running dinner show, and one of the funniest interactive Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015 with hilarious characters - especially praised it the "dumb blonde" DD. The premise of the story is that you are a guest at a dinner, and you along with other guests and a few actors implanted among the guests, are supposed to solve a murder mystery. Of course you don't know who is who. The purpose of the show is to find the murderer and the motive, based on real clues that you can hear or see during the entire experience. Remember to always keep your ears and eyes open - you never know which conversation you overhear during standing in line, the dinner and even during the breaks.

Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding

Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show Las Vegas

Venue: Windows at Bally’s

Schedule: Every day at 7:00 pm

Discount Tickets

Review: Tony N' Tina's Wedding is among the most unusual Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015 - and probably, the most interactive one. This is actually not a show, but rather a fake Italian wedding, where cast members mingle with the audience. They do, however, always stay in their roles and act like their characters even when they are not really "acting" at the moment. Did you ever imagine what it's like to be not "you" but someone else? This is your chance - At the "wedding" you will be treated as a family member of the bride or the groom - you can have a little fun and act like one! You will be also treated to a buffet-style Italian dinner, like at a real wedding. If you enjoy improvisational shows and being part of one you will certainly enjoy Tony N' Tina's Wedding - remember, however, that this is not the type of show to enjoy artistic beauty of the performance like at a Cirque du Soleil show - but rather it's a show where you can relax and have a lot of fun!.

David Spade

David Spade show Las Vegas

Venue: The Venetian Showroom

Schedule: Check Schedule

Age restrictions: 13+

Discount Tickets

Review: We all (well most of us) love and respect David Spade - the little guy with cute little boy's face who has made it big in Hollywood in the "big guys" world. David Spade is among top visiting stand up comedians who don't actually host permanent Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015. Spade makes use of a mixture of wit and sarcasm, and finds hilarious in the everyday events.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno show Las Vegas

Venue: Terry Fator Theatre - Mirage

Schedule: Check Schedule

Age restrictions: 16+

Discount Tickets

Review: Jay Leno does not need introduction! Although he made a successful career as a television host, Jay Leno still enjoys performing for the audience, and what can we say, he is a "natural" stand up comedian, and the public adores him. Please keep in mind that his Las Vegas comedy shows are not exactly for kids' ears - parental discretion is advised, and children under 16 are not allowed into the theatre.

Ron White

Ron White  show Las Vegas

Venue: Terry Fator Theatre - Mirage

Age restrictions: 18+

Discount Tickets

Review: Ron White is a popular guest performer in Vegas. White has carved himself a niche in the stand up comedy genre as a hard-drinking, cigar-smoking know-it-all guy. His forte are observational humor and satire, so if you appreciate tough-guy type of humor, don't miss the show of one of the funniest Las Vegas stand up comedians on your vacation!

Rita Rudner

Rita Rudner show Las Vegas

Venue: Main Showroom, Harrah's

Age restrictions: 5+

Discount Tickets

Review: Rita Rudner is among the funniest female stand up comedians, and a true pearl in the genre of on-stage comedy that is dominated by men! Rita Rudner is extremely funny as she delivers her razor-sharp punch-lines about life, aging, Las Vegas, being a woman and other everyday events. And she is easy on the eyes in her shiny dresses, even if we say so ourselves! Rita Rudner will have many Las Vegas comedy shows in 2015.


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