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Las Vegas art scene is booming! When you arrive in Sin City you will pleased to find out all of the interesting and beautiful places to view Las Vegas art. The Las Vegas area has been instrumental in being the entertainment capital of the world and you will be pleased to be able to see works from legendary artists like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and fine art photography from Peter Lik. While you are in Las Vegas you should visit the Art District also known as 18b where you will find a hundred galleries showcasing local artists from Las Vegas as well as numerous street murals that please the eyes. There are galleries that highlight sculptures created from performers in Circus Du Soleil, paintings of famous musicians as well as see artworks from world-renowned artists from Elena Bulatova to Linda Dittrich to lesser known artists who might be the next Rembrandt.

Artisan Hotel Boutique

Artisan Hotel Boutique Las Vegas

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Location: 1501 W. Sahara Ave

The Artisan Hotel is a fantastic place to see some of the most erotic Las Vegas art in Sin City. Located along West Sahara Avenue, the Artisan Hotel features reproductions of some of the most renowned paintings and sculptures in the world. As you wander the Gothic themed hallways, lobby and rooms the artwork is exhibited on every inch of the hotel. The eclectic style artwork within the property blends naturally with white stone statues in the exterior gardens around the property and the heavy gothic interior decor is home to numerous nude paintings as well as other sexually oriented pieces of art from the masters. When you are there you can be assured of seeing a mixture of erotic, contemporary, classic and gothic art that is highlighted by replicas from famous artists such as Da Vinci, Renoir, Rembrandt, Chagall and Van Gogh.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art


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Location: Inside Bellagio

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is a superb Las Vegas attraction for art lovers that want to view stunning creations from the world’s best artist in a rotating gallery. Located within the Promenade Shops at the Bellagio, the 2,600 square foot exhibit gallery is always packed with beautiful artwork that will put a smile on your face. As you stroll through the exhibits you can expect to see paintings, sculptures, innovative photography, and other pieces of unique artwork. The gallery brings in exciting nationally and internationally recognized artists that showcase their creative skills in one of the most gorgeous hotels on the Strip. Each exhibit highlights the artists creativity and are intricately weaved together for an incredible experience of superb artwork.

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Aria Fine Arts Collection

Location: Inside Aria

One of the most fascinating places to see Las Vegas art on the Strip is at the Aria Fine Arts Collection. Located along the Strip within the Aria Hotel complex, the Aria Fine Arts Collection highlights the works of many well-known artists from around the world including Maya Lin, James Turrell, Richard Long and Frank Stella. The fine arts collection is a true testament to the hotel which in itself is a work of art with aesthetically pleasing lines at every turn inside and out. The collection runs the gamut from large installations to sculptures to paintings and represents a variety of artistic genres. As you walk through the complex your eyes will be delighted looking at masterpieces like Earth by Richard Long, Crossroads of Humanity created by Doze Green, Big Edge from Nancy Rubins and the incredible 250-feet long Vegas by Jenny Holzer which showcases the neon lights of Glitter Gulch.

Martin Lawrence Galleries

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Location: Inside Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

If you are searching for a great place to see Las Vegas art from the 20th century that showcases works from artists like Salvador Dali, then a visit to the Martin Lawrence Galleries is in order. Located on the Strip within the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, the Martin Lawrence Galleries is a 27,000-square foot gallery that highlights the works of such artists as Takashi Murakami, Joan Miro, Erte, Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso. Once inside you will be thrilled with the pleasurable paintings, sculptures and limited edition graphics created by some of the most outstanding artists of the 20th century. The art gallery exhibits museum quality pieces from the largest Salvador Dali oil painting to a series of Marilyn Monroe paintings by Andy Warhol. Much of the artwork on exhibit is also for sale which is perfect for someone who is looking for that unique piece for their personal collection.

Peter Lik Fine Art Gallery at Mandalay Bay

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Location: Inside Mandalay Bay Hotel

If you are looking to see some of the best photographic art in the world by the renowned photographer Peter Lik then a trip to the Peter Lik Fine Art Gallery at Mandalay Bay is a must. Located on the Strip within the Mandalay Bay Resort, the Peter Lik Fine Art Gallery at Mandalay Bay features photographic landscape art that includes pristine mountain ranges, desert canyons and surreal tumbling waterfalls. Lik’s photographic artwork has been acclaimed around the world for more than 35 years and the Australian born photographer brings landscapes to life. While you are at the gallery be prepared to view places from around the world including the Mojave Desert, red sandstone canyons with remarkable rock formations and lava flows as well as numerous national parks including Yosemite and Yellowstone. His art gallery in Las Vegas is a dream stop for anyone who is looking to purchase or see his original works of fine art.

Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum Las Vegas

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Location: Fremont Street - Neonopolis Complex

The Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum is the largest gallery in Sin City that exhibits exquisite artworks from artists from around the world and is one of the best places to see Las Vegas art. Located on Fremont Street within the Neonopolis Complex, the Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum is home to 20,000-square feet of exhibit space that covers everything from sculptures to contemporary paintings to pencil abstracts and is the home of the former collection of artworks found at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art. Exhibits over the years have included art and fashion of Circus Du Soleil shows, African dance, Jewish community artists and Chinese artists that took part in the modern movement in Taiwan during the 1960s as well as aviation art from the airmen at Nellis Air Force Base. The art gallery and museum also hold several lectures, artist receptions and mixers.

Las Vegas Arts District

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Location: Map of Arts District

The best community in Sin City to view exciting Las Vegas art from local artists that range from street murals to sculptures to original paintings is the Las Vegas Arts District. Located along 18 blocks in the Downtown area, the Las Vegas Arts District also known as 18b is a remarkable place filled with unique artistry and thought. The Las Vegas Arts District is a perfect place to wander the streets and witness artists at work first hand. There are a number of galleries within the district and there is a free shuttle bus that makes the round in the neighborhood to enhance your pleasure. Also within the arts district is the Healing Garden which was created to support the victims and families of the shooting incident that took place at Mandalay Bay. For a full day or night of fun visit the first Friday of each month when you can walk through the numerous galleries as well as listen to live music as you wander through the neighborhood.

Artifice Bar

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Location: Las Vegas Arts District

When you want to see some of the best Las Vegas art that has been created by local artists as well as listen to music and enjoy a cold libation, then the Artifice Bar is the perfect place. Located on South First Street in the Art District, Artifice Bar combines a live music venue while showcasing artwork that ranges from abstract to contemporary to modern. The 3,400-square foot venue has walls that are packed with colorful and thoughtful artwork that highlights various artists’ talents from around the city as well as surrounding area. The artwork on the walls rotates every three to four months and is presented to mix in with the music scene that ranges from live DJs to duets to rock-n-roll to jazz. The bar area serves intriguing handcrafted libations with names such as the Warhol, Nicky Free and Taming of the Shew. Happy hour brings drink specials and a chance to talk with one of the many local artists.

Random Alchemy Art Gallery

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Location: Las Vegas Arts District

The Random Alchemy Art Gallery is a perfect place to view Las Vegas art that is unique to Sin City and the world. Located on East Charleston Boulevard within the Arts Factory, the Random Alchemy Art Gallery is the brainchild of Lisa Dittrich and brings interesting yet compelling artists work to the forefront. Recent exhibits have included artwork from Dittrich as well as local artists such as Dawn Dohl, Regina Vinicky, Edward Maier and Ivan Fernandez Mesa. Intriguing exhibits that have graced the gallery include the Dark Hearts Club, Viva Vegas Retro Kitsch, Pieces and Parts as well as Still Life? Still Life. While you are at the gallery you can glimpse at hand-crafted jewelry that will surely make your eyes pop and your mind wonder.

A. W. Gallery

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Location: Las Vegas Arts District

If you are interested in viewing Las Vegas art that includes established as well as up-coming artists in the area of pop and contemporary art, then you should stop by the A.W. Gallery. Located on East Charleston Boulevard within the Arts Factory, the A.W. Gallery is the creation of German artist Anja Whitemyer and is packed with lovely artwork that ranges from contemporary to pop to photography to abstract paintings created by local Las Vegas artists. The gallery exhibits artworks from artists such as Peg Ashman, Gus Fink, James Dingman and Eric Calvillo. Artists use a variety of techniques while creating their masterpieces that include pencil, acrylics, broken glass and water colors to help bring the artwork to life. Each month the gallery rotates a portion of the collection for future buyers to view and you can purchase some of these one-of-a-kind artworks while in the gallery.

Art of Richard MacDonald

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Location: Inside Bellagio Hotel

If you are a fan of Circus Du Soleil, then the only Las Vegas art gallery you need to see is the Art of Richard MacDonald. Located in front of the O Theatre within the Bellagio, the Art of Richard MacDonald concentrates on the performers of the famed shows created by Circus Du Soleil in sculptures that are created with a neo-figurative fashion. Once inside the lobby area you can view 50 incredible bronze sculptures that highlight the movements of dancers, contortionists and acrobats of various Circus Du Soleil performances. Each sculpture is a masterpiece that showcases the human muscle mass of these performers and each sculpture is a tribute to the elegance, composure as well as forte of the Circus du Soleil artists.

SKYE Art Gallery

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Location: Inside Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

If you want to interact with artists while they are creating incredible pieces of Las Vegas art, then you should stop by the SKYE Art Gallery. Locate within the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, the SKYE Art Gallery is dedicated to local artists who are creating artworks that range from comic book drawings to contemporary paintings to lifelike sculptures. When you visit this small but innovative gallery, you can view artists while they are creating their masterpieces and speak with individuals about their passion for art. The SKYE Art Gallery is instrumental in bringing up-coming Pop artists into focus as well as famous artists from around the world like Carlos Vasquez from Mexico, William Sweetlove of Belgium and Des Taylor from London as well as first time master artist Jora Hayrapetyan of Armenia. The gallery is an ideal place for lovers of Pop art to sit and view some of the more interesting artwork being created by artists such as Doug Bloodworth, Paul Butvila, Des Taylor and Dominique Steffens.

Elena bulatova Fine Art

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Location: 3720 S Las Vegas Blvd., Ste. 275

An intriguing place to view Las Vegas art that is loaded with beautiful contemporary and abstract pieces of artwork is the Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery. Located directly on the Strip at 3720 South Las Vegas Boulevard, the Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery features contemporary works from artists like Rizal, Anek Natenoi, Salvador Dali, the Buma Project and series work from Elena Bulatova. One inside your eyes will be treated to a collection that has everything from sculptures to water colors to acrylic landscapes to abstract drawings. The gallery concentrates on art from around the world from places like the South Pacific, Asia, Russia, South America and the United States. Signature works by Bulatova on display include numerous sculptures from her lollipop and popsicle series as well as her drawings for the Wall Street Journal of cartoon superheroes. Bring your wallet because much of the artwork on display can be purchased and will make a great addition to anyone collections.

Marjorie Barrick Museum

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Location: UNLV Campus

One of the more interesting places to view Las Vegas art is the Marjorie Barrick Museum. Located on the campus of UNLV, the Marjorie Barrick Museum is situated within a renovated historic gymnasium that features contemporary artworks as well as Pre-Columbian and Mesoamerican art. The six exhibit galleries include 50 pieces of international contemporary artwork from the Vogel collection which was bequeathed to the museum in 2010. Other galleries in the museum are home to a large collection of Pre-Columbian and Native American cultural artifacts that range from Navajo jewelry to Paiute ceramics to dance masks from Mexico and textiles from Latin America. The Marjorie Barrack Museum exhibits the former collection of artwork that was on display at the Las Vegas Art Museum that closed its doors in 2009. The auditorium has provided an excellent space for guest speakers that include Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev and Gerald Ford. There are also plenty of work areas within the museum for children to create their own masterpiece of art and the xeriscape garden is a must see when you are visiting.

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