The Best Pools In Las Vegas In 2024

These best pools in Las Vegas open in will impress even the picky beach bums! While crowded during summer months, all of these pools have private cabanas where you can hide from the hassle and bustle of the city while relaxing with a cocktail. Many run the hottest pool parties in Vegas. No matter what your preferred way of relaxing at the pool is - you can find anything in Vegas. If you are visiting the city during off season - from October to April, winter, some of these pools are open year-round.

Mandalay Beach

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas pools

Inside Mandalay Bay

When you want to find one of the best pools in Las Vegas while visiting Sin City, then you should try lounging around the spectacular scenery at Mandalay Bay Beach. Located within Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, this 11-acre aquatic wonderland is a dream come true for anyone who is searching for an ideal place to cool down in the Vegas heat. Once inside you experience a variety of water fun options from a superb wave pool to four different lagoon-style swimming pools to a quarter-mile long lazy river which is perfect for floating and there is plenty of soft sand. If all of this is not enough, then go watch one of the stellar musical concerts that attract top-notch performers like Travis Tritt, Sublime, and the Caifanes while you soak up the sand between your toes. Numerous packages are available that include private cabanas, lounge chairs, daybeds, and there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or a cold libation.

Circa Stadium swim

Circa Stadium swim Las Vegas pools

Inside Circa Resort & Casino

If you thought a swimming pool was just for cooling off or partying at a day club, then you need to visit Circa Stadium Swim where you can swim, relax, and gamble while watching a humungous big screen television. Located atop the Circa Resort and Casino in Downtown, Circa Stadium Swim is one of the best pools in Las Vegas for you to enjoy a day or night of exciting fun. Perched atop of the hotel with six separate swimming pools you can enjoy watching all the top sporting events while lounging in the sun and cooling off in one of the pools. Onsite gambling, swim-up bars, and Insta-ready selfie walls are just another part of this stellar attraction as people relax watching events on a 40-foot tall high-definition screen that brings all the action to life. There are plenty of packages and seating include lounge chairs, daybeds, cabanas and the service from the 115 staff members is second-to-none.

Aria Las Vegas Pools

Aria Las Vegas pools

Open year round

Inside Aria

The three freshwater swimming pools at Aria Hotel have oval lagoon-style shapes which are complete with a rock waterfall. Guests can lounge on the 215,000 square foot deck with shaded walkways that adjoin each pool area and there are plenty of lounge chairs. You can also rent one of the 35 poolside cabanas which offer upgraded amenities. The Breeze Café serves food and drink poolside as well as an additional bar area for libations. The areas are surrounded with palm trees and plenty of flowers that inspire the tropical landscape. The music keeps the atmosphere upbeat and relaxing. One of the best pools in Las Vegas, Aria also features the Liquid Pool Lounge which sports a club-type atmosphere. You can also enjoy three whirlpools. If you are looking for a variety of pools and a day club at the same hotel, then you should try these pools.

Bellagio Las Vegas Pools

Bellagio Las Vegas pools

Inside Bellagio

The five freshwater swimming pools at the Bellagio are surrounded by a Mediterranean-style garden area which adds elegance to the beautiful landscape. Best pools in Las Vegas located at Bellago have plenty of deck space for lounging as well as daybeds and cabanas for rent when guests want a true VIP poolside experience. The Pool Café serves up delicious food from salads to burgers to pizza. The Pool Bar has all of your favorite libations as well as a wonderful view of the gardens and pools. This pool does have age limitations and children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a person over 18 years of age. If you are looking for a luxurious pool area with a relaxing garden setting then you should visit this pool.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Pools

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas pools

Inside Cosmopolitan

Marquee may occasionally be open during off-season

There are three freshwater best pools in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan. The Boulevard is the main pool and located on the fourth level of the east end. This Las Vegas pool has a nice view of the Strip. This pool venue also hosts a number of concerts in the summer as well as movie nights. The Bamboo pool is situated on the 14th level of the west end and is the perfect mixture of style combined with relaxation. This pool area has a luxurious desert landscape with palm trees. The third pool area is the Marquee Day Club which is located on the second level of the east end. This is perfect for guests looking for that club or spring break atmosphere. The deck area is urban chic. The three freshwater swimming pools at the Cosmopolitan will satisfy every guest from upbeat to relaxing to a full blown day club.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Pools

Caesars Palace Las Vegas pools

Inside Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is the ideal complex for guests looking for a little of everything. Best pools in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace is massive at 5 acres with spectacular Roman architectural features throughout the complex. The most elegant of the eight pools is the Temple pool which sports a round pool with intriguing architectural. The Neptune pool has plenty of deck space and an upbeat atmosphere. The Apollo pool is ideal for the sun worshipper. The Jupiter pool area is secluded and offers tranquility. The Fortuna pool has all your favorite table games in a swim-up fashion. The Bacchus pool is exclusive to VIP as well as celebrity guests. The Venus European pool area is ideal for adults-only who prefer European-style sunbathing. No matter if you a VIP or regular patron, you will find what you are seeking for at this magical pool complex.

Encore Las Vegas Pools

Encore Las Vegas pools

Inside Encore

Open year round

The Encore has some of the best pools in Las Vegas with luscious gardens, privacy and an energetic day club. There are three different pool areas located throughout the complex. The three pool areas include the Main pool where guests can mingle and relax in an unpretentious setting. The European pool offers seclusion for topless sunbathing. The third pool is the high voltage Encore Beach Club which boasts one of the biggest party scenes with well-known DJ’s providing the beat for sun soaked partiers who sway in the waist deep water. There are day beds and cabanas for those looking for that VIP experience. You can indulge in poolside service for your favorite beverage and innovative food. The pool areas offer something for everyone and the intimate garden settings are unique as well as relaxing.

Flamingo Las Vegas Pools

Flamingo Las Vegas pools

Inside Flamingo

The pool area at the Flamingo can accommodate both families and adults in an exciting comfortable setting. The best pools in Las Vegas at Flamingo are situated on 15-acres of lush manicured tropical gardens and offers two choices for you. The multilevel lagoon-style Beach Club is ideal for families looking for a fun and a relaxing day at the pool. This freshwater swimming pool has multiple waterslides for patrons of all ages to enjoy as well as a shaded grotto area which is ideal for relaxing. The adults-only Go pool is located on the upper level of the complex and has an upbeat atmosphere provided by a live DJ. Both areas have cabanas and daybeds available as well as three full service bars for chilled beverages. Whether you are someone looking for a pool area for your family or seeking an upbeat party pool, this complex will surely work.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Pool


Inside Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Tank pool is viewed as one of the best best pools in Las Vegas only Downtown but on the Strip. Located within the Golden Nugget, the pool area features a 200,000 gallon shark tank which is complete with a three-story waterslide. The Tank pool is ideal for families with plenty of deck space to lounge. The scenery is enhanced by numerous waterfalls and a manicured tropical garden. The upper deck Hideout pool area is the perfect retreat for guests 21 years of age or older. This area is more upbeat with music as well as an incredible Infinity pool. Cabanas and daybeds are available for rent for your VIP experience as well as food and drink options. This pool complex is an ideal mixture of nature, fun and relaxation for patrons that are young or old.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Pools

Harrah’s Las Vegas pools

Inside Harrah’s

This Las Vegas pool is the perfect spot for guests looking for solitude and relaxation. Situated within Harrah’s, the pool area has one of the few Olympic-sized freshwater swimming best pools in Las Vegas on the Strip. The decor is simple with lots of flowers, animal sculptures and painted murals to help soothe you into a state of tranquility. The deck has ample space to lounge and there are cabanas as well as daybeds for guests looking for that VIP pool adventure. Patrons can enjoy exciting food and drink options at the poolside café. Guests should give this pool area a try when they are looking for more relaxation than party.

LINQ Las Vegas Pool

LINQ Las Vegas pools

Inside LINQ

This is one of the best adults-only best pools in Las Vegas on the Strip and combines an upscale luxury with a backyard pool party atmosphere. Situated at the LINQ, this pool complex has two freshwater swimming pools which feature an expansive deck for lounging. One pool has a DJ booth that has music going all day to keep things lively as well as a lounge area that serves signature cocktails. The wet deck is ample for lounging and dancing. The second pool is more private and can be accessed by an elevated deck. Daybeds and cabanas are available for when you want that VIP poolside experience. The overall vibe of this pool complex is young and energetic which makes it perfect for partying as well as relaxing with friends.

Luxor Las Vegas Pool

Luxor Las Vegas pools

Inside Luxor

Luxor's offers some of the largest best pools in Las Vegas on the Strip with four freshwater swimming pools for guests to enjoy. Situated at the Luxor, the four pools are large in size and located on five-acres of prime real estate and boasts views of grand Egyptian architecture like pyramids as well as statues of sphinxes. Two of the pools are opened on the weekdays and the other two pools are only open Friday-Sunday. Each pool has a series of cement islands which are surrounded by water that allow for sunbathing and other activities for guests. For patrons looking for a VIP water adventure there are numerous cabanas as well as daybeds for rent. Poolside food and drink is offered that keeps patrons refreshed. If you are looking for a no-nonsense atmosphere for family and friends this is a great place for you.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Pool

MGM Grand Las Vegas pools

Inside MGM Grand

Open Year Round

This Grand Pool Complex has some of the best pools in Las Vegas on the Strip and offers plenty of excitement as well as relaxation. Situated on almost seven acres within the MGM Grand, this pool area offers five different freshwater swimming pools that are sure to please everyone. The pools are named the Director’s, Producer’s, the Academy, the Backlot and the Talent. The scene around the pools is geared for adults with three of them for adults-only. The lazy river is ideal for people looking to relax and enjoy an easy slow ride. The deck areas feature plenty of space and there are cabanas available. Patrons can indulge in their chilled libation at one of the five bars located within this massive pool complex. Whether you are looking for relaxation or a party atmosphere, this pool area is perfect for all.

Mirage Las Vegas Pools

Mirage Las Vegas pools

Inside Mirage

Mirage pool complex has two freshwater swimming pools. These best pools in Las Vegas are picturesque with waterfalls and a lovely sun deck. Located at the Mirage, there are two distinct pool areas which will satisfy guests. The main pool area has a huge deck for patrons to lounge and soak up the sun. The second pool is open to adults-only and sports a lively upbeat atmosphere. There are cabanas available and guest can enjoy splendid food as well as drinks as they revel in a comfortable space. Whether you are someone looking for solitude or a fun party atmosphere this pool area will leave you with a smile.

New York-New York Las Vegas Pool

 Las Vegas pools

Inside New York-New York

New York New offers one of the best pools in Las Vegas that has everything that will please patrons from a large deck area for sunbathing to a stunning social scene. Located at New York New York, this freshwater swimming pool is enormous with a capacity of over 800 people. The scenery is accented by numerous palm trees and a lush tropical garden which guests will enjoy whether they are just hanging with friends or family. The facility has several cabanas and daybeds available for guests seeking that VIP adventure. Food and drink service is offered poolside for patrons that want something refreshing. One added bonus at this pool is that guests have a great view of the roller coaster and can watch the adrenaline filled ride thrill patrons as they descend from high above. No matter what you are looking for in a pool area, this pool will certainly satisfy.

Palazzo Las Vegas Pool

Palazzo Las Vegas pools

Inside Palazzo

Open year round

The numerous freshwater best pools in Las Vegas at Palazzo are ideal for people looking for relaxation and variety. Located at the Palazzo, thispool complex includes up to ten different choices for guests that want to take a dip. The pools have an excellent upscale French Riviera atmosphere which keeps patrons satisfied all day whether you want a place to relax with the family or party with friends. Patrons can choose from adults-only pools to fantastic pools for families. There are plenty of cabanas and daybeds available for guests looking for an upbeat VIP experience and food service is provided by Wolfgang Puck. This pool complex is the perfect place whether you are with family, friends or just mingling with the crowd.

Palms Las Vegas Pool

Palms Las Vegas Pool

Inside Palms

Palms has one of the best pools in Las Vegas that is the perfect mixture of relaxation and fun in the sun. Located at the Palms, this three acre complex of water has a vibrate decor and is separated into three areas. The first area is situated in front of the terrace associated with Back Room Burger. The second area is connected by waterfalls. There are unique shaped cabanas available and some are furnished with a private plunge pool. The third area has a small glass bottom pool which is unique to the Strip. Patrons can enjoy a cold beverage at any of the three pool areas. Guests can enjoy the upbeat Palms Pool and Day Club which has a variety of events and top rated DJ’s. When you are looking for a place to have fun, relax and unwind in the sun, this is ideal for you.

Palms Place Las Vegas Pool

Palms Place Las Vegas Pool

Inside Palms Place

Open Year Round

Palms Place pool is a very chic and upscale environment which is inspired by a spa-style atmosphere. Situated on the sixth floor of Palms Place, this best pool in Las Vegas is not very large but the deck space is absolutely gorgeous with waterfalls, tropical flowers and stone gardens as well as a stone fireplace which adds to the ambience. Guests can lounge on a chaise or upgrade to the privacy of your cabana with an exciting VIP experience. There is a pool bar that serves chilled libations and food service is available. The rooftop location is ideal for peering out over the surrounding landscape as well as stunning views of the Palms towers. When you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil pool area this is the best choice for you.

Paris Las Vegas Pool

Paris Las Vegas pools

Inside Paris

Among the best pools in Las Vegas, Paris has a great atmosphere for relaxing and playing in the sun. Located at the Paris, the octagon shaped Soleil pool encompasses almost three acres of landscape. The Paris-themed landscape is ideal with views of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe and patrons can even see a portion of the famed Bellagio fountains. The deck area has ample space for lounging and there are several cabanas for people to rent. Food and drink service is available from Café Du Paris where guests can indulge in a light lunch or cold beverage. This pool area is also a favorite for large gatherings and weddings. If you like swimming or relaxing in an atmosphere that includes famous French iconic architecture then this is the perfect pool.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Pool

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas pools

Inside Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood pool is ideal for people who want to separate sun lounging from swimming or playing in the water. Located on the rooftop of Planet Hollywood are best pools in Las Vegas which are slightly elevated from the ample deck. This lively space offers DJ’s, two full service bars and a variety of activities such as bikini contests throughout the day. The rooftop location provides a stunning backdrop and big views of Sin City as well as the surrounding landscape. There is food service as well as cabanas available. A unique item to this pool area is the FlowRider which lets guest tryout their surfing skills. This pool area is the perfect place for people who want a livelier atmosphere without paying a day club price.

Rio Las Vegas Pool


Inside Rio

Rio has one of the best pools in Las Vegas with the most unique designs which allow patrons of all ages to enjoy the fun and sun. Located at the Rio, the VooDoo Beach has an outstanding landscape with a lagoon-style pool that features waterfalls and fountains. The deck area has ample seating and there are cabanas available when searching for that VIP adventure. The three other pools include one with a sand bottom that feels like you are at the beach. The Voo pool space is for adults-only and boasts one of the best day club party’s. There are two different bars within the pool areas which serve signature cocktails and patrons can also order food. If you are looking for an exciting environment to enjoy the sun then this is an ideal place for you.

Sahara Las Vegas Pool

SLS Las Vegas pools

Inside Sahara

SLS has a great pool area with a chic and upscale decor with sharp edges and plenty of contrasting features. Situated on the rooftop of SLS, this best pool in Las Vegas is quite large at over 10,000 square feet. The views are spectacular of the surrounding area and there is ample space for patrons to lounge. There are cabanas available and the full service bar is centrally located. The SLS also sports the fantastic Foxtail pool which is located off of the casino. This adults-only day and night pool club offers guests an ideal party time with plenty of area to dance while listening to top rated DJ’s. No matter want you are looking for in a pool, you will find all the attractions and sun at this rooftop pool.

The Strat Las Vegas Pool

Stratosphere Las Vegas pools

Inside The Strat

The Elation freshwater swimming pool at the Strat is an incredible area for people to relax or let a little steam off with friends. This newly remodelled one of the best pools in Las Vegas has a Baja-style environment and is located on the eighth floor. The area boasts big views of Sin City as well as the surrounding desert landscape for guests lounging on the spacious deck. Patrons can indulge in poolside food and beverage service as well as rent a cabana or daybed when they want a little more privacy. In addition to the Elation pool area there is the stunning Radius Rooftop Pool and Wet Lounge. The 21 years of age or older area give guests an ideal pool club atmosphere with DJ’s, dancing and plenty of partying. Whether you are looking for a place to relax by the pool or a pool club with a rowdy atmosphere these pools need to be tried.

Treasure Island Las Vegas Pool

Treasure Island Las Vegas pools

Inside Treasure Island

Among the best pools in Las Vegas, Treasure Island pool is one of the more relaxing as well as energetic places for guests to take a dip in the water. The lagoon-style freshwater swimming pool is huge with a raised sun deck which is surrounded by plenty of palm trees and lush gardens. Patrons can indulge in their favorite libation and food with poolside service. The cabanas and daybeds for rent are perfect for guests looking for an exciting VIP experience. Guests can also enjoy a huge 50 person hot tub which is ideal for mingling with a frosty beverage. For patrons looking for a complete social scene with an upbeat atmosphere then this is the right spot for you.

Tropicana Las Vegas Pool

Tropicana Las Vegas pools

Inside Tropicana

The pool areas at Tropicana are highly regarded as the best pools in Las Vegas on the Strip. Tropicana pool complex has three lagoon-style freshwater swimming pools that are situated on almost two acres of lush tropical gardens which is accented by several waterfalls. The main pool area is large with plenty of space for lounging and mingling. The adults-only pool is perfect for those seeking fun in a party atmosphere. Each pool offers cabanas and daybeds for rent as well as splendid VIP experiences for guests. In addition, the Sky Beach Club has a South Beach influenced decor and adventure for guests who are seeking a little more than just sun. The pool areas at this hotel are open to non-guests for a small fee. These three distinct pool areas are ideal for people who want to relax or shake, rattle and roll in an exciting but laid back atmosphere.

Vdara Las Vegas Las Vegas Pools

Vdara Las Vegas pools

Inside Vdara

The pool and lounge area at the Vdara is a spectacular place to relax and enjoy the sun. Perched on the top floor of the grand entry, Vdara's is one of the best pools in Las Vegas with a distinct upscale style which has been leaving guests pleased for many reasons. Vdara's pool area has a simple blue and yellow decor with plenty of daybeds and cabanas for patrons wanting that special VIP treatment. Cabanas are also equipped with semi-private plunge pools which make for a perfect retreat in the sun. Food and drink service is quick as well as reliable when you are looking for that chilled libation or delicious salad poolside. This pool is ideal for patrons who want a view of Sin City as well as something more than just a lounge chair and sun.

Venetian Las Vegas Pool

Venetian Las Vegas pools

Inside Venetian

open year round

There are ten separate freshwater best pools in Las Vegas situated on the property of the Venetian. Each pool area has a distinct atmosphere and each pool has a fabulous decor that includes Roman-style architecture and lush gardens. The Vita pool is great for swimming laps. The Mixer, Grande and Festiva pools are perfect for mingling as well as fun in the sun. The Serenity, Azure and the Venezia pools are ideal for adults looking for tranquility. The Tao Beach is the place for celebrity watching and a lively day club atmosphere. Each pool area has food and drink service which varies for traditional poolside fare to culinary specialties. There are a number of cabanas and daybeds for rent when you are seeking that VIP adventure. The pools offer a wide variety of activities and atmosphere and guests are sure to find one that fits their mood.

Wynn Las Vegas Pool

Wynn Las Vegas pools

Inside Wynn

Open Year Round

There are four freshwater best pools in Las Vegas located within the complex at Wynn. Each pool area is constructed with unique architecture that is complimented by lush gardens and the sundecks have plenty of space for lounging. The two pools located at the towers suites are circular with a connecting channel of water and Tableau provides excellent food as well as drink service. There is separate private pool area that is for guests that prefer European-style sunbathing and the cabana bar provides excellent food and beverage options. The sunset pool is great for that afternoon swim that offers a big view for sunset watchers and the sunset grill has all of your favorite libations. Overall, if you are someone who is looking for a bit of everything from relaxing to topless sunbathing to an upbeat atmosphere, then you should visit the four gorgeous pools at this resort.

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