Naughty Las Vegas Vacation Ideas

Ideas for a naughty Las Vegas vacation or a couple's getaway in the Sin City in 2014? This is probably one of the most popular questions I've been asked! There are, in fact, so many fun things to do in Las Vegas for couple. Whether you are a husband and wife looking to spice up your love life in Vegas, or boyfriend/girlfriend, you will find plenty of naughty, adult things to do in Las Vegas for couples!

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Best Shows For Couples

Beacher's Madhouse
Beachers Madhouse Madness Las Vegas show
Carrot Top
Carrot Top
Defending Caveman
Defending The Caveman
Penn & Teller
Penn & Teller
Divas Las Vegas
Divas Las Vegas
Sin City Comedy
Sin City Comedy
Marc Savard
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
Hypnosis Unleashed
Hypnosis Unleashed Las Vegas poster
Anthony Cools
Anthony Cools

You may be wondering which are the naughtiest shows in Las Vegas for couples. Provided you are going to have fun together and not separately, I would swear by these shows as the most fun shows that almost any couple would enjoy. (If you are going to have fun separately - check out Male Revue and Topless Shows).

These are the naughtiest adult shows in Las Vegas that cater to both men and women. Of these, my personal favorite is Absinthe - but you also need to be able to appreciate adult crude humor to enjoy it. Zumanity is a naughty, very enjoyable show by Cirque du Soleil, with acrobatic stunts mixed with eroticism. Jubilee! will give you a taste of Old Vegas - it is more "retro" than naughty, and may be more appreciated by an older couple. Sin City Comedy Show is a mixture of stand up comedy and half naked dancers, so both of you will have something to enjoy during your glorious naughty Las Vegas vacation as a couple!

For a naughty Las Vegas vacation, you can't go wrong with either one of these hypnosis shows. The premise is more or less the same for all of them - a hypnotist and volunteers from the audience. Hypnotist hypnotizes volunteers and makes them do hilarious stuff, usually of adult nature. Remember - you must be really, really into dirty jokes and have no inhibitions to enjoy these shows!

And finally, here are my favorite shows in Las Vegas that are not really naughty, but very, very funny or just that good. Carrot Top is a hilarious red headed comedian, Penn & Teller are the best magicians, Divas is a musical show where all female actresses are portrayed by men-impersonators, and Defending The Cavemen is a hilarious one-man comedy show that makes fun of stupid misunderstandings that married couples tend to fight over.

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Best Strip Clubs For Couples

Olympic Gardens
Olympic Gardens in Las Vegas
Sapphire club in Las Vegas
Palomino club in Las Vegas

People are wondering which are the best strip clubs in Las Vegas for couples. The thing about Vegas strip clubs is that some of them are really "gentlemen's" clubs - ladies are not allowed in, and they only feature female strippers. It's always best to check their website or call in advance. You can find all the websites and more tips on what to do and what not to do in Las Vegas Strip Clubs.

These strip clubs are a perfect choice for a naughty Las Vegas vacation - they either have a special "ladies night", or have both female and male strippers on the same night so you both can enjoy your night out.

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Best Hotels For Couples

Every vacation starts from finding the most suitable hotel - and we are no exception. Therefore, I found the naughtiest Las Vegas hotels where couples would have the most fun. My top choice are Planet Hollywood and The Mirage - both very adult hotels, frequented by party-loving public, where you surely will see some skin even if you are not looking for it. They offer plenty of entertainment, bars, night clubs. Planet Hollywood, for example, hosts the largest number of shows in Vegas. The wife/girlfriend could even take a Stripper 101 class to learn new tricks to entertain the husband/boyfriend!

Rio, Palms and Hard Rock hotel also cater to revelers with their 24/7 party atmosphere. Palms and Hard Rock Hotel host some of the hottest concerts in Vegas and the most incredible pool parties. Rio is home to a free show catering to adults -Show In The Sky with dancers dancing in gondolas hanging from the ceiling.

The Mirage
The Mirage in Las Vegas
Palms hotel in Las Vegas
Rio hotel in Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas
Hard Rock
Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas

Nightclub Passes

Do you enjoy partying? Then you definitely need to get hold of one of those V Cards - the ultimate party pass in Vegas! This card, or more like vouchers, will give you absolutely free access to most of night clubs and even Strip clubs and pool parties (provided it's summer season) in Vegas. And if you are wondering whether the girl needs the card too - after all, women can get in most clubs for free, I'd suggest that you do need it. First of all, not all clubs are free for women. Second, with this card you would avoid surprises such as having to wait in line while the guy already got a free VIP access. On the other hand, if you are prepared to enjoy at least part of your naughty Las Vegas vacation separately, the girl could get a What Women Want Pass instead.

V Card Review
V Card
What Women Want
bachelorette party in Las Vegas pass

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Best Night Clubs For Couples

Assuming you have your V Card, where would you start partying? Here are all the best, naughtiest Las Vegas night Clubs for couples - all of them are currently included into V Card. Otherwise, the cover charge is around $30 for each club. In other words, with only 2 night clubs you will justify the cost of the V Card.


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Best Pools

And I know you want to ask this question - what are the best, naughtiest pools in Las Vegas for couples? Well there are 2 types of naughty adult pools here - pools with the hottest parties, and pools with European (topless) area. To make things more fun for your naughty Las Vegas getaway, I separated the pools into 2 categories.

Here are the best European pools in Vegas. Please keep in mind that you do need to arrive to the pools in a nice presentable attire, and sober preferably. Otherwise they might not let you in!

The Voo
European style
Moorea Beach Club
European style
Bare Pool
European style

Best Las Vegas Pool Parties

These are the most fun pool parties - a perfect addition to a naughty couple's getaway in Las Vegas! Many of them are included in the V Card and you can get there absolutely for free and without having to wait in line.

Encore Beach Club
Tao Beach
Liquid Pool

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Best Spas For Couples

Finally, after partying and playing, you may be interested in a relaxing massage, spa treatment or just soaking in a Jacuzzi. While you can't really find "naughty spa" in Las Vegas, the next closes thing is a spa that caters to couples or allows co-ed spa experience. Here are these magical spas:

Spa at Encore
Qua Baths & Spa
Spa at Mandarin

Spa & Salon Bellagio
Canyon Ranch Spa

Best Bars

Every naughty Las Vegas couple's getaway should include some bar-hopping. But which bars are the most fun? I have selected the most fun theme bars in the city. They all have something to offer that other bars don't: either half dressed beautiful dancers, or stripper hosts, non-stop parties, famous bands, stand up comedians. I promise you won't get bored in them!

Stripper Bar
Stripper Bar
Carnaval Court
Carnaval Court
Blondies Sports
Blondies Sports bar
Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly
Dicks Last Resort
Dicks Last Resort
Gilley's Las Vegas
Beauty Bar
Beauty Bar Las Vegas
Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas
Diablo's Cantina
Diablo's Cantina Las Vegas
Cabo Wabo Cantina
Cabo Wabo Cantina Las Vegas

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Hope you and your girlfriend/boyfriend will have a fabulous, naughty Las Vegas vacation that you will remember for ever!

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