Best Las Vegas Museums In 2024

These Las Vegas museums are among the most awesome attractions on and near The Strip! You can find almost anything here - dinosaur skeletons, weapons that belonged to famous gangsters, replicas of atomic bombs, vintage trains and automobiles, ancient and restored buildings, old neon signs that get new life at an old bone yard, old pinball machines and so much more!

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Titanic The Artifact Exhibition


The story of the Titanic never fails to capture the imagination - the Artifact Exhibition is a definite Las Vegas museum. This venue has attracted millions of visitors from around the world and features over 250 genuine artefacts from the ship's wreckage. Deemed to be unsinkable, The Titanic hit an iceberg on its 1912 maiden voyage and sank.

Be enthralled by the pieces of recovered luggage, floor tiles, jewelry and crockery. Sections of the ship like the first class and third class cabins have been perfectly recreated to give a surreal feeling. The unopened bottle of 1900 vintage Champagne will send shivers down your spine as will an actual section of the massive ship's hull.

Poignant stories of the men, women and children who drowned are told and the Exhibition will have a lasting effect on you. The Exhibition is located in the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

The Mob Museum

If you are enthralled by stories the murky underworld of mobs, gangsters, human trafficking and assassinations, then visit the Mob Museum - one of popular downtown Las Vegas museum. This rather unsavoury look into the past may not be suitable for everyone and is not suggested for children.

Fabulous multimedia shows and interactive displays will thrill you with stories of iconic gangsters like John Gotti and Al Capone. You will also learn about the amazing detectives that worked so hard to put these criminals away. Drugs, crime, hitmen and wire tapping were the order of the day. Learn how Las Vegas was heavily influenced by this culture and how Bugsy Siegel, with the help of organized crime, opened the famous Flamingo Casino on the Strip.

Re-live the notorious St Valentine’s Day Massacre when you see the wall against which the mobsters were lined up before being executed. Then see the actual chair that mob boss Albert Anastasia was relaxing in when he was murdered.

Bodies The Exhibition


Be awed by the workings of the human body, this is another astounding Las Vegas museum. This Exhibition travels around the world and if you missed it in your city, you can see the permanent display at the Luxor Hotel.

This show is fascinating for both adults and kids. It has over 200 actual human bodies that are tastefully preserved, beautifully dissected and showcased to explain how all aspects of the systems in the body work. Learn about muscles and bones, heart, lungs and brain. See how diseases affect the body and see how a baby grows in the womb.

This level of information was once only available to medical professionals and students but is now brought to the man in the street in a high-tech and modern way. Plan to spend some time as you become inspired to learn more about how amazing the human body is.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum


The museum featuring your favourite film star or sports personality one of the most fun Las Vegas museums. A visit to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum allows you to do just that. The wax figures are easily accessible and photographs are encouraged. These figures are works of art and take hundreds of hours to make, a craft that has been honed by the wax artists. The figures look so real you will be have to look twice. See images of celebs from Cameron Diaz and George Clooney to Elton John and Elvis.

The Museum also offers fabulous interactive displays that will thrill the whole family. Try your luck at singing for the Idols Judges or playing basketball with Shaquille O'Neal. An entire exhibition of Marvel Comic characters will delight comic lovers of all ages. Experience a 4D cinema experience with real wind, water, earth tremors and other amazing effects that make it super realistic.

Tom Devlin's Monster Museum


Situated in Boulder City, Tom Devlin's Las Vegas museum is loaded with fun and horrifying memorabilia from numerous horror films and comic books. Inside you can wander the hallways looking at costumes and movie props from terrifying movies such as Friday the 13th, Saw, and Scream. You can check out biographies of famous movie stars like Belle Lugosi and Lon Chaney. While perusing the museum you will see costumes worn by numerous different Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummies, and ghostly other figures which have graced the big screen scaring people for decades. If that’s not enough then stop by the gift shop where you will find authentic merchandise from hundreds of scary movies.

Hollywood cars museum


After visiting the Motor Speedway, car lovers will be thrilled to know that there in another Las Vegas museum that involves cars. Think about all the movies you have loved where a car features as a main character. Sounds odd? How about the Super Cars in the Fast and Furious? Batman's Batmobile or the adorable Herbie, the VW love bug?

What a fabulous idea and a great day out! You will also see iconic cars from TV series like KITT from Knight Rider and the Grand Torino from Starsky & Hutch. Get close up to one of James Bond's famous vehicles like the Lotus Esprit submarine car and be awed. This amazing collection is the ultimate paradise for car lovers of all ages.

Count Kustoms

Count Kustoms

One of the more superb Las Vegas museums which showcase numerous custom made cars and motorcycles that are truly pieces of art is Count Kustoms. Located along South Highland Drive, Count Kustoms is the creation of Danny Koker who makes regular appearances on the Pawn Star. When you visit Count Kustoms don’t be surprised if you run into Danny himself as he works on another masterpiece for one of his stellar clients. Once inside you can view custom cars and motorcycles that have been designed for celebrities that range from Elvira to Jay Leno to music legends like Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. The museum is a splendid way to look at customized art works in the form of moving vehicles whether you like choppers, low-riders, lane splitters or muscle cars, Count Kustoms has them all on display.

Nostalgia Street Rods

Nostalgia Street Rods

One of the best Las Vegas museums packed with nostalgia and a superb car collection that will make any car buff go bonkers is Nostalgia Street Rods. Located along Cameron Street, Nostalgia Street Rods is the master collection of Art Goldstrom who bought his first car at age 15. Since that time Art and his daughter Sheri have created the museum that now houses more than 100 collectible cars that range from street rods to classic cars to racing machines. Within the 30,000 square foot space you can gaze at a number of exquisite exhibits that feature memorabilia such as guitars, paintings, gas pumps and anything else that is related to antique cars. The collection of cars is vast and ranges from 1910 to 1965 with a majority of the cars from the 1940s, 1950s as well as 1960s.

National Atomic Testing Museum

Atomic Testing Las Vegas museum

Review: Can you imagine that not so long ago an atomic bomb was considered cool? And there was even a beauty contest "Miss Atomic Bomb"? And that tourists flocked to Las Vegas to watch in the comfort of their hotel rooms the nuclear tests conducted about 65 miles away from the city? From 1951 to 1992, Nevada was the location for denotation of 100 atmospheric and 828 underground hydrogen and atomic bombs. And at the Atomic Testing Museum this dark period of the history of Nevada comes to live.

The Atomic Testing Las Vegas museum opened in 2005 and became one of the most popular Las Vegas museums, and not just among the fans of post-apocalyptic fiction. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere prevails here - rooms that look like bunkers, Geiger counters that you can use to check your own radiation, protective suits, information how to survive a nuclear bomb. At a movie theater you can watch a detonation of an atomic bomb and feel what it would feel like if a real bomb exploded 65 miles away from you.

The gift shop at the museum is at par with the gloomy atmosphere of the museum - here you can buy not just T-shirts with the name of the museum, but also little souvenirs looking like bombs and molecular compounds.

Clark County Heritage

Review: If you happen to be driving to Hoover Dam, you might overlook the Clark County Heritage Museum, located just about 35 minutes drive from Las Vegas. But now that you know it's there, and if you like history, be sure to check it out. With only $2 a visit it's quite affordable and very interesting.

The Clark County Heritage Las Vegas museum leads visitors through the history of the region, from the ancient Pueblo peoples to the end of the 20th century. The museum features fully furnished restored homes, barns, commercial buildings, a restored mining ghost town, and a beautiful gothic-revival style Candlelight Wedding Chapel. You can also find here a few means of transportation that played an important role in the history of Nevada, including a 1959 Studebaker Lark and vintage wagons and caravans.

Erotic Heritage

Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas

The most graphic of all Las Vegas museums, the Erotic Heritage Museum contains some interesting artifacts, documents and educational materials, among a few exhibits that may seem shocking to some. The purpose of this museum is to educate you about how eroticism was regarded by different people in different times, from the Biblical times to the modern.

If you do decide to visit this museum, be prepared for highly visual and unusual exhibits, and be sure you visit this museum with someone you feel comfortable with. The friendly staff, however, does a great job at making you feel comfortable.

Just to give you a glimpse of what the Erotic Heritage Las Vegas museum offers, you can find a collection of Playboy magazine covers, posters designed to raise the morale of American soldiers, first erotic movies, and recreated scenes from various erotic fantasies.

Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum

Frightening as well as unusual and definitely out of the ordinary, the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum is not for the faint of heart. Located on Charleston Street, the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum is a new Las Vegas museum will have your mind in turmoil and your body will be shaking as you walk through the 30 plus rooms of the former Wengert House. Each room is filled with impressive strange artifacts that tell a story of horror that ranges from mass suicides to mass murders to mystifying spirits that fill the air. You will never experience a dull moment or a more terror filled moment as you pass through the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum. Be prepared for the bizarre when you see a doll being mauled by a tiger or a room filled with cannibalized body parts and when your legs go weak there will be something scary to keep you standing up.

Lost City Museum

Lost City Museum in Overton Nevada

Address: 721 South Moapa Valley Blvd., Overton

Even though the Lost City Museum is located in Overton, we included it into the list of Las Vegas museums because it's cool to visit while you are here on vacation. It's definitely a place not to miss if you are going to Valley of Fire.

The Lost City Las Vegas museum traces the history of Native Americans who inhabited the region between 300 and 1150. The part of land now covered by Lake Mead used to be the location of Pueblo Grande de Nevada, where lived Anasazi peoples. The Lost City Museum houses artifacts and restored pueblo buildings that were located at that site.

Neon Museum

Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Address: 821 Las Vegas Boulevard North

Review: The Neon Museum is among the most talked-about Las Vegas museums for a reason - after all it's the boneyard of the most notable and the brightest aspects of Las Vegas - the neon signs!

The Neon Museum Las Vegas collects signs from historic hotels, casinos, and other demolished and replaced buildings. So if you have missed the opportunity to stay at the Aladdin or Hacienda Hotels, you can see their neon sign here!

The Neon Museum undergoes reconstruction and opens a new visitors center in a restored building of La Concha Motel. Starting October 27, 2012 tours of the museum are conducted on a strict schedule and sell out fast. Please note that you cannot visit the museum by yourself- you have to stay with a tour guide at all times.

Shelby American, Inc.


If you want to see one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time then a perfect Las Vegas museum for you to visit is Shelby American, Inc. Located on Ensworth Street, Shelby American, Inc. plays tribute to the magnificent muscle car designer Carroll Shelby. When you visit the museum and production house you can view specialty models created by Shelby which include the Shelby GTE, the Shelby Super Snake, the Shelby Raptor, the CSX8000-289 Roadster and the 50th anniversary Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe. While you walk through the museum you will be impressed with the associated memorabilia that ranges from video games to racing posters to specialty toys. An added bonus when you visit is a peek inside the production shop which still builds authentic Shelby designed cars as well as trucks. If that’s not enough then sit down behind the wheel and feel the power of this iconic muscle car designer.

Photo by Karl Barre on Google.

Pinball Hall of Fame

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a fascinating Las Vegas museum for all types of travelers including families and arcade buffs. Located on East Tropicana Avenue, the Pinball Hall of Fame is situated in a 10,000 square foot building that houses more than 200 pinball machines. Once inside you will understand that these are not just pinball machines or the step-child to present day video games. The pinball machines run the gamut from the 1940s to the 2000s and feature some very unique machines such as Black Gold by Williams, Recreativo Franco’s Impacto as well as Pinball Circus by Bally. The pinball machines are all in working order and cared for by Tim Arnold the founder of the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club. An added bonus when you visit is a peek at 54 arcade machines which predate the present day video game.

Welder Up

Welder Up is an ideal Las Vegas museum for people that want to see how a customized hot rod is created and made into a piece of art work. Located along South Highland Drive, Welder Up is featured on the television series Vegas Rat Rods. Owner and mastermind Steve Darnell brings a unique take on customizing hot rods known as rat rods. Darnell and his gang work their magic of creativity as well as welding torches, to bring street junk back to life with a new colorful attitude. While visiting you will witness the inside action of making a customized rat rod from start to finish. While you are there you can listen in to conversations, watch them weld together and yes there are even a few skirmishes when everyone does not agree. The customized rat rods have been featured in numerous publications from Mopar Magazine to Rebel Rodz Magazine to Hot Rod Magazine.

Natural history museum


The glitzy city has everything and a visit to see dinosaurs is another exciting Las Vegas museum. Head out into the desert to the Natural History Museum, it makes a fabulous day out for the whole family where you can learn about animals from both the past and the present.

Kids will love the woolly mammoth tooth and the whale jaw bone. Explore the dinosaur exhibits and the replicas of ancient Egyptian artifacts. This comprehensive show also offers insights into marine life with a huge aquarium of exotic fish, sharks and rays. Learn about the natural habitat of the world, start with the local fauna and flora of Navada and then move onto the grasslands of Russia, the safari life of Africa and the tropical jungles of the Amazon. All the exhibitions are well documented, making the experience very worthwhile.

Real Bodies at Bally’s


A great Las Vegas museum for visitors that want to learn more about human anatomy in a fascinating environment is the REAL BODIES at Bally’s. Located on the lower level of Bally’s Hotel and Casino, the REAL BODIES at Bally’s features a superb look at how a human body operates and functions. Once inside the museum you can look at more than 20 human bodies that have been perfectly preserved as well as view and over 200 anatomical body parts. Patrons will be able to learn more about how people have viewed the human body over the centuries in an interesting environment that includes exhibits on the complex systems of our body’s anatomy. When you visit the museum you will have a body, mind and soul experience as well as learn about how all these items intertwine. An added bonus when you visit the museum is the stellar artwork crafted by some of the leading artists of Las Vegas’s booming art scene.

Burlesque Hall of Fame

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is the ideal Las Vegas museum for visitors to learn about how the world of exotic dancing has evolved over the years. Located on South Main Street in Downtown, the Burlesque Hall of Fame was created in 1990 and moved to Las Vegas in 2006. The Burlesque Hall of Fame concentrates on the entertainers that made exotic dancing an art form. Exhibits include artifacts such as posters, newspaper articles, photographs and playbills that highlight each of the entertainers career before and after their days burlesque. As you stroll through the museum you will gaze at other artifacts such as costumes, garter belts, feather boas, gloves, pasties and gowns as well as hundreds of pieces of jewelry. Some of the showcased burlesque entertainers include Gypsy Rose Lee, Chesty Morgan, Tempest Storm, Candy Barr and legendary Mae West. The museum continues to celebrate exotic dancers of today by hosting the Miss Exotic World Pageant every year.

Wayne Newton's Casa de Shenandoah Tour

Wayne Newton's Casa de Shenandoah Tour in Las Vegas

Currently closed for renovations

Not far from the Strip is the famous venue of Mr Las Vegas, Wayne Newton. This amazing Las Vegas museum can be explored on a two or three hour tour that takes you on to the property and into the mansion. Explore The Casa de Shenandoa, a 52 acre venue. The tour starts with a short film introducing you to the owner and the lavish estate. Then jump onto a shuttle for the ride. See the over-the-top Vegas costumes, stunning luxury cars and walk around the museum filled with memorabilia. Horse lovers will be delighted at the Arabian horse stables where you can meet his exotic animals. If you want more, you can extend your tour and visit the first floor of the this incredible Las Vegas point of interest or explore the entire mansion with a knowledgeable guide.

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